Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1385


1385 First of January on Sunday and the tenth day of the moon


MCCCLXXXV. Eighteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; eighth year of the Indiction; fifth year of the Solar Cycle.


Art son of Art Mor O Mailsechlainn died on the last day of April.


Mac Donnchada and O Ruairc with their company of gallowglasses invaded Moylurg, burnt the stronghold of Mac Diarmata and the whole district, killed the son of Seoan O hEgra in the pursuit after that army and captured his brother as well.


The sons of [Aed] son of Fedlimid [O Conchobair] made an attack on Mag Oirechtaig. They burnt the residence and killed some people, and afterwards they captured Mag Oirechtaig himself.


David son of Edmund son of Hoberd [Burke] was captured by Aed O Conchobair and died at Ballintober in that captivity.


Fedlimid Clerech O Conchobair and Conchobar Oc Mac Diarmata invaded Tirerrill, but many warnings went before them and an ambush was prepared for them. So they made their attack, and the foot and horse of the watchers retaliated on them as they were slaughtering cows and people; and Cathal Cairbrech Mac Donnchada was killed in that fight, Conchobar Mac Diarmata was captured and Fedlimid O Conchobar wounded.


Another attack was made by Muirchertach son of Cathal, Cormac son of Ruaidri [O Conchobair], Tadc Mac Diarmata and Cathal Mac Diarmata on Mag Ragnall Ruad and Aed O Conchobair. They were both captured and carried to the Rock of Loch Key to be guarded.


Cathal O Fergail, one well qualified for the chieftainship of Annaly, rested.


Cu Muige O Cathain, king of Oirecht Ui Chathain, died at the height of his good fame.


O Conchobair Ruad, Mac Diarmata, the Clan Murtagh and the chieftains of Connacht made a strong attack on the son of Emann O Cellaig, burned his residence and did much damage and killed Uilliam Buide O Nechtain.


The men of Brefne and Tirerrill came against O Conchobair Donn. They burned Corca Achlann and cut down the crops.


Tireragh was burned by Macwilliam Burke. He went thence to Sligo and burned the town and the near part of Carbury. Maidecc Mael was killed in his following and hostages were taken in respect of his eric.



Tirawley was burned by Domnall mac Muirchertaig. He killed some-people and carried off hostages and much booty.


Murchad O Conchobair, king of Offaly, and the Cenel Fiachach won a great victory over the Galls of Meath at Togher; Chambers and his son and Nugent of Meath and many others gentle and simple were killed.


Tanaide O Mailchonaire, ollav of the Sil Murray in History and Poetry and the most skilled man of his profession in his time, died at Lammas in his own house, after a victory of Unction and Penance, and was buried in Clooncorpey.


Eoin son of Eogan Mac Gilla Petair was killed by Cathal O Conchobair in an attack on Ballydonnellan.


Peace was made among the Connachtmen afterwards, and Sil Murray was divided into two between the two O'Connors, and Aed O Conchobair and Conchobar Mac Diarmata were released.


Derborgaill, daughter of Cathal Oc [O Conchobair] and wife of O Conchobair Ruad, died in childbirth.


Ben Mide, daughter of Mag Mathgamna and wife of O Neill Mor, rested.