Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1372


1372 First of January on Thursday and the seventeenth day of the moon, MCCCLXXII. Fifth year of the Lunar Cycle; tenth year of the Indiction; twentieth year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. DC.


Brian Mor Mag Mathgamna, high-king of Oriel, the man who killed the most Galls and Gaels in his time in Irleand, fell at the hands of one of his own gallowglasses in treachery this year.


Seaan Mor O Dubacain, a master-historian and ollav of the Ui Maine, died this year.


Muirchertach Muimnech son of Muirchertach Mor Mag Eochacain, chieftain of the Cenel Fiachach, entered into rest on the first of October.


William son of Ulick [Burke], head of the joviality of all Ireland, rested.


Uilliam Oc O Cellaig, a possible king of the Ui Maine, rested.