Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1370


1370 First of January on Tuesday and the twenty-fifth day of the moon, MCCCLXX. Third year of the Lunar Cycle; eighth year of the Indiction; eighteenth year of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. F.


Domnall O Neill recognised the lordship of Niall O Neill and gave him hostages.


Niall utterly routed Brian Mag Mathgamna, many being drowned and destroyed.


A great war between the Clan Murtagh and the Ui Raigillig this year. O Raigillig, O Fergail, Mag Uidir and O Conchobair rose up against the Clan Murtagh and with their combined forces drove them out of Muinter Eolais. From here the Clan Murtagh went to [seek refuge with] Macwilliam Burke, and Mag Tigernain went with them.


The sons of Aed Mac Cathmail killed Gilla Patraic Mac Cathmail, king-chieftain of Cenel Feradaig, and Cu Ulad his son and his wife, the daughter of Magnus Mag Mathgamna, in treacherous wise. Murchad his brother succeeded to his place.


Muirchertach Sinnach, king of Fir Tethba, rested on the nineteenth of the nones of February.


Cathair O Conchobair, eligible for the kingship of Offaly, and Muirchertach O Morda were killed on a raid by the Galls of Leinster.