Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1369


1369 First of January on Monday and the fourteenth day of


the moon, A.D. MCCCLXIX. Second year of the Lunar Cycle; seventh year of the Indiction; seventeenth year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. G.


Pilip O Raigillig was captured by his own kinsmen and shut up in Loch Oughter Castle, and the kingship was assumed by Magnus O Raigillig in his stead. Great war arose in Brefne on account of this capture; Annad O Raigillig, the son of Risderd, assembled a large army, which included Mag Mathgamna and most of the Oirgialla, to demand the person of Pilip O Raigillig from Magnus. He was heavily defeated by Mag Mathgamna and the Clann Capa at Blencup, where fell three sons of Cormac O Fergail, namely Seoinin, Maelsechnaill and Fergus, and Fedlim son of Aed of the Quill O Conchobair and two sons of Flaithbertach Mor Mac Con Ruba, namely Domnall and Brian, and Sitrecc of the Nose Mac an Maigistir.


Geralt Caemanach, a possible high-king of Leinster, was killed by the Black Knight.


Tigernan O Ruairc went to seize a prey in Lurg and brought it away with him, and Aed Oc son of Aed O Ruairc was killed by O Mailaduin of Lurg.


Diarmait Red-hand Mac Murchada, high-king of Leinster, was for a long time held captive by the Galls of Dublin, after being treacherously captured by the Black Knight, and was at last drawn by them. This was the worst deed done in Ireland in recent times.


Mathgamain O Briain of Maenmag, king of Thomond, the best and most famous Gael of his time, died in his stronghold after a victory of repentance, and afterwards Brian Oc O Briain assumed the kingship in his stead.


O Mailaduin of Lurg was treacherously killed by the sons of Niall O Domnaill. Pilip Mag Uidir went with a great fleet to avenge his vassal on them and he killed Niall Oc O Domnaill.


Brian Mac Aeda Buide O Neill, a possible king of Ireland, died.


Bishop Odo O Neill, Bishop of Oriel, rested in Christ.


Ricart O Raigillig, Bishop of Brefne, rested.


Brian O Briain, king of Thomond, won a great battle in which Gerald the Earl and the other great Munster Galls were captured; and seldom has there fallen on one field such a


number as fell here. Limerick was burned at that time and submitted to O Briain. Sida Oc, the son of O Duibidir's daughter, assumed the wardenship of the town after that.


An expedition by ships was made by Pilip Mag Uidir to Loch Oughter. He took Loch Oughter Castle and brought out Pilip O Raigillig, king of Brefne, who was held captive in it, and afterwards restored his kingship to him.