Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1365


1365 First of January on Wednesday and the thirtieth day of the moon, MCCCLXV. Seventeenth year of the Lunar Cycle; third year of the Indiction; thirteenth of the Solar Cycle.


Ruaidri son of Domnall O Neill was killed by Maelsechlainn son of ‘Short’ Mac Cathmail by an arrow-shot.


Tomas son of Murchad O Fergail died this year.


The Clann Goisdelb made an attack on the people of Leyney, in which six kings' sons were killed. Among these was Cormac O hEgra, who was eligible for the kingship of Leyney.


Another attack was made by Aed Mac Diarmata on the


Muinter Eolais, and this time great plunderings and depredations were committed against them. Yet these raids were not unpunished; for Cormac son of Diarmait Ruad [Mac Diarmata] and the two sons of Tomaltach O Birn, Maelsechlainn Caecus and Gilla Crist, were killed, while Diarmait Mac Diarmata and Maelruanaid son of Donnchad Riabach [Mac Diarmata] were captured. This defeat was called the Defeat of the Young Warriors ever since.


Feidlimid the Bountiful, son of Domnall O Conchobair Corcumruad, king of Corcumroe, died.


Brian son of Matha Mag Tigernain, chieftain of Tullyhuncoe, the most famous man of the Brefnians, died. As the poet says: ‘Brian Mag Tigernain of the encounters, no bounty should be compared with his bounty; peacefully he ever practised hospitality; Heaven was the end of his career.’


Brian son of Aed Mag Mathgamna assumed the kingship of Oriel and made gossipry with Somairle son of Eoan Dub Mac Domnaill, high-constable of Ulster, whom he caused to put away O Raigillig's daughter and take his own daughter to wife. Shortly after this he brought him to his house on the pretence of giving him a wine-party; but the party which Mac Domnaill got from his father-in-law was to be captured and bound and put into a lake for concealment. Brian was himself banished on account of this deed.


Cu Chonnacht O Raigillig entered an Order this year.


Aed son of Niall O Domnaill was killed by Domnall son of Muirchertach O Conchobair. Tadc son of Magnus O Conchobair came upon Domnall and drove him out the same day, killing a number of his men, including Aed son of Conchobar son of Tadc.


Pilip O Raigillig was made king in the place of Cu Chonnacht O Raigillig.


Mac Uatin Barret, that is Robert, died.


The King of England's son left Ireland this year.