Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1359


1359 First of January on Tuesday and the twenty-fourth day of the moon, MCCCLIX. Eleventh year of the Lunar Cycle; twelfth year of the Indiction; seventh year of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. F.


Cormac Mag Carrthaig, king of Desmond, died.


Cathal Oc O Conchobair inflicted a severe defeat, on the Cenel Conaill at Ballyshannon, where Seoan O Dochurtaig, chieftain of Ardmire, and Eogan Connachtach and Toirrdelbach Mac Suibne were captured and great slaughter was made. Matha Mag Samradain, a possible chieftain of Tullyhaw, was wounded that day and died at home of the wound.



This same Cathal led an army into Tir Conaill and his followers entered O Gairmlegaig's territory; Cathal Bodur O Ruairc was killed by Maelsechlainn O Gairmlegaig and Maelsechlainn was himself killed, in the same fight, by Tigernan O Ruairc.


Muirchertach son of Tomas O Flainn Line, a possible king of the Ui Tuirtre, was treacherously killed by Aed son of Brian son of Aed Buide O Neill.


Murchad Oc Mag Mathgamna, a possible king of Corca Baiscinn, was killed by the Sil mBriain.


Magnus O Dubda, son of the king of the Ui Fiachrach, died.


Brian Mac Donnchada, a possible king of Tirerrill, was killed by Mac Sencha of the council of O Gadra.


Henry son of Ulick son of Richard [Burke] died.


Domnall son of Tadc O Mathgamna was killed.


Aed son of Conchobar Mac Aedacain died this year.