Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1349


1349 First of January on Thursday and the fourth day of the moon, MCCCXLIX. It was the first year of the Cycle of Nineteen; second year of the Indiction; twenty-fifth of the Solar Cycle.


Gilla na Naem O hUicinn died.


Aed O Ruairc defeated Flaithbertach O Ruairc, Donnchad O Domnaill and the Dartraigi. Aed Mag Flannchaid, chieftain of Dartry, Gilla na Naem Mag Flannchaid, Lochlainn son of Andiles O Baigill and many other nobles were killed in the fight.


The Earl's grandson came into Connacht and seized a prey. Macwilliam Burke and Mac Feorais came up with him and routed him utterly. The Earl's grandson was captured and many of the Clanrickard were captured and killed too.


Great war between Fergal Mac Diarmata and Ruaidri mac Cathail. Mac Diarmata assembled the Galls and Gaels of Connacht, the Cenel Conaill and the Clan Murtagh and drove Cathal's son to seek refuge with the Clann Fermoige. Yet they could not touch him and they returned without pledge or hostage, and he burnt and plundered a great part of Moylurg afterwards.


A great plague in Moylurg and all Ireland this year.


Matha son of Cathal O Ruairc died of this plague.


The Earl's grandson died.


Risderd O Raigillig, king of East Brefne, died.


Donnchad Riabach son of Maelsechlainn Carrach Mac Diarmata was captured by Cormac Bodar Mac Diarmata, who carried him to Airtech. He was afterwards treacherously killed by Gilla Crist son of Taithlech [Mac Diarmata ?] and O Cernaig.



Gilliberd O Flannacain, chieftain of Toorah, was killed by the sons of Brian O Flannacain.


Muirchertach Riaganach Mag Aengusa was killed by his own kin.