Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1348


1348 First of January on Tuesday and the twenty-third day of the moon, MCCCXLVIII. Nineteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; first year of the Indiction; twenty-fourth of the Solar Cycle. FE.


Cathal O Fergail, chieftain for half a year of Annaly, died.


Niall Garb O Domnaill was killed by Magnus Meblach (Deceitful) O Domnaill in treachery.


Maelsechlainn Mag Oirechtaig, chieftain of the Muinter Raduib, died.



Donnchad Mag Brataig, chieftain of Cuil Brigdin, rested.


Great war arose between Fergal Mac Diarmata and Ruaidri son of Cathal son of Domnall, and Mac Diarmata's stronghold was burned by Cathal's son. Mac Diarmata assembled his friends of Connacht and they followed Cathal's son to Ballymote and burned the town; stone and wood, and none dared raise his head to oppose them till they went home again. They brought away all the hostages who were in the place, including O Ruairc's son, and returned home safely.