Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1347


1347 First of January on Monday and the twelfth day of the moon, MCCCXLVII. Eighteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; fifteenth of the Indiction; twenty-third of the Solar Cycle.


Gilla na Naem son of Sefraid son of Gilla na Naem O Fergail, chieftain of Annaly, died in Cluain Lis Beci, having spent twentysix years in the sovranty of Annaly, after conquering the world and the Devil; and Cathal son of Murchad son of Gilla na Naem O Fergail succeeded to the chieftainship.


Muirgius Mac Diarmata was killed by Seoan Ruad son of David Burke.


Tadc Mag Ragnaill, chieftain of the Muinter Eolais, was captured by the Clan Murtagh this year.


O Ruairc's gallowglasses, having been discovered in Muinter Eolais, were killed and captured by the Clan Murtagh.


William son of David fitz Miles was killed by Tadc Ruad Mac Diarmata Gall in Ballintober.


Enri son of Aed Buide O Neill died.


Tomas Mac Airten, king of the Ui Eachach of Ulster, was hanged by the Galls.


Eogan O Matadain, king of the Sil nAnmchada, died, and Murchad O Matadain, his own son, was made king in his stead.


Finnguala, daughter of Eogan Mac Fingin and wife of Fergal Muimnech O Duibgennain, archdeacon of Kilronan, rested.


Gilla Dub Mac Gilla Mochua rested.


Fergal Mac Cormaic was killed, it is not known by whom.