Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1346


1346 First of January on Sunday and the first day of the moon, MCCCXLVI. Seventeenth year of the Lunar Cycle; fourteenth of the Indiction; twenty-second of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. A.


Vast war broke out between Ualgarg O Ruairc and Ruaidri son of Cathal O Conchobair. They fought a battle at Calry, in which O Ruairc was defeated and all his gallowglasses were killed—that is to say, [those commanded by] Mag Buirrci and the son of Niall Cam—and most of his own followers were slain along with them. O Ruairc himself was pursued and killed the same day by Maelruanaid Mac Donnchada.


Four sons of Cathal son of in Caech (Blind-eye) Mag Ragnaill were captured on Loch Scur by Conchobar Mag Ragnaill, and Tomaltach Mag Ragnaill carried them to Caisel Coscraig and killed them there afterwards.


The Coarb of Patrick, Dauid Mag Oirechtaig, rested in Christ.


Cu Ulad Mac Cathmail, chieftain of the Cenel Feradaig, was killed by Domnall Mac Cathmail.


Brian Mag Mathgamna defeated the Galls, and they counted heads to the number of three hundred in one place.


Niall O Domnaill and the Clan Murtagh and the song of Feidlim O Conchobair and Muirgius Mac Diarmata pursued after Ruaidri son of Cathal [son of Domnall O Conchobair] into Culmail and drove him and the Clann Donnchada in rout from the field. They inflicted immense slaughter on both, what with drowning, burning, gashing(?) and wounding, and captured great preys also.


A great war between Mac Diarmata and Magnus Mac Diarmata Gall this year. The sons of Baildrin Mac Gosdelb betrayed Magnus in their own house and he was killed there. Cormac Caech Mac Fingin [was killed] there too.


Conchobar O Birn was killed on the twenty-second of February.


O Cerbaill was killed by the men of Ossory.