Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1333


1333 First of January on Friday and the sixth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCXXXIII. Fourth year of the Lunar Cycle; first year of the Indiction; ninth year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. C.


William Burke, Earl of Ulster, was killed by the Ulster Galls, who all died for it, some being hung, others slain and others drawn by the King's men.


Aed O Domnaill, king of Tir Conaill and Fermanagh, who had taken the hostages of both districts of Carbury and of Brefne and would have made a good king of the whole province of Ulster, the support of all Ireland by his bounty, bravery, discipline and rule, the greatest slayer of Galls and Gaels who were his contemporaries, died after a victory over the world and the Devil, having been king of Tir Conaill for fifty-two years. He entered into rest after clothing himself in the robe of a Grey Monk and after confession and repentance.


His son Conchobar O Domnaill succeeded him, and there was strife between him and Art O Domnaill, his own father's son, for the kingship of Tir Conaill. Art was captured by Conchobar and killed forthwith.


Tomaltach Mac Donnchada, Lord of Tir Ailella, eminent for bounty and bravery, the greatest man of his time for safeguard and dignity and good faith, died.


Feidlim O Domnaill, the noblest and most beautiful and powerful of all kings' sons and the one on whom the hope of the multitude and the men of all Ireland was most fixed, died this year.


Gilliberd Mac Goisdelb was killed on the floor of his own house by Cathal Mac Diarmata Gall in treachery.


Aed Mac Con Snama, chieftain of Munter Kenny, rested.


Mac na hOidche Mag Flannchaid was killed by the Connachta.


Donnchad son of Aed O Cellaig was taken prisoner by Toirrdelbach O Conchobair, king of Connacht.


Peace was proclaimed to the sons of William [Liath] Burke on behalf of the King of England, at Ratsecer.


Conchobar Mac Branain, chieftain of the Corca Athchlann, died on the eighth of January.