Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1331


1331 First of January on Tuesday and the fourteenth day of the moon, MCCCXXXI. Second year of the Lunar Cycle; fourteenth year of the Indiction; seventh year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. F.


Maelruanaid Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, resigned his kingdom and lordship and put on the robe of a Grey Monk in the monastery of Boyle this year; and he died afterwards. Tomaltach his son assumed the kingship on the sixth day after Bealltaine.


Fergal son of Maelsechlainn Carrach Mac Diarmata was killed by Tadc son of Cathal son of Domnall O Conchobair.


Walter son of William Burke took a great army into Moylurg and burned all the country except its churches, to which he extended reverence and full protection. However, Tomaltach [Mac Diarmata] and his company did not leave them unmolested, but drawing near he attacked them swiftly and suddenly. But the Galls gave a grievous defeat to Tomaltach, killing a number of the people of the country. Yet Tomaltach felt it dishonourable that those followers of his should be killed and the Galls go unpunished.


Mailir Mag Eochacain entered into rest on the thirtieth day of December.