Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1311


First of January on Friday and the fourth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCXI. Fifteenth year of the Solar Cycle; first year of the Lunar Cycle; ninth year of the Cycle of Indiction. Common year. C.


Muirchertach Mor son of Congalach Mac Eochacain, chieftain of Kenaliagh, was killed by the Galls.


The Clan Murtagh made a great raid, in revenge, into Connacht, killing Gilla Crist son of Muirgius son of Donnchad Mac Diarmata, Aed son of Cormac [Mac Diarmata], Uilliam Mac Gilla Erraith, Donnchad son of Tomaltach [Mac Diarmata] and other great men along with them.


Two sons of William Liath Burke were killed by the Leinster princes.


Jordan d'Exteter came a-raiding into Moylurg and Tadc O hAinlide, chieftain of Kinel Dofa, was killed in the pursuit after the prey.


Domnall O Birn, chieftain of Tir Briuin, died.


Mael Isa O Dalaig, master of poetry and liberality, died this year.



Domnall son of Amlaib son of Art O Ruairc, king of Brefne, died this year.


A great hosting by Macwilliam Burke into Munster against de Clare. They met in battle and de Clare was routed, but William Burke was taken captive at the rear of his followers as he followed up the rout; yet though he was the captive, his was the victory and the field.


Great war in Thomond this year. A battle was fought between Donnchad Mac Conmara with the men of his own territory, the cantred of the Ui Caisin, and O Briain with all the men of Munster. Donnchad Mac Conmara and all the great men of his subjects were killed there, as well as Domnall O Grada, chieftain of the Cenel Dungaile. Great slaughter was done on both sides.


Donnchad O Briain, king of Thomond and a good man for the kingship of Ireland, was treacherously killed by Murchad son of Mathgamain O Briain.


Lochlainn Riabach O Dedaid was killed by Mathgamain son of Domnall Connachtach O Briain.


Seonac Mac Uidilin killed the Gruelach at Ballintober and was himself killed at once therefor; and it is with the same short-handled axe wherewith he killed Aed Brefnech O Conchobair that he was killed. A blessing on the man who killed him!


Feidlim O Conchobair, king of Connacht, made a raid on the Clan Murtagh on the border of Mag Cetne, and Maelsechlainn son of Conchobar Ruad, known as the ‘Head of the Reapers’ and some others were killed.


Diarmait Clerech O Briain, king of Munster, was deposed Muirchertach O Briain was then made king in his place.


Brian Mag Mathgamna, king of Oriel, died.