Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1300


1300 First of January on Friday and the third day of the moon, A.D. MCCC. Fourth year of the Solar Cycle; ninth year of the Lunar Cycle; thirteenth year of the Indiction. Common year. CB.


Teboit Butler, a noble baron, died.


John Prendergast was killed by Fiachra O Flainn's son this year.


The castle of Ballymote was begun by the Red Earl this year.


Seoinin Oc Mac Muiris was killed, with many of his men, by Conchobar son of Fiachra O Flainn.


Fedlimid Mag Carthaig, eligible prince of Desmond, died.


Congalach O Lochlainn, Bishop of Kilfenora in Corcumroe, rested in Christ.


Eochaid son of Domnall O hAirt, chieftain of the Clann Cellaig, was killed by the Galls this year.


A general proclamation came from Rome throughout Christendom in the time of Pope Boniface VIII. This proclamation comes every hundredth year and that year is called the Year of Grace. And a countless host from all the lands of Christendom went on pilgrimage to Rome in answer to this summons and there obtained remission of all their sins through this Indulgence.


Adam Standon, lord of Carra, died.


Uilliam Mag Flannchaid, chieftain of Dartry, was killed by Ualgarc O Ruairc this year.