Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1296


1296 First of January on Sunday and the nineteenth day of the moon, A.D. MCCXCVI. Twenty-eighth year of the Solar Cycle; fifth year of the Lunar Cycle; ninth year of the Indiction. Common year. AG.


Aed son of Eogan O Conchobair was deposed by his own Council and the Clan Murtagh were brought in to replace him, the lordship and hostages of the country being given to Conchobar Ruad son of Cathal Ruad O Conchobair. The whole land, church and lay, was ruined as a result of this deposing of the king. The Clan Murtagh burned and ravaged Carbury and attacked its churches, but God and Columba and Mary, whose churches were then violated, punished them for that act.


But Aed O Conchobair assembled a large force of Galls and Gaels, which included Uilliam and Teboit Burke, and they came to the monastery of Boyle, spending four nights there and spoiling all the corn and stock(?) of the country, and all the chieftains of the country made submission to them and were carried by them to the house of the Earl to make peace with Aed O Conchobair. But though they pledged themselves to this peace they did not abide by it, but agreed to come again into the Earl's house with the Clann Murtagh.


After that Aed O Conchobair came into the Tuatha, bringing with him O Fergail and Mag Ragnaill and their trains, and sent envoys to Mac Diarmata and O Flannacain and these came back into the country with the envoys. And when Conchobar Ruad saw that they were thus revolting he followed and raided them; but they turned back in pursuit of the prey and came up with it at Cend Ceti in Tir Tuathail. Here Conchobar Ruad was killed and Lochlainn his son captured; Magnus, the son of Tomaltach's son, was also captured and a few others were killed.


That same day Aed O Conchobair with his own army and assembled levies made a great punitive raid on the Clan Murtagh.



They afterwards blinded Lochlainn son of Conchobar [Ruad] and he died of the disorder of that blinding.


Gilla Isa son of Liathanach [O Conchobair], Bishop of Elphin, rested in Christ at Roscommon three weeks before Mayday and was buried in the monastery of Boyle.


Derbforgaill daughter of O Flainn of Ess died and was buried in the monastery of the canons at Ballintober.


A great expedition was led by the King of England and the principal Galls of Ireland—Richard Burke Earl of Ulster and Mac Gerailt, that is John fitz Thomas—into Scotland, whereon they gained great ascendency throughout the country. They despoiled lay properties and churches, and more especially they destroyed a monastery of Preaching-friars, leaving not one stone standing on another of it; they also killed clerks in Holy Orders and many women this time.