Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1295


1295 First of January on Saturday and the eighth day of the moon, A.D. MCCXCV. Twenty-seventh year of the Solar Cycle; fourth year of the Lunar Cycle; eighth year of the Indiction. Common year. B.


The King of England compelled Mac Gerailt to release the said Earl, and Mac Gerailt received noble hostages of the Earl's own kin in exchange.


Brian son of Aed Buide son of Domnall Oc son of Aed Meith, king of the Cenel nEogain, was killed by Domnall son of Brian O Neill, and many Galls and Gaels were killed with him.


Domnall O Cellaig, king of the Ui Maine, died in the robe of a Grey Monk in the monastery of Knockmoy this year.


Conn Mac Branain, chieftain of Corca Athclann, was killed by O Cellaig's sons as he was tracking his horses, which had been stolen from him.


Tomaltach Mac Branain assumed the chieftainship in his stead after this and was killed by the sons of O Conallain to avenge their father, whom he had killed before.



The castles of Moydow, Newcastle and Moybreckry were razed by Sefraid O Fergail this year.


Great war between the King of France and the King of England.


Great war in Tir Conaill.


The hostages of Brian Mac Samradain and of Gilla Isa Mag Dorchaid were taken by Gilla Isa O Raigillig.