Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1291


1291 First of January on Monday and the twenty-fourth day of the moon, A.D. MCCXCI. Last year of the Cycle of Nineteen; twenty-third year of the Solar Cycle; fourth year of the Infliction. Embolismal year. G. Last year of the Hendecad.


Toirrdelbach son of Eogan O Conchobair, the greatest, most beautiful and generous and valorous of men and the best eligible prince, was killed by Niall Gelbuide O Conchobair.


The Earl of Ulster led a great army into Tir Eogain and deposed Domnall son of Brian O Neill and set up Niall Culanach O Neill; and on his leaving the country this Niall was killed by Domnall, and the sons of Aed Buide O Neill was made king on behalf of the Earl, and Domnall was banished through his power.


The Earl marched into Tir Conaill against Toirrdelbach O Domnaill and plundered the whole region, its churchmen and laymen, leaving neither altar-cloth nor missal nor chalice in any church of Cenel Conaill, and carried this booty into Connacht. He then came to Elphin and Connacht made pretence of submission, after which he went away.


Conchobar O Dubda, king of the Ui Fiachrach, was drowned in the Shannon on his way to meet this same Earl.


A rebellion was raised by Cathal O Conchobair and Niall Gelbuide and all the Gaels and Galls who were with them, to depose Magnus O Conchobair, king of Connacht. The two armies met at the Weir of Collooney, where Cathal was wounded and Murchad son of Tadc son of Andrias O Conchobair and others were killed by Niall Gelbuide. Many horses were taken from the


followers of Magnus and he himself was defeated, but he escaped covertly. Great preys were taken in Carbury by Niall Gelbuide and by the followers of Cathal, for Cathal himself was not at home on account of his wound, and they plundered Carbury from Cnocc Laigen eastwards as far as Ballysadare.


As for Magnus, the Sil Murray and his own officers and the Galls of Roscommon came to his assistance after this defeat and he came on the following day to intercept the preys and came up with them at Sraith in Ferain and Aenach, recovered the cattle and routed the raiders. Niall himself managed to escape; Thomas and David sons of Mac Gosdelb were slain—or David was given quarter there and killed in captivity—and many others of the army, both Gall and Gael, were killed. Niall afterwards came into the country, on peace terms, and his land was given [back] to him in full. But false accusations and complaints were carried between them after this; it was told to Magnus that Niall was about to practise treachery against him and then, as Niall was about to quit the country, Magnus made a great foray upon him and plundered him completely. And by these raids the reputation of Niall was brought very low.


Aed O Fallamain, chieftain of the Clann Uatach, died this year.


Diarmait O Flainn, chieftain of the Sil Mailruain, died.


Aed O Domnaill took his own kingship and Toirrdelbach was banished.


Lucas Mac Gillaruaid, Archdeacon of Elphin, rested.


Edruth Mac Raith, Abbot of Loch Key, died.