Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1287


1287 First of January on Wednesday and the tenth day of the moon, A.D. MCCLXXXVII. Nineteenth year of the Solar Cycle; fifteenth year of the Lunar Cycle and of the Indiction. Common year. E.


Pilib Mac Gosdelb rested.


Diarmait Midech son of Diarmait son of Muirgius son of Cathal Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, the oldest and noblest of his race, died this.year.


Florint O Gibillain, Archdeacon of Elphin, a sage skilled in knowledge and wisdom and learning and clerkship, rested in Christ.


Gilla na nEc O Mannachain, king of the Three Tuaths, died on the seventh of September.


Maelsechlainn son of Tomaltach Mag Oirechtaig, was killed by Toirrdelbach son of Eogan O Conchobair to avenge the abandonment of his father by the sons of Toirrdelbach.


Ruaidri Sinnach rested on the tenth of March.