Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1280


1280 First of January on Monday and the twenty-third day of the moon, A.D. MCCLXXX. Twelfth year of the Solar Cycle; eighth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle and of the Indiction. Embolismal year. GF. Last year of the Ogdoad.


Contention arose between Aed Muimnech son of Fedlimid mac Cathail Chrobdeirg, king of Connacht, and the descendants of Muirchertach Muimnech this year. They killed Aed Muimnech in the wood of Daingen and took Maelsechlainn son of Magnus prisoner the same day. O Domnaill ransomed him for four hundred cows and twenty horses. After this Cathal son of Conchobar Ruad son of Muirchertach Muimnech son of Toirrdelbach Mor O Conchobair was made king by the men of Connacht.


Seoan O Laidig, Bishop of Killala, rested in Christ.


Matha son of Magnus O Conchobair, Abbot of Boyle, rested.