Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1278


1278 First of January on Saturday and the first day of the moon. Tenth year of the Solar Cycle; sixth year of the Lunar Cycle; sixth year of the Indiction. Embolismal year. B.


Tadc son of Toirrdelbach son of Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg, king of Connacht, was killed by the sons of Cathal Mac Diarmata when he had ruled the province of Connacht for three years. In the words of the poet, Donnchad Losc O Mailchonaire: ‘O Conchobair of Cluain Ca, the son of Toirrdelbach, three years; all did his bidding while he reigned; he gathered in the hostages of the land.’


Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach [O Conchobair], eligible prince of Connacht, was killed by Gilla Crist Mag Flannchaid and the rest of the Dartraigi on the border of Drumcliff, as well as Persun Riabach (the Swarthy Parson) son of Tigernan O Conchobair and many others not enumerated here.


Donnchad and Fergal and Gilla Crist, three sons of Muirgius son of Donnchad son of Tomaltach [O Mailruanaid], were killed by Tadc son of Domnall of Erris [O Conchobair].


Flaithbertach O Doimin, king of the Fir Manach, was killed this year.


The son of the Earl of Clare was defeated at Quin by Donnchad son of Brian Ruad O Briain and O Briain's other sons. They burnt the church of Quin in attacking his followers, so that a vast number were killed there, but he himself escaped privily, not receiving his deserts.


Tomas O Cuinn, Bishop of Clonmacnoise, rested.


Tomaltach Mag Oirechtaig, he of Cagal, king-chieftain of the Sil Murray, was killed by the people of the Tuatha this year.


Aed Muimnech son of Fedlimid assumed the kingship.