Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1265


1265 First of January on Thursday and the eighth day of the moon. Twenty-fifth year of the Solar Cycle; twelfth year of the Lunar Cycle; eighth year of the Indiction. Common year. D.


Tomas son of Fergal Mac Diarmata, Bishop of Elphin, rested in Christ.


Tomas O Maicin, Bishop of Leyney, rested.


Sligo castle was pulled down by Aed O Conchobair. He also pulled down and burned the castles of Bannada and Raith Aird Craibe.


The monastery of Ballintober was burned this year.


Tadc Mag Finnbairr was killed by Conchobar Mag Ragnaill and the son of Domnall O Fergail this year.


Fedlim O Conchobair, the son of Mor Muman and Cathal Crobderg O Conchobair, King of Connacht, one who safeguarded and supported his own Province and his friends on every side, who banished and plundered his foes in whatsoever place they were, a man full of honour and valour, of respect and importance in Ireland and in England, died after a victory of repentance and was buried in the monastery of the Preaching-friars at Roscommon, which he had presented to God and the Order.


Aed his son succeeded him in the kingship of Connacht and made his king's raid against the Ui Failgi. He burned and damaged a good deal on that expedition, and on returning to Athlone he blinded Cathal son of Tadc O Conchobair, who died afterwards.


Muirchertach son of Cathal son of Diarmait son of Tadc O Mailruanaid, king of Moylurg, died this year.


Gilla na Naem O Cuinn, chieftain of Muinter Gillgain, died.


Cathal Mag Ragnaill, chieftain of Muinter Eolais, died.


Muiredach O Cerbaill, chieftain of Calry, died.


Mael Brigte O Grucain, erenagh of Elphin, died.


Muiris son of Niall O Conchobair was elected to the bishopric of Elphin this year.


Tomaltach O Conchobair, Archbishop of Connacht, appointed to meet David Prendergast and the Meic Murchada, and they killed many of the Archbishop's followers at Kilmaine.


Derborgaill daughter of O Dubda, mother of Tomaltach O Conchobair, Archbishop of Connacht, died after a victory of repentance.