Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1264


1264 First of January on Tuesday and the twenty-seventh day of the moon. Twenty-fourth year of the Solar Cycle; eleventh year of the Lunar Cycle; seventh year of the Indiction. A.D. MCCLXIV. Embolismal year. FE.


Art O Mailsechlainn waged a great war against the Galls of Meath and made great slaughter of them about the Brosnach, where such of them as were not slain were drowned.


Muirchertach son of Domnall O hAirt was killed, and his people burned, by Donn Mag Uidir this year.


Great war broke out between the King of the English and the King of the Welsh. The English earls rose against Edubard and his son and battle was joined between them. Edubard and his son and John de Verdun were captured and there was great slaughter on both sides.


Oengus O Clumain, Bishop of Leyney, died in the monastery of Boyle, having resigned his bishopric long before.


The Delbna made a great raid on the Sil nAnmchada, killing five sons of O Matadain.


There was a great meeting at Athlone between the Galls and Gaels of Ireland, attended by the Justiciar, the Earl of Ulster, Mac Gerailt and other principal Galls, and by Fedlim O Conchobair and his son Aed. When the Galls saw the innumerable following of O Conchobair and his son they were seized with fear and consternation. So after taking counsel they sued for peace to O Conchobair and his son. Their request was granted and peace was made.


Great war broke out between Macwilliam Burke, Earl of Ulster, and Mac Gerailt this year, and a great part of Ireland was ruined between them. In this war the Earl took all Mac Gerailt's castles in Connacht, burned his manors and plundered his people.


Art O Mailsechlainn burned all the villages in Delbna and Brawnie and Calry, turned out the Galls and took hostages of all the chieftains of the district and burned Loch Luatha.


The Justiciar of Ireland and Seoan Gocan and Teboit Butler were captured by Muiris Mac Gerailt in a consecrated church.


The castle of Loch Mask and the castle of Ardrahan were taken into his own keeping by Macwilliam this year.