Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1262


1262 First of January on Sunday and the fifth day of the moon. A.D. MCCLXII. Twenty-second year of the Solar Cycle; ninth year of the Lunar Cycle; fifth year of the Indiction. Common year. A.


Maelsechnaill son of Tadc O Conchobair, Bishop of the Sil Murray, died.



The Galls of Ireland raised an immense army to attack Fedlim O Conchobair and his son, Aed na nGall. O Conchobair sent most of the cows of Connacht into Tir Conaill, to escape the Galls, and himself remained at Inis Samair to protect his cows and folk.


But as for the Galls, Macwilliam Burke came from the west over Tochar Mona Conneda, leading a great host, to Elphin, while from the east came the Justiciar of Ireland and John de Verdun, who came by Athlone to Roscommon; and they sent great raiding-parties into Kinel Dofa, plundering everything that O Conchobair had left behind in Connacht at that time. And it was on this occasion that they marked out the site of a castle at Roscommon.


But Aed O Conchobair assembled a great host and plundered the Galls of West Connacht all the way from Mayo and Balla eastwards to Sliab Luga, burning their towns and corn and killing many people between those points.


After making these great raids he sent his chieftains and princes into South Connacht, and they plundered the country from Tuaim to Athlone, killing everyone they found between those places.


Domnall O Mannachain was killed by the sons of Ruaidri and of Tadc O Conchobair.


However, the Galls sent envoys to O Conchobair and his son with an offer of peace. After this Aed came to a meeting with them at Derryquirk and they made peace afterwards. That night he went to the Galls house, though no surety or hostage [of theirs] had been left [in his camp], and lay in one room and one bed with Macwilliam Burke, happy and cheerful. Next day the Galls departed, having concluded this peace.


The Meath Galls made a great raid on Gilla na Naem O Fergail, chieftain of Annaly. His own eraght deserted and sought refuge with the Galls, deposed him and installed the son of Murchad Carrach O Fergail in opposition to him.


After this Gilla na Naem inflicted much damage on the Galls, raiding and attacking, plundering and slaughtering them, till he won back his chiefdom by force and banished the son of Murchad Carrach.


Macwilliam Burke and the Galls invaded Desmond to attack Mac Carthaig. They reached Mangarton, and there Gerald Roche was killed by Mac Carthaig; and it was said


that he was one of the three best barons in Ireland, but we do not know who the other two were. But that was a success with failure for Desmond, since Cormac son of Domnall Got Mac Carthaig was killed that day. For many were the losses both of Gall and Gael that day about Mangarton.


The Archbishop of Armagh arrived in Ireland.