Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1260


1260 First of January on Thursday and the thirteenth day of the moon. Twentieth year of the Solar Cycle; seventh year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; third year of the Indiction. MCCLX. Common year. DC.


Aed O Conchobair went to join Brian O Neill in the North, taking many of the chief men of Connacht with him. O Neill and the chief men of Cenel Eogain went, together with Aed O Conchobair, to Downpatrick to attack the Galls, and the Galls of that place defeated them both. Brian O Neill, king of the Gaels of Ireland, was killed at the battle of Druim Derg by Downpatrick; also Domnall O Cairri, Diarmait Mac Lachlainn, Muirchertach and Magnus O Cathain, Cian O hIndergi, Dondslebi Mag Cana, Aed O Cathain, Conchobar O Duibdirma and Aed his son, Amlaib O Gairmlegaig, Cu Ulad and Niall O hAnluain.


The losses of the Ui Cathain amounted to fifteen of their nobles. And of Connacht there were killed on this battlefield Gilla Crist son of Conchobar son of Cormac son of Tomaltach Mac Diarmata, Cathal son of Tigernan O Conchobair, Maelruanaid Mac Donnchada, Cathal son of Donnchad son of Muirchertach [Mac Diarmata], Aed son of Muirchertach Finn, Tadc son of Cathal son of Brian O Mailruanaid, Diarmait son of Tadc son of Muiredach son of Tomaltach O Mailruanaid, Conchobar Mac Gilla Erraith, Tadc son of Cian O Gadra, Gilla Beraig O Cuind, Carolus son of Bishop O Muiredaig and many others gentle and simple.


Macwilliam Burke made an expedition against Fedlimid [O Conchobair]. He came to Roscommon, from where he sent a raid into Cruffon, plundering the Clann Aedacain, and another into Tir Maine, plundering many of the household of the Bishop, for they were assembled(?) at that time at Erenagh. They sacked Roscommon and destroyed its corn, but did not dare to go further north on that occasion, since Fedlim O Conchobair and his son, Aed na nGall, were in the Tuatha and [others of] Connacht in their rear, in the waste land; so that both sides decided to make peace and Macwilliam went away afterwards.


Mac Muiris made a great hosting into Thomond against Conchobar O Briain. O Briain had a force assembled to meet them at Kilbarran, and the men of Thomond attacked them on all sides in this wood. David Prendergast, a very noble knight, was killed there, and the Failgech and the priest of Ardrahan and Thomas Baroid and many other gentle and simple.


Pope Alexander rested in Christ.


Abraham O Conallain, Archbishop of Armagh, rested.


Robin Laigles died on Easter Sunday this year.


Magnus son of Aed Mag Oirechtaig was killed by Domnall O Flaithim this year.


Lochlainn son of Amlaib son of Art O Ruairc and Tigernan his brother along with him were killed by Aed O Conchobair, having been delivered up by Domnall son of Niall son of Congalach O Ruairc.


Domnall son of Conchobar son of Tigernan O Ruairc, king of Brefne, was craftily killed by the Tellach Dunchada. Muirchertach his brother was then killed by Aed O Conchobair.



Art Bec son of Art O Ruairc was also killed by Aed O Conchobair.


Tadc Dub son of Niall son of Congalach [O Ruairc] was killed by Maelsechlainn son of Amlaib son of Art [O Ruairc].


Aed O Conchobair made a great raid in Tooraa, when Conchobar Mac Branain, chieftain of Corca Athchlann, Muirchertach O Maenaig, the son of Brian O Fallamain and many others were killed.


Mac Muiris made a raid on O Domnaill. A party of O Domnaill's men came up with them at Bennan Brechmaige and burned some of them and slew others.


A party of Aed O Conchobair's followers burned the stronghold of Conchobar O Cellaig.


Cinaeth O Birn, prior of Kilmore, died.


O Domnaill made a great raid on Mac Muiris, plundering the whole of Carbury.


Bishop's Orders were conferred on Maelsechlainn O Conchobair at Dundalk by the Archbishop of Armagh.


Sitrec Mag Senalich was killed at Athlone by Dunnchatha Mag Oirechtaig and Tomaltach [Mag Oirechtaig].


Eoan de Verdun came to Ireland this year.


Maelfinnein O Mithigein rested.