Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1258


1258 First of January on Tuesday and the twenty-first day of the moon. Eighteenth year of the Solar Cycle; fifth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; first year of the Indiction. Common year. F.


Walter de Salerna, Archbishop of Tuaim and the great dean of London, died in England this year, having been chosen by the King of England the previous year.


Tomaltach O Conchobair, Bishop of Elphin, was elected to the archbishopric of Tuaim this year.


Gofraid O Domnaill, king of Tir Conaill, died. Domnall O Domnaill was made king in his stead, and all the Cenel Conaill gave hostages and allegiance to him.


Domnall son of Conchobar son of Tigernan O Ruairc, who had been held in durance on account of his father by Fedlim O Conchobair and his son, was released by them and made king of Brefne in his father's stead.


A great fleet came from the Hebrides with Mac Somurli. They sailed round the west of Ireland into Connemara and robbed a merchant ship of all her goods; wine, copper, cloth and iron.


The Sheriff of Connacht, Jordan d'Exeter, put out with a fleet full of Galls in pursuit of Mac Somurli and the fleet which had committed that piracy. Mac Somurli had landed on an island and drawn his ships up onto the land, and when they saw the Sheriff's fleet approaching he and his men put on their armour and fighting accoutrement.


When the Sheriff reached the island he and his men, with those of the Galls who were ready with him, went quickly ashore. But he was met and dealt with by Mac Somurli and his men, being killed at once, together with Piers Accabard, an excellent knight of his company, and other good men. The fleet of the Galls retired after losing the best of their lords, and Mac Somurli went back to his land, joyful and laden with spoil.


Aed mac Fedlimid and Tadc O Briain held a great meeting with Brian O Neill at Caeluisce, where they all concluded a peace and gave the kingship of the Gaels of Ireland to Brian O Neill, and where the hostages of the Muinter Raigillig and of all the Ui Briuin from Kells to Drumcliff were delivered to Aed O Conchobair.


Matha son of Gilla Ruad O Raduib, the Master, died this year.



Mac Raith Mag Thigernain, chieftain of Tellach Dunchada, was killed by Domnall son of Conchubar son of Tigernan O Ruairc. And for this reason the men of Brefne and the Connachta took his kingship from the said Domnall and the Tellach Dunchada killed his brother Cathal, and the men of Brefne and the Connachta gave the kingship of the Ui Briuin to Art son of Cathal Riabach O Ruairc.


O Cuirnin the monk, foremost in piety, rested.


Brian Mag Samradain, chieftain of Tullyhaw, was killed by the men of Connacht.


Great war between the Galls and Conchobar O Briain, wherein they burned Ardrahan and Kilcolgan and many villages and crops.


Tomas O Birn died.


A great meeting between the Galls and Gaels of Ireland, but without Fedlim O Conchobair, at Mullach Laigide. They concluded a peace.


Ardgal O Conchobair, son of Comarba Comain, rested.


Gilla Crist O Cormacain, dean of Elphin, rested.


The Bishop's palaces at Elphin and at Cell tSesin were pulled down by Aed O Conchobair, for fear— in my, that is Patin's, opinion— the Galls should occupy them.


Amlaib son of Art O Ruairc, king of Brefne west of Sliab [an Iarainn], died this year.