Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1253


1253 First of January on Wednesday and the twenty-seventh day of the moon. Thirteenth year of the Solar Cycle; nineteenth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; eleventh year of the Indiction. MCCLIII. Embolismal year. Last year of the Hendecad. E.


The Galls of Ireland under Mac Muiris made a great hosting into Cenel nEogain to attack O Neill, but they lost many killed and did not exact hostage or surety from Cenel nEogain this time.


Dauid son of Cellach O Gillapatraic, Archbishop of Cashel, rested.


Eogan O hEdin, king of the Ui Fiachrach [Aidne], died.


Gilla Cellaig O Ruadin, Bishop of the Ui Fiachrach [Muaide], died.


Mac Raith son of Gilla Calma O Connachtaig was killed by the son of O Galand.


The daughter of the Earl of Ulster wife of Milid Mac Gosdelb, died and was buried in the monastery of Boyle.


A monastery was built and a cemetery consecrated for the Preaching-friars in Sligo.


The Preaching-friars marked out the site of another monastery at Ath Lethan in Leyney.


Brian O Neill, king of Cenel nEogain, waged a great war on the Galls and destroyed many castles, burned townships and devastated the plain-land of Ulster.


Tomas O Cuinn, a Friar Minor, succeeded to the bishopric of Clonmacnoise and his bishop's orders were conferred in the Papal Court.


Seoan O Laidig, a Preaching-friar, succeeded to the bishopric of Killala and his bishop's orders were conferred at Tuaim on the second Sunday in Advent.


Domnall O Raigillig, Caech O Raigillig, Cathal O Conchobair and Gilla. na Naem O Fergail invaded Muinter Eolais to attack Cathal Mag Ragnaill. They plundered the whole region, spent two nights encamped at Tully and a third at Annaduff where O Fergail separated from them. The Ui Raigillig and Cathal O Conchobair went to Cluain Conmaicne, where they were encamped for one night. When Aed son of Fedlim [O Conchobair] heard of this, he mustered his followers in haste, followed the Ui Raigillig and Cathal to Cloone and utterly


routed them. Here were killed Donnchad son of Gilla Isa son of Donnchad O Raigillig, Mac Gilla Taedocc, O Bibsaig and many others.


This was the best year that ever was, for fruit and crops and cattle and woodland and herb.


Ailinn O Suillebain, Bishop of Lismore, rested.


Tomaltach O Conchobair, Bishop of Elphin, built a palace in Cell tSesin this year.