Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1252


1252 First of January on Monday and the fifteenth day of the moon. Twelfth year of the Solar Cycle; eighteenth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; tenth year of the Indiction. MCCLIL Common year. GF.


New coin was ordered by the King of England to be struck Ireland this year, and the old money to be discarded for the new.


A great wind blew on the Octave of the Epiphany, which tumbled many houses and churches in Ireland.


The castle of Caeluisce was built by Mac Muiris [this] year, and the castle of Mag Caba as well.


Maelmoedoc O Beollain, coarb of Colum Cille at Drumcliff, the richest and most prosperous man of his time in Ireland and the most esteemed, most charitable and most generous, died after a victory of honour(?) and penitence.


Cu Chonnacht Mac Consnama, chieftain of Munter Kenny, died.


Gilla Isa O Cerbaill, chieftain of the Calry of Drumcliff, died.


Magnus Mac Gilla Duib, chieftain of Tullygarvey, rested.


Great heat and drouth in the summer of this year, so that folk used to come across the Shannon dry-shod. The wheat was reaped three weeks before Lammas, and [indeed] all the corn-crops were reaped then. The trees were burned by the sun.


The Galls of Ireland invaded Ulster in great force, when strife arose between the Meath and Munster contingents and some of those of Munster were killed, at Dundalk.


Murchad O Fallamain, Highconstable to the Connachta, was craftily killed by the men of Brefne at Fenagh.


Arlaith daughter of Taichlech Mac Diarmata died.