Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1250


1250 First of January on Saturday and the twenty-third day of the moon. Tenth year of the Solar Cycle; sixteenth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; eighth year of the Indiction. MCCL. Common year. B.


Fedlimid O Conchobair came out of the North with a great army from Cenel Eogain, first into Brefne and thence into the Tuatha, bringing with him Conchobar son of Tigernan [O Ruairc], and so into Tir Maine. They drove Toirrdelbach out of Connacht and he took refuge again with the Galls. Fedlimid gathered the trains of Connacht and conducted them past the Curlieu Hills, but the Galls sent envoys after him and made peace with him and have him back his kingdom.


The hostages of Connacht were blinded by the Galls of Athlone.


Fedlim O Conchobair made a great raid on Cathal O Conchobair and banished him out of Connacht.


The Bishop of Emly died this year.


Tomas O Mellaig, Bishop of Annadown, rested in Christ.


Cairpre O Mailsechlainn was treacherously killed by David Roche.


Toirrdelbach son of Muirchertach Muimnech O Conchobair, prior of the church of SS. Peter and Paul, died.


Diarmait O hEgra, king of Leyney, died while imprisoned by Mac Muiris.


Muiris Mac Gerailt with Cathal O Raigillig and Cu Chonnacht O Raigillig and all the chiefs of the Ui Briuin invaded Cenel nEogain in great force. They were three nights at Tullahogue, suffering much loss and receiving no hostage or surety from O Neill that time. On returning into Cenel Conaill, Muiris Mac Gerailt took O Canannain prisoner in violation of the bishop Cerballain's protection. He was afterwards killed while trying to escape by force.


White Canons of the Premonstrant Order were taken shortly before Christmas by Clarus Mac Mailin from Trinity Island in Loch Key to Trinity Island in Loch Oughter in Brefne, and canons of the Order were instituted there by permission of Cathal O Raigillig, who presented the site as an absolute and perpetual alms in honour of the Holy Trinity. And Clarus so acted, in the name of God, for this reason—that the Premonstratensians enjoy a privilege similar to that of the monks, in that they can pass [from their own] to any other house.



Congalach Mac Idneoil, Bishop of Brefne, rested in Christ.


Florint Mac Flainn was elected to the Archbishopric of Tuaim and was consecrated on Christmas Day at Tuaim; and he was well worthy of it for the greatness of his wisdom and law.