Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1249


1249 First of January on Friday and the twelfth day of the moon. Ninth year of the Solar Cycle; fifteenth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; seventh year of the Indiction. MCCXLIX. Common year. C.


The Justiciar of Ireland led an army into Leinster to attack the Leinster princes, who were spoiling and ruining the Galls. The Leinster princes paid no heed to him this time, so he laid his hand upon the country and stripped it all bare.


A great war was waged against the Galls of Desmond, and great harm inflicted upon them, by Fingin Mac Carthaig this year.


Adam Minatur and many others with him were killed by the son of Gilla Mochonne O Cathail.


Piarus son of Henry Puer and David Triu and a troop of young mounted men came with Mac Feorais into Connacht as far as Sligo Castle. This was told to Fedlim O Conchobair's son, who, on hearing of it, laid an ambush for them and killed


Piers Puer and David Triu and five young squires. Their bodies were afterwards taken to Ballysadare to be buried.


After this Fedlim's son advanced into Tireragh and right through the territory of Mac Feorais; which he sacked from the Moy to Beltra Strand. Geroitin Mac Feorais went in pursuit and overtook Donnchad son of Magnus, whom he wounded and captured and carried off to Donaghintraine. Fedlim's son then [turned and] pursued them, rescued the son of Magnus and killed Geroitin by a stratagem; but Magnus' son died of his wound afterwards. This was a great loss to Galls and Gaels alike.


After this Mac Muiris assembled an army and marched into Connacht and took from Fedlim's son all the preys he had appropriated. But when Fedlim mac Cathail Chrodbeirg heard of the Galls being assembled thus near him, after his son had done such great harm to them, he determined to send his trains across the Shannon into Brefne and into the North of Ireland.


The Justiciar, however, assembled the Galls of Meath and Leinster, a great host, and came past Athlone into Sil Murray, on the other side whereof was Mac Muiris with the Galls of Munster and Connacht, and the two armies arrived at Elphin after ravaging Sil Murray all along their line of advance. And they took Toirrdelbach son of Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg and made him king instead of Fedlim mac Cathail Chrobdeirg. After this they raided Brefne, doing much damage in all directions and carrying off its herds. They were three weeks in Sil Murray, despoiling them, and they raided Loch Key with its islands, including the Rock. Then the Justiciar departed into Meath and Mac Muiris went to Sligo, and they left Toirrdelbach to guard Sil Murray.


The kings' sons of Connacht made another hosting, to burn and pillage Athenry, at the feast of Mary in mid-autumn. They went thither, a great host, including Toirrdelbach son of Aed and Aed son of Aed, and the Sheriff of Connacht was there to meet them, with many Galls. The Galls asked for a truce on that day, on account of its sanctity; in honour of Mary Mother whose day it was. The princes would not grant that truce to honour Mary or the Crucifixion, but attacked the town, though Toirrdelbach was unwilling.


When Jordan [D'Exeter] and the Galls saw this they issued from the town against the princes. Mary wrought a


miracle then; for when the princes and their followers saw the horsemen in arms and armour making towards them, horror and dread seized them and they were put to flight. Aed son of Aed O Conchobair was killed there, and Diarmait Ruad son of Cormac O Mailsechlainn, O Cellaig's two sons, Brian of the Wood son of Magnus, Carrach Insiubail son of Niall O Conchobair, Baethgalach Mac Aedacain, Mathgamain son of Tadc son of Diarmait Bachlach O Conchobair, Lochlainn O Conchobair's two sons, Domnall son of Cormac Mac Diarmata, Findanach Mac Branain, Cu Muman Mac Casurlaig and many others.


Donnchad son of Anmchad son of Donnchad O Gillapatraic, the bravest and most bountiful captain of all the Ossory from the time of Colman son of Bicne Caech and Scanlan Mor son of Cenn Faelad, was killed by the Galls this year. This was a benefit to the Galls, for many a one of them had he killed and raided and burned before that day. For he was one of the three Gaels who [most signally] rose against the Galls since their occupation of Ireland, namely Conchobar O Mailsechlainn, Conchobar of the Castles Mac Cochlain and this son of Anmchad. He used to go in person as a spy in the market-towns, in the guise of a beggar or carpenter or turner or some other craftsman, as it is written: ‘He is a carpenter, he is a turner, my bonny lad, and a book-pedlar and a seller of wine and hides, wherever he sees men speaking together.’


Tadc O Mannachain, king of Ui Briuin na Sinna, died on the sixth day of June and was buried at Kilmore.


Conn O Flannacain, prior of Kilmore, died on the twenty-sixth of April.


Maelmuire O Lochtnain, Master in Canon Law, palmer from Jordan stream and Archbishop of Tuaim and all Connacht, died this winter a little before Christmas.


Andreas Mac Gilla Geir, coarb of Feichin, died.


Mael Ciarain O Lenachain, the great archipresbyter of Tumna, one who maintained clerks and priests in his own house and kept an open guest-house for scholars and strangers, died by the way as he was going to hear a sermon at Ardcarne, on the Friday before Lammas, and was buried with dignity and honour on Trinity Island in Loch Key.


Mor daughter of Donnchad O Dubda, wife of Gilla Muinelach O Baigill, died.


Dunmore was burned by the kings' sons this year.