Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1248


1248 First of January on Wednesday and the first day of the moon. Eighth year of the Solar Cycle; fourteenth of the Decemnovennial Cycle; sixth year of the Indiction. MCCXLVIII. Embolismal year. ED.


Diarmait O Cuanna, the great priest of Elphin, died and was buried at Kilmore.


The son of O Sechnusaig was killed by the Galls.


Opichin Guer was killed by Gilla Mochonne O Cathail this year.


The sons of Magnus, and the son of Conchobar Ruad made


a hosting and revolted against the Galls. They burned Mac Henry's castle and captured its warden and carried the preys of North Umall onto the islands of Clew Bay. Then Jordan D'Exeter and John Butler and Robin Laigles and many others assembled and marched first to Ballintober and thence to Aghagower, and next day they plundered Umall, north and south. Then [Mac] Henry came into Umall with a great army, for Umall belonged to him and he lived there. However, he made peace with Domnall son of Magnus, who promised to supply him with men and ships to attack his [i.e. Domnall's own] kinsmen. Now they were on the Clew Bay islands, and it was told them that a body of men were on their way from Mac Henry to Domnall, to fetch boats. They went out against this company and Ouain mac na Gaillsighe and Seon mac in Gaillshacairt were killed, and in that conflict Diarmait son of Magnus killed Senoitt Guer and four of his followers. For this was a victory with defeat, since that valorous champion and well-tried warrior, Diarmait son of Magnus, was himself killed.


Tadc son of Conchobar Ruad was killed by the Galls this year. Great indeed was the fear and dread of this lad among the Galls and Gaels who opposed him, till he met his fate at last.


Muiris Fitz Gerald marched into Tir Conaill. He raided and slew and plundered, and he banished O Canannain, who took refuge with the Cenel Eogain, and left the kingship of Cenel Conaill with Gofraid son of Domnall Mor O Domnaill.


The Cenel Eogain and O Canannain marched into Tir Conaill again. The Cenel Conaill gave battle to them and O Canannain with many noble persons besides was slain by the Cenel Conaill and Gofraid son of Domnall Mor O Domnaill, who took the kingship of Tir Conaill.


The Justiciar of Ireland made another hosting against O Neill in Cenel Eogain, and the Cenel Eogain decided, since the Galls had the upper hand of the Gaels in Ireland, to give hostages to the Galls and make peace with them, so as to preserve their lands and territory.


The whole of Connemara was plundered by the Galls.


The Galls marched against O Flaithbertaig, who defeated them and slew many of them.



Murchad O Dubda, the ex-cleric, was killed by the son of Fedlim O Conchobair.


William Burke died in England. His body was brought to Ireland and buried at Athassel.


The King of France went to Jerusalem to champion Christianity this year.


The coarb of Patrick, namely the Pope's penitentiar, came to Ireland this year.


Ioan Triel was killed by Gilla na Naem O Fergail.


Fedlimid mac Cathail Chrobdeirg gave Rathnarovanagh to the canons of Kilmore, and presented a silken choir-cape the same day, at the bidding and entreaty of Tadc O Mannachain, in honour of Mary and Augustin, in the presence of many of the nobles of Connacht.


Amlaib son of Cathal Riabach O Ruairc was treacherously killed by Conchobar Carrach Mac Donnchada.


Fagartach O Dobailein king of Corran rested.


Master Gilbert O Cerbaill rested in Christ.