Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1246


1246 First of January on Monday and the ninth day of the moon. Sixth year of the Solar Cycle; twelfth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; fourth year of the Indiction. MCCXLVI. Common year. G.


A whale was stranded in Carbury, at Cuil Irra, which brought great relief and joy to the countryside.


The Bishop of Elphin, Eoin O Mugroin, son of the coarb of Mochua, died at Rahugh this year.


Drumlane was burned this year.


Maelsechlainn son of Conchobar Ruad son of Muirchertach Muimnech O Conchobair was killed by O Dubda, that is Muirchertach, this year. Muirchertach was banished over seas after this murder.



John Fitz Geoffrey came as Justiciar to Ireland, deposing Muiris Mac Gerailt.


Toirrdelbach son of Aed O Conchobair escaped from the crannog of Loch Leisi in the autumn. He drowned his warders, Cormac O Muiredaig and two of the Ui Ainmirech, and came away himself afterwards.


Muiris Mac Gerailt made a great raid into Tir Conaill and gave half of it to Cormac son of Diarmait son of Ruaidri [O Conchobair]. He took hostages of O Domnaill for the other half and left them in the castle of Sligo. O Domnaill came on the first day of November with the chief men of Tir Conaill to Sligo and they burned the bawn of the town but could not prevail against the castle. The garrison hanged their hostages on the roof before their eyes—O Mianain the foster-father of O Domnaill and his [O Domnaill's] foster-brother.


Aed son of Aed O Conchobair was captured and his possessions plundered.


Toirrdelbach son of Aed O Conchobair was recaptured, [though] under the protection of the Bishop of Clonfert, handed over to the Galls and put into the castle of Athlone.