Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1241


1241 First of January on Tuesday and the fourteenth day of the moon. First year of the Solar Cycle; seventh year of the Decemnovennial Cycle; fourteenth year of the Indictional Cycle. MCCXLI. Common year. F.


Pope Gregory IX rested in Christ.


A great raid on Mag nAi was made by the Justiciar, Muiris Mac Gerailt. He plundered Fiachra O Flainn and Donnchad Mac Diarmata, and a few of O Conchobair's people came up with his party and killed Nar Mac Gilla Cellaig and many others.


The Coarb of Patrick, the German, came to Ireland, bringing from the Pope a privilege for the churches of St. Patrick in Ireland.


Domnall Mor O Domnaill, king of Tir Conaill and Fermanagh, died, after a triumph of Unction and Penance, and was buried in the autumn in the monastery of Assaroe.


Maelsechlainn the son of O Domnaill was made king in succession to his father. O Neill (Brian, banished by Mac Lochlainn) came to him and together they marched back into Cenel Eogain, where Domnall Mac Lochlainn gave them battle—


the battle of Camergi. Here Domnall Mac Lochlainn, king of Cenel nEogain, was slain, with ten of his close kindred. All the chieftains of Cenel nEogain were slain here and the kingship seized by Brian O Neill. Siadal and many others were killed in this battle.


Sitrec Mag Oirechtaig, chieftain of Clann Tomaltaig, died this year.


Walter de Lacy, Lord of Meath and chief counsellor of the Galls of Ireland, died in England this year.


Consecration of the church of the Friars Minor at Athlone by the Coarb of Patrick.


Mac Muiris, Justiciar of Ireland, came with an army to Ballylahan in Leyney and made peace with Tadc O Conchobair, after which he returned.


Tadc O Conchobair plundered Dartry and Clann Fermaige.


Peace was made between the Coarb of Patrick and the Archbishop and bishops of Connacht on account of Patrick's Land in Connacht.


Diarmait son of Magnus son of Toirrdelbach Mor O Conchobair, a man eminent for bounty and valour, died.


Aengus Mac Raith, priest of Cormac Mac Diarmata, died before Christmas.


Magnus son of Fergal died after Christmas.


Bishop O Flaithbertaig of Annadown rested in Christ.


Tadc son of Ruaidri O Gadra died this year.


Pope Stephen rested in Christ.