Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1234


1234 First of January on Sunday and the twenty-seventh day of the moon. Last year of the Cycle of Nineteen; twentysecond of the Solar Cycle; seventh of the Indiction. MCCXXXIV. Embolismal year. Last year of the Hendecad. A.


Aed O hEgra king of Leyney was killed by Donnchad son of Duarcan O hEgra—a house was fired over his head and he was killed in the doorway—when he came out to avenge his brother and five sons of his father's brother, whom he had killed, and his other brother, whom he had blinded.


Richard, son of William Marshall made war on the King of England in England. He crossed over here and landed in Leinster, and the Galls of Leinster and of all Ireland assembled to oppose him on behalf of the King of England, that is to say, Mac Muiris the Justiciar, Hugo de Lacy Earl of Ulster, and Walter de Lacy lord of Meath. They came to the Curragh and fought a fierce furious battle against the Marshall, who was killed there, and Geoffrey de Mareys was taken prisoner. He [i.e., Richard] had been deserted by his followers, so that he was left alone, the last man [of his side] to be fighting on that field. This was one of the worst deeds done in that age.


Aengus O Mailfagmair, Bishop of the Ui Amalgada, rested in Christ.


Heavy snow fell between the two Christmases, followed by such a frost that men and laden horses walked on the great lakes and rivers of Ireland.


Aengus Mac Gilla Finnein, king of Loch Erne, went to plunder Domnall O Domnaill king of Tir Conaill. O Domnaill overtook him and killed him.


Gilla na Naem son of Art O Brain, erenagh of Roscommon rested.


Maelpetair O Carmacain, master of Roscommon, rested.


Diarmait O Cuinn, chieftain of Muinter Gilligain, died.



Mael Isa son of Daniel O Gormgaile, prior of Inis Mac nErin in Lock Key, died.


Gilla Isa O Gibillain, a monk anchorite of Holy Trinity Island, rested in Christ.