Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1232


1232 First of January on Thursday and the fifth day of the moon; and this year was the seventeenth of the Cycle of, Nineteen, the twentieth of the Solar Cycle and the fifth of the Indiction. Anno Domini MCCXXXII. Embolismal year. DC.


Aed son of Amlaib son of Domnall son of Murchad son of Gilla na Naem son of Brian son of Senlaech son of Eochaid son of Fergal, from whom the name O Fergal is derived, was burned on the island of Loch Cuile, after holding for nine years the chieftainship of Annaly in succession to Murchad Carrach (the Scabby) O Fergail, by the sons of Aed Ciabach (Long-haired) son of Murchad son of Gilla na Naem O Fergail.


Gilla na Naem O Dalaig, eminent for poetry and for his guesthouse and for supporting all comers, both wealthy and wretched, died this year.


The kingship was restored to Aed son of Ruaidri [O Conchobair] and he made peace with Mac William Burke, who had taken Fedlim mac Cathail Chrobdeirg captive.


The castle of Bun Gaillme was built by Richard Burke and the castle of Dunamon was begun by Adam Staunton.


Conchobar son of Aed mac Ruaidri escaped from the Galls and assembled the princes of Connacht about him. He invaded the Tuatha and was killed by the inhabitants, together with Gilla Cellaig O hEdin and Gilla Crist son of Donnchad Mac Diarmata and a great many others. It was on that day the people of the Tuatha whitened the handles of all their axes, when it was told that a man with a white axe-handle had killed the son of Aed.


Donnchad son of Tomaltach Mac Diarmata died.


Magnus son of Amlaib son of Tadc mac Mailruanaid, torch of generosity and valour and piety, rested in Christ.



Fachtna O hAllgaith, coarb of Drumacoo and Official of the Ui Fiachrach, who kept a guest-house and a leper-house and was [a man] of learning and a benefactor of the countryside, rested this year.


Maeleoin Bodar (the Deaf) O Mailchonaire took Cluain Bolcain this year.


The three sons of Donn O Mannachain were killed by Donnchad son of Muirchertach Muimnech(?) in Termon Keelin this year.


Fedlimid mac Cathail Chrobdeirg was released by the Galls this year.


Fedlimid O Conchobair presented Kilmore in Tirarune to Cond Craidbech (the pious) O Flannacain and to the Lord, and the church there was consecrated by Donnchad O Conchobair, Bishop of Elphin; and Cond O Flannacain, who was Prior at that time, instituted canons in that same place.