Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1228


1228 First of January on Saturday and the twenty-first day of the moon; the thirteenth year of the Cycle of Nineteen and the sixteenth year of the Solar Cycle; first year of, the Indiction; MCCXXVIII. Common year. BA.


Aed son of Cathal Crobderg O Conchobair, King of Connacht


for the space of four years, as the poet, Donnchad Baccach son of Tanaide O Mailchonaire, says: ‘Rathcroghan of the battles, dwelling of Eochu's daughter, was for four years—here is no deceit—the dwelling of Aed son of Cathal Crobderg’, was killed with one blow of a carpenter's axe in the court of Geoffrey de Mareys while the carpenter's wife was bathing him; and the man who struck him down was hanged by Geoffrey the next day. This deed of treachery was done on this righteous, excellent prince at the instigation of Hugo de Lacy's sons and of William son of the Justiciar. And it was said that the carpenter struck him in jealousy, for there was not in Ireland a man of fairer mould or livelier courage than he.


Vast war arose between Aed and Toirrdelbach, the two sons of Ruaidri O Conchobair, after the death of Aed mac Cathail Chrodbeirg, for the younger did not yield respect to the elder; so that all Connacht was ruined between them and turned into a continuous desert from Ballysadare southward to the River of the Ui Fiachrach, excepting only a small tract in Sliab Luga and Lucht Artig.


Richard son of William Burke arrived from England, bringing with him his appointment as Justiciar by the King; and a great assembly was convened by the Galls of Ireland and the Gaels, including the kings and chieftains of Ireland, in Connacht about the two sons of Ruaidri, Toirrdelbach and Aed. Most unfortunate was the decision they came to there, to give the kingship to the younger and to expel the elder, Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidri, though he was irreproachable as regards valour, nobility and generosity. However, all the Connachtmen elected Aed son of Ruaidri in the presence of Galls and Gaels; and when they had reached the assembly he and the men of Connacht made for Carnfree, where he was installed, as was customary with every king who had ruled over Connacht before him.


Now while this assembly was in session Toirrdelbach's two sons, Maelsechlainn and Brian, gathered much cattle and folk and carried them into the waste land of Kinel Dofa and over


its moors till they came to Snam Rathine, where they crossed over into Fid Conmaicne.


But Aed son of Ruaidri, as he was situated, sent musters in pursuit of them and took the cattle from them and routed them, and Maelsechlainn son of Toirrdelbach was killed in that encounter.


Dauid O Flainn chieftain of Sil Mailruain died after taking the Cross this year.


Muirchertach son of Flaithbertach O Flannacain was killed by the sons of Tadc O Gadra.


Gilla na Naem son of Ruaidri died.


Henry of London, Archbishop of Dublin, rested in Christ.


Ruaidri O Mailbrenainn died this year.


Niall son of Congalach O Ruairc, king of Dartry and Clann Fermaige, was killed by the two sons of Art son of Domnall O Ruairc, Art and Amlaib; and Amlaib Gerr (the Short), son of Niall son of Congalach, was killed in his bath by the same Amlaib son of Art.


Fergal son of Sitrec O Ruairc was killed by the sons of [Niall son of] Congalach O Ruairc.


Mac Raith O Mallachta rested.


Aed son of Donnchad O Fergail was killed by the son of Amlaib O Fergail.


Famine in Connacht this year, and its churches and lay properties were plundered and its clerics and men of skill driven to far foreign regions, having been exposed to cold and hunger through the war of Ruaidri's sons at this time.