Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1227


1227 First of January on Friday and the tenth day of the moon. The twelfth year of the Cycle of Nineteen and the fifteenth year of the Indiction and of the Solar Cycle. A.D. MCCXXVII. Common year C.


A great court was held by the Galls of Ireland at Dublin and Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg King of Connacht was summoned to attend it. Here deceit and treachery were practised against him; but William Marshall, his personal friend, with his followers came to him in the midst of the court and forcibly brought him out and escorted him in safety to his own country.


After this Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg appointed to meet William de Mareys, the son of Geoffrey, at Lathach Caich Tuaithbil, and went himself past the Lathach accompanied only by a few good men: Cormac son of Tomaltach [Mac Diarmata], Diarmait son of Magnus, Magnus son of Muirchertach O Conchobair, Tadc son of Mathgamain O Cerin and Ruaidri O Mailbrenainn. William de Mareys came to that meeting place with a party of eight horsemen. Aed remembered the treachery and the deceit practised on him in Dublin. He advanced, before the Galls had dismounted, and lifted up his hand against William de Mareys, being supported boldly and bravely by his men, so that William de Mareys was taken there, as were Master Sleviny and Hugo Arden; and he killed the Constable of Athlone there and sent those Galls southwards across the Lathach. Then he, together with such Connactmen as were with him, advanced [to Athlone] where they plundered and burned down the market. Now these doings were of profit to the whole of Connacht, for he recovered his son and daughter and the hostages of Connacht and obtained peace for the whole province.


Donn Sleibhe O Gadra king of Sliab Luga was killed by Gilla Ruad, his own brother's son, who captured the house in which he was at night. And O Conchobair at once procured the killing of Gilla Ruad therefor.


[Cormac] son of Art [O Mailsechlainn] was captured, as well as his wife and foster-father and many of his people.



Famine throughout Ireland this year, and much sickness and death among men from various causes: cold, famine and every kind of disease.


Lewis King of the French died this year.


Mac William [Burke] marched with a large force into Connacht, accompanied by Aed son of Ruaidri O Conchobair. They burned Inishmaine, plundered the whole country and took hostages.


Geoffrey de Mareys and Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidri [O Conchobair] marched to Mag nAi; they made a castle at Randoon and took hostages of the Sil Murray.


Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg went to O Domnaill in Tir Conaill. He returned south and brought away his wife. The sons of Toirrdelbach [O Conchobair] came upon him in the Curlew Hills and he left his wife and horses behind. The wife was afterwards delivered up to the Galls.


Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidri led another expedition, with the Galls of Meath, into West Connacht, where they made a great raid on Aed son of Ruaidri O Flaithbertaig. From there they passed into Carra and took thence the hostages of the sons of Muirchertach [Muimnech] and Toirrdelbach took a number of beasts from each of the surrounding cantrads.


Cu Mara O Domnallain was killed in captivity by Ruaidri Mac Duinn Sleibe to avenge his father, when he had taken the Cross.


Brian son of Conchobar O Diarmata was killed this year.


Dionysius O Morda took the cross from the Bishop of Elphin.


The castle at Athleague was built by Geoffrey de Mareys.