Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1226


1226 First of January on Thursday and the twenty-ninth day of the moon's age; and this was the eleventh year of the Cycle of Nineteen and the fourteenth of the Solar and Indictional Cycles. MCCXXVI. D.



Tigernan son of Cathal Micuran son of Toirrdelbach Mor King of Ireland, was slain by Donnchad O Dubda and his sons. This was the most generous and valiant of the eligible princes of the O Connors and he that performed the most notable and successful exploits down to this time.


Domnall son of Ruaidri O Flaithbertaig was killed by the sons of Muirchertach O Flaithbertaig after the house in which he was had been taken by them and by Fedlimid son of Cathal Crobderg. A pitiful deed was that, to kill a possible king of West Connacht and gain no land and no patrimony thereby.


Fergal O Taidc of the Household, ruler of the household of Cathal Crobderg and his son after him, a man of great fortune and the slayer of many people, was killed by Donn Sleibe O Gadra king of Sliab Luga.


Aed son of Donn O Sochlachain, erenagh of Cong, a man eminent for chanting and for the right tuning of harps and for having made an instrument for himself which none had made before, distinguished also in every art such as poetry, engraving and writing and in every skilled occupation, died this year.


Nuala daughter of Ruaidri O Conchobair, queen of the Ulaid, died at Cong and was buried with great honour in the Canons' church there.


Aed son of Domnall O Ruairc was killed by Cathal O Raigillig and by Conchobar son of Cormac O Mailruanaid on Loch Allen.


Aed O Flaithbertaig was captured by Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg and handed over by him to the Galls.


Condmach O Tarpa bishop of Leyney rested in Christ.


Matha O Mailmocherge rested in Christ.


Muirgius Mac Diarmata was killed this year.


O Neill raised an army and marched to the borders of Connacht, but returned having accomplished nothing. He assembled another army and took the hostages of Cenel Conaill, including the son of O Domnaill.


The castle of Kilmore was burned by Cathal O Raigillig this year.


Toirrdelbach son of Maelsechlainn died.