Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Loch Cé (Author: [unknown])

Annal LC1345


21] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the twentieth
22] of the moon; M.ccc.xl. quinto; xvi. cycli lunaris; xiii.
23] anno Indictionis; xxi. cycli solaris.


24] son of Aedh, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair, king of
25] Connacht during a period of twenty-one years, and
26] one well fitted to be king of Erinn, if God had vouchsafed
27] it to him, was killed by a shot of an arrow in
28] Fidh-Dorudha in Muinter-Eolais, after he had gone as
29] far as Loch-Airinn to assist Tadhg Mac Raghnaill
30] against the descendants of Muirchertach Muimhnech
31] O'Conchobhair; and the descendants of Muirchertach
32] Muimhnech, and the other section of the Muinter-Eolais,


1] followed him to Fidh-Dorudha, and he was killed in
2] Gurtin-na-spideoige in Fidh-Dorudha, as we said above;
3] (and not often before had there been done with an arrow,
4] since Niall-nai-ghiallach, son of Eochaidh Muidhmedhoin,
5] was killed by Eochaidh, son of Enna Cennselach, a deed
6] greater than that deed done with an arrow); and Aedh,
7] son of Toirdhelbhach, was afterwards made king in his
8] place.


Brian O'Ferghail, who was well qualified to be
9] chieftain of the Anghaile, mortuus est.

Annal LC1346


10] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the first of
11] the moon; M.ccc.xl. sexto; xvii. cycli lunaris; xiiii. anno
12] Indictionis; xxii. cycli solaris.


A terrible war arose
13] between Ualgharg O'Ruairc and Ruaidhri, son of Cathal
14] O'Conchobhair; and they gave battle to each other in
15] Calraidhe-Locha-Gile; and O'Ruairc was there defeated,
16] and all his gallowglasses were slain there, viz., Mac
17] Burci, and the son of Niall Cam, and mostly all their
18] people along with them; and O'Ruairc himself was pursued,
19] and was slain by Maelruanaidh Mac Donnchaidh
20] on that day.


The four sons of Cathal Mac-in-caich
21] Mac Raghnaill were taken prisoners on Loch-an-Scuir by
22] Conchobhar Mac Raghnaill, and Tomaltach Mac Raghnaill
23] took them with him to Caisel-Cosgraigh, where
24] they were afterwards killed by him.


The comarb of
25] Patrick, i.e. David Mac Oirechtaigh, in Christo quievit.


26] Cu-Uladh Mac Cathmhail, dux of Cenel-Feradhaigh, was
27] slain by Domhnall Mac Cathmhail.


A victory over the
28] Foreigners by Brian Mac Mathghamhna, so that three
29] hundred heads were counted in one place.




1] O'Domhnaill and the Clann-Muirchertaigh, and the son
2] of Fedhlimidh O'Conchobhair, and Maurice Mac Diarmada,
3] followed Ruaidhri, the son of Cathal, to Cul-maile,
4] where they inflicted a great defeat on him and on the
5] Clann-Donnchaidh; and a great slaughter was committed
6] on them respectively, both by drowning, burning,
7] hacking, and wounding; and great spoils were taken
8] besides.


A great war between Mac Diarmada and
9] Maghnus Mac Diarmada Gall in hoc anno; and treachery
10] was practised by the sons of Waldrin Mac Goisdelbh
11] on Maghnus Mac Diarmada Gall in his own house,
12] and he was slain there; and Cormac Caech Mac Finghin
13] was also slain there.


O'Cerbhaill was slain by the
14] Osraighe.


Conchobhar O'Birn occisus est viii. kalendas
15] Martii.

Annal LC1347


16] The kalends of January on Monday, and the twelfth
17] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc.xl.vii; xviii. cycli lunaris;
18] xv. Indictionis; xxiii. cycli solaris.


Gilla-na-naemh, son of Jeffrey,
19] son of Gilla-na-naemh O'Ferghail, chieftain
20] of the Anghaile, died in Cluain-Lis-Bece, after having
21] spent twenty-six years in the chief government of the
22] Anghaile, after overcoming the devil and the world;
23] and Cathal, the son of Murchadh, son of Gilla-na-naemh
24] O'Ferghail, assumed the chieftaincy after him.


25] Mac Diarmada was slain by John Ruadh Mac David
26] Burk.


Tadhg Mac Raghnaill, dux of Muinter-Eolais,
27] was taken prisoner by the Clann-Muirchertaigh. in hoc
28] anno. O'Ruairc's gallowglasses were slain or captured
29] by the Clann-Muirchertaigh, after having been
30] found in Muinter-Eolais.


William Mac David Milis
31] was slain by Tadhg Ruadh Mac Diarmada Gall, in Baile-in-tobair.


32] Henry, son of Aedh Buidhe O'Neill, mortuus
33] est.


Thomas Mac Airten, king of Uí-Echach-Uladh,


1] was hanged by Foreigners.


Eoghan O'Madadhain, king
2] of Síl-Anmchadha, mortuus est, and Murchadh O'Madadhain,
3] his own son, was subsequently made king.


4] Finnghuala, daughter of Eoghan Mac Finghin, uxor of
5] Ferghal Muimhnech O'Duibhgennain, airchinnech of
6] Cill-Ronain, quievit.


The Gilla-dubh Mac Gillamochua
7] quievit.


Ferghal Mac Cormaic was slain; and it is not
8] known who slew him.

Annal LC1348


9] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the twenty-third
10] of the moon; M.ccc.xl.octavo; xix. cycli lunaris;
11] primus annus Indictionis; xx. quarto cycli solaris.


12] O'Ferghail, dux of Muinter-Anghaile during the space of
13] half a year, mortuus est.


Niall Garbh O'Domhnaill
14] was slain by Maghnus Meabhlach O'Domhnaill, per
15] dolum.


Maelechlainn Mac Oirechtaigh, dux of Muinter-Raduibh,
16] mortuus est.


Donnchadh Mac Bradaigh, dux
17] of Cuil-Brighdin, quievit in Christo.


A great war arose
18] between Ferghal Mac Diarmada and Ruaidhri, son of
19] Cathal, son of Domhnall; and Mac Diarmada's fortress
20] was burned by the son of Cathal. Mac Diarmada
21] assembled his friends of the Connachtmen, and they
22] pursued the son of Cathal to Baile-in-mhuta, and the
23] town was burned by them, both stone and wood; and
24] no one dared to oppose them until they arrived at their
25] homes; and they brought with them all the captives that
26] were in the town, including O'Ruairc's son, and came
27] home safely afterwards.