Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Loch Cé (Author: [unknown])

Annal LC1325


1] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the eighth
2] of the moon; M.ccc.xxv; xv. cycli lunaris; octavo
3] anno Indictionis; primo anno cycli solaris.


Domhnall, son of
4] Brian O'Neill, king of Uladh, mortuus est.


5] O'Maelbhrenainn, king-chieftain of Clann-Conchobhair,
6] mortuus est.


Cu-Uladh O'Neill mortuus est; i.e. this
7] Cu-Uladh was the son of Domhnall, son of Brian O'Neill;
8] and the sons of Niall, son of Brian O'Neill, viz., the sons
9] of his own father's brother, killed him.


Gilla-Christ Cleirech
10] Mac Diarmada mortuus est.


Brian O'Gadhra mortuus
11] est.


The cow-destruction still throughout Erinn.

Annal LC1326


12] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the nineteenth
13] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc.xxvi; xvi. anno
14] cycli lunaris; ix. anno Indictionis; secundo anno cycli
15] solaris.


Richard Burk, i.e. the Red Earl, lord of Uladh
16] and Connacht, and the choicest of all the Foreigners of
17] Erinn, died in this year, ante festum Petri ad Vincula.


18] A great war between the king of France and the king
19] of the Saxons in hoc anno.


Laurence O'Lachtnain, bishop
20] of Oilfinn, in Christo quievit.


Metra John O'Finnaghta
21] was afterwards elected to the same bishopric.


22] Mac Raghnaill, chieftain of Muinter-Eolais, occisus est by
23] his own kinsmen.


Nicholas O'hEdhin mortuus est.

Annal LC1327


24] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the thirtieth
25] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc.xxvii; xvii.
26] lunaris cycli; x. anno Indictionis; tertio anno cycli
27] solaris.


A great war between the king of the Saxons
28] and his own wife, i.e. the daughter of the king of France;
29] and the king of the Saxons was dethroned through this
30] war; and his own son was made king by her in opposition
31] to his father, and a king's crown was given to him
32] through the counsel of all the Saxons.


Gormlaith, Mac
33] Diarmada's daughter, for a while the wife of Maghnus,
34] son of Domhnall O'Conchobhair, tanist of Connacht, and


1] queen of the Uí-Maine with Conchobhar O'Cellaigh, after
2] Maghnus, and queen of Luighne with Ferghal O'hEghra,
3] (and who was the woman of greatest reputation, hospitality,
4] and liberality, of her own kindred), died after
5] the triumph of penance.


Edward, king of the Saxons,
6] after his sovereignty had been taken from him, quievit.


7] A great epidemic of the galar-brec throughout all
8] Erinn widely, which brought destruction on people small
9] and great, in this year. Maelechlainn Riabhach, son of
10] Domhnall, son of Tadhg O'Conchobhair, died of this
11] disease.


Ferghal, son of Ualgharg O'Ruairc, mortuus est.


12] Culén O'Dimusaigh mortuus est.


Sadhbh, daughter of
13] Mac Aedhagain, mortua est.

Annal LC1328


14] The kalends of January on Friday, and the eleventh of
15] the moon; M.ccc.xx.viii; xviii. cycli lunaris; xi. anno
16] Indictionis; quarto anno cycli solaris.


17] O'Raighilligh, lord of Muinter-Maelmordha, was apprehended
18] and wounded by the Foreigners of Midhe; and
19] he was released on giving hostages, but afterwards died
20] of his wounds in his own house.


Terrible thunder and
21] lightning in this year, so that much of the fruit and
22] produce of all Erinn was destroyed, and corn grew
23] whitish and empty.


An epidemic disease generally
24] throughout all Erinn, wich was called slaedan,
25] and lasted during the space of three or four days
26] with every person whom it attacked, so that it was
27] next to death to him.


The Brown Earl, i.e. William
28] Burk, son of Sir John, son of the Red Earl, came to
29] Erinn in hoc anno.


Donnchadh Ruadh, O'Gadhra, and
30] five of his own kindred along with him, occisi sunt.


31] Conchobhar Mac Branan, heir to the chieftainship of
32] Corca-Achlann, was slain by the people of Anghaile.


33] David Mac Gilla-Comghaill, gallowglass, and fourteen
34] men of his people along with him, were slain by
35] Donnchadh Gall; son of Domhnall O'Conchobhair;
36] and Donnchadh himself was also greatly wounded there.


37] Dubhesa, daughter of O'hElidhe, wife of Domhnall,


1] son of Andrias, the best daughter of a hero of her
2] time, and the woman of best reputation and greatest
3] wealth, died in this year.


Great, intolerable wind in
4] the summer, and scarcity of food, and much drought.


5] A great depredation by Walter Burk on the Connachtmen,
6] when a great number of the favourites of Toirdhelbhach
7] O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht, were plundered
8] by him.


Sir John Mac Feorais, Earl of Lughmhagh,
9] i.e. the most active, vigorous, hospitable and liberal
10] baron that was in Erinn, was killed in treachery by his
11] own people, viz. by the Foreigners of Oirghiall; and a
12] great number of noble Foreigners and Gaeidhel were
13] slain along with him; and the king of minstrelsy, i.e.
14] Maelruanaidh Mac Cerbhaill, i.e. the Gilla-caech, and
15] another brother of his, were slain along with him; and
16] it is not known that there came, or will ever come, so
17] good a harper.


Maurice O'Gibillan, high master of Erinn
18] in new laws and old laws, in Canon and Lex; a
19] philosopher in wisdom and true knowledge; an eminent
20] professor of poetry, and of Ogham writing, and many
21] other arts; a canon chorister in Tuaim-da-ghualann, and
22] in Oilfinn, and in Achadh-Conaire, and in Cill-Alaidh,
23] and in Enach-dúin, and in Cluain-ferta-Brenainn, and the
24] official and general judge of all the archbishopric, in
25] Christo quievit.


Thomas O'Mellain, bishop of Enach-dúin,
26] died at the Pope's court in hoc anno.


Brian, son
27] of Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh, was slain by Brian, son
28] of Tadhg Mac Donnchaidh.


William Earl of Ulster
29] assembled a great army, including Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
30] king of Connacht, and Muirchertach O'Briain,
31] king of Tuadh-Mumha, and of Mumha besides, against


1] Brian Bán O'Briain. An overthrow was given by Brian
2] Bán O'Briain to O'Briain, in which Conchobhar O'Briain,
3] the good material of a king of Erinn as regards stature,
4] form, and bounty, was slain, together with four score
5] both good and bad.


A great meeting near Ath-cind-Locha-Techet
6] between Walter, son of William Burk, and
7] Gilbert Mac Goisdelbh, on the one part, and Maelruanaidh
8] Mac Diarmada, and his son Tomaltach, and Tomaltach
9] Mac Donnchaidh, and the Clann-Maelruanaidh besides,
10] on the other part.


A defeat was inflicted on Mac William,
11] on which occasion Brian, son of Tadhg Mac Donnchaidh,
12] was slain by his own kinsman, in revenge of
13] Brian, the son of Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh, whom he
14] had previously slain.


Donnchadh Gall, son of Domhnall
15] O'Conchobhair, was killed by Aedh, the son of
16] Tadhg, son of Maelechlainn, son of Maghnus.

Annal LC1329


17] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the twenty-second
18] of the moon; M.ccc.xx.ix; xix. cycli lunaris;
19] xii. anno Indictionis; v. anno solaris cycli.


Tadhg, son
20] of Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair, was slain by Diarmaid
21] O'Gadhra, in treachery.


Cathal, son of Domhnall
22] O'Ruairc, the good material of a king of Breifne,
23] was killed by the sons of John O'Ferghail, and by the
24] Foreigners of Midhe, per dolum, and a number of his
25] people along with him.


Muirchertach, son of Domhnall
26] O'Conchobhair, lord of Cairbre, and the good material
27] of a king of Connacht, mortuus est.


Cathal, son of
28] Aedh, son of Eoghain O'Conchobhair, was forcibly expelled
29] from the Fedha, and from Tir-Maine, by the
30] order of Walter Burk to the Clann-Cellaigh and the
31] Uí-Maine.


A great war between Toirdhelbhach


1] O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht, and the Clann-Maelruanaidh,
2] and much property was destroyed between both
3] parties.


A depredation by Tomaltach Mac Diarmada on
4] Diarmaid O'Flannagain, chieftain of Clann-Cathail.


5] daughter of Ferghal O'Raighilligh, the wife of Tomaltach
6] Mac Diarmada, mortua est the third day before Great
7] Christmas.


Daboc Donn Mac William Burk, a very
8] wealthy knight, mortuus est.

Annal LC1330


9] The kalends of January on Monday, and the third of
10] the moon;; primus annus lunaris cycli; xiii.
11] anno Indictionis; sexto anno solaris cycli.


12] son of Aedh Breifnech O'Conchobhair, was killed by
13] Cathal, son of Aedh, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair, in
14] Ferann-na-darach; and Simon Mac-ind-Fhailgigh was
15] slain along with him.


A camp attack was made by
16] Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair on Walter Mac William
17] Burk, in Lecmagh in Magh-Luirg, whom he drove from
18] thence to Cairthi-liag-fada. And Gilbert Mac Goisdelbh,
19] lord of Sliabh-Lugha, came with a large force to the assistance
20] of Mac William Burk, and Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh
21] came with another force to the assistance of Mac William;
22] and both these armies turned against O'Conchobhair
23] until they reached Ath-Disert-Nuadan; and a few of
24] O'Conchobhair's people were slain about the ford, viz.:—
25] Donnchadh, son of Domhnall Mac Mathghamhna, and Mac
26] Gilla-Comghain, and other persons also who are not enumerated
27] here. O'Conchobhair went afterwards actively,
28] proudly, into the Tuatha; and Mac William fixed his camp
29] that night at Cill-Lomad, in presence of O'Conchobhair.


30] The armies of all Connacht, both Foreigners and Gaeidhel,
31] were subsequently mustered by Mac William, with the


1] object of seizing the sovereignty of Connacht for himself.
2] A prudent, amicable peace was afterwards made by Mac
3] Diarmada and O'Conchobhair.


A hosting by O'Ruairc to
4] Fidh-an-atha, when the people of the town opposed them,
5] and O'Ruairc was defeated, and Art O'Ruairc, who was
6] qualified to be king of Breifne, was killed there, and a great
7] many more, both good and bad.


Gilla-Isa Ruadh O'Raighilligh,
8] king of Muinter-Maelmordha and all the Breifne
9] for a long time previously, died a prosperous, wealthy
10] senior, after obtaining victory over the devil and the
11] world.


Benedict O'Flannagain, prior of Cill-mor-na-Sinna,
12] quievit in Christo.


Maelechlainn Mac Carmaic,
13] a wealthy brughaidh cédach, died in hoc anno.


14] Donn Mac Aedhagain mortuus est.


A great victory by
15] Conchobhar, son of Tadhg, son of Brian, son of Andrias,
16] son of Brian Luighnech, son of Toirdhelbhach Mór
17] O'Conchobhair, over the Dartraighe, when a great,
18] number of them were slain by him.


19] O'Conchobhair was slain by the people of Walter
20] Mac William Burk, whilst coming from the Earl's
21] house.

Annal LC1331


22] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the fourteenth
23] of the moon; primo; secundo anno
24] cycli lunaris; xiiii. anno Indictionis; septimo anno cycli
25] solaris.


Maelruanaidh Mac Diarmada, king of Magh-Luirg,
26] resigned his kingdom and sovereignty, and assumed the
27] habit of a gray monk in the monastery of the Buill in
28] hoc anno, and died afterwards; and his own son Tomaltach
29] assumed the same sovereignty the sixth day
30] after May-day.


Ferghal, son of Maelechlainn Carrach
31] Mac Diarmada, was killed by Tadhg, son of Cathal, son
32] of Domhnall O'Conchobhair.


A great hosting by Walter
33] Mac William Burk into Magh-Luirg, when the entire
34] country was burned by him, except the churches alone, to
35] which he gave good respect and protection. Nevertheless,
36] Tomaltach and his own army did not permit them to remain


1] without quickly and ably advancing against them,
2] into their neighbourhood; and the Foreigners gave a
3] severe repulse to Tomaltach, and killed a number of the
4] people of the district; but Mac Diarmada did not think
5] it creditable that this number of his people should be
6] killed by them, without revenging it on them.


7] Mac Eochagain quievit in tertia kalendas Januarii.

Annal LC1332


8] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the twenty-fifth
9] of the moon; anno Domini secundo;
10] tertio anno cycli lunaris; xv. anno Indictionis; viii.
11] anno cycli solaris.


Walter, son of Sir William Burk,
12] was taken prisoner by the Brown Earl, who afterwards
13] took him with him to the New Castle of Inis-Eoghain;
14] and he died of hunger in the prison of that castle.


15] nobles of Alba were slain by the Baliol in the same
16] year.


The victory of Berna-in-mil was gained over
17] Tomaltach Mac Diarmada, king of Magh-Luirg, and over
18] Mac William Burk, by the Earl's son and Tomaltach
19] Mac Donnchaidh, in which a great number of Mac William
20] Burk's people were slain.


William Gallda, the son
21] of Muirchertach Mór Mac Eochagain, dux of Cenel-Fiachaidh,
22] mortuus est in the month of November.

Annal LC1333


23] The kalends of January on Friday, and the sixth of
24] the moon; anno Domini M.ccc.xxxiii; quarto anno
25] cycli lunaris; primo anno Indictionis; ix. anno cycli
26] solaris.


William Burk, i.e. the Earl of Ulster, was slain
27] by the Foreigners of Ulster; and all these Foreigners
28] fell in return, having been either hanged, slain, or torn
29] asunder, by the king of the Saxons' people.


30] O'Domhnaill, king of Tir-Conaill and Feara-Manach,
31] and who took the hostages of the two districts of
32] Cairbre, and of the Breifne; one qualified to be king of
33] the entire province of Uladh, and the prop of all Erinn as


1] regards bounty and prowess, repression and rule; and the
2] man by whom Foreigners and Gaeidhel fell most in his
3] own time—mortuus est after obtaining victory over the
4] devil and the world, and after having been fifty-two
5] years in the sovereignty of Tir-Conaill, and after assuming the habit
6] of a gray monk,—after confession and penance,
7] quievit. Conchobhar O'Domhnaill, his own son, assumed
8] the sovereignty of Tir-Conaill after his father; and a contention
9] occurred between Conchobhar and Art O'Domhnaill,
10] i.e. his own father's son, regarding the sovereignty;
11] and Art was taken prisoner by Conchobhar O'Domhnaill,
12] and was immediately slain by him.


Tomaltach Mac
13] Donnchaidh, lord of Tir-Oilella, a most eminent man for
14] bounty and prowess, and the best of his contemporaries for
15] guarantee, honour, and truth, mortuus est.


16] O'Domhnaill, the king's son who was the most noble, the
17] most comely, and most illustrious, and from whom the multitudes,
18] and the men of all Erinn, expected most, died in
19] this year.


Gilbert Mac Goisdelbh was slain in the middle
20] of his own house by Cathal Mac Diarmada Gall, per
21] dolum.


Aedh Mac Consnamha, chieftain of Muinter-Cinaith,
22] quievit.


Mac-na-hoidchi Mac Flannchaidh was
23] slain by Connachtmen.


Donnchadh, son of Aedh O'Cellaigh,
24] was taken prisoner by Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
25] king of Connacht.


Peace was proclaimed at Rath-Secher,
26] to the sons of William Burk, on the part of the king of
27] the Saxons.


Conchobhar Mac Branan, chieftain of Corca-Achlann,
28] mortuus est vi. idus Januarii.

Annal LC1334


29] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the seventeenth
30] of the moon;; quinto anno cycli
31] lunaris; primo anno Indictionis; x. anno solaris cycli.


32] A great hosting by all the Connachtmen, both Foreigners
33] and Gaeidhel, into Mumha, to Mac Conmara, from whom


1] hostages were exacted, and over whom sway was obtained,
2] by them. A church was burned by a division of this
3] army, in which were one hundred and eighty persons
4] both good and bad, and two priests along with them; et
5] combusti fuerunt.


Ten of the people of Donnchadh
6] Riabhach, son of Maelechlainn Carrach Mac Diarmada,
7] were drowned in Loch-Teched. Tadhg, son of Cathal,
8] son of Domhnall O'Conchobhair, mortuus est.


9] son of Muirchertach Mór Mac Eochagain, dux of Cenel-Fiachaidh,
10] mortuus est in xiiii. kalendas Januarii.


11] Mac Consnamha, chieftain of Muinter-Cinaith,
12] mortuus est.

Annal LC1335


13] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the twenty-eighth
14] of the moon; M.ccc.xxxv; vi. anno cycli lunaris;
15] tertio anno Indictionis; xi. anno cycli solaris.


16] daughter of O'Briain, wife of Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
17] mortua est.


John, son of Art O'hEghra, was taken
18] prisoner by the Earl's son; and the principal part of his
19] people were plundered by him.


A depredation was committed
20] by the sons of Domhnall O'Conchobhair on the
21] descendants of Maurice Sugach Fitz-Gerald, on which
22] occasion the son of Mac Maurice was killed. A retaliatory
23] depredation was afterwards committed by the Clann-Maurice
24] on the same sons of Domhnall.


The West of
25] Connacht was all destroyed by Edmond Burk; a great
26] many persons were slain; and innumerable depredations,
27] and burnings, and injuries were also committed by him
28] on the Earl's son, and on the Clan-Rickard Burk, in
29] the same year; but they afterwards made peace with one
30] another.


Great snow in the spring, which destroyed the
31] greater number of the small birds of all Erinn.

Annal LC1336


32] The kalends of January on Monday, and the ninth of
33] the moon; vi. vii. anno cycli lunaris; quarto
34] anno Indictionis; xii. anno cycli solaris.


Tomaltach Mac
35] Diarmada, king of Magh-Luirg, the most formidable and
36] triumphant man against his enemies, and the man of


1] greatest bounty and almsgiving, of greatest honour and
2] guarantee in his own time, died in nono kalendas Junii,
3] i.e. on the night of Trinity Sunday, in his own house in
4] Caladh-na-Cairgi, et sepultus est nobly, honourably, in
5] the monastery of the Buill; and Conchobhar, son of
6] Tomaltach, i.e. his own son, was made king in his stead.


7] Tibbot Burk, i.e. the Mac William, mortuus est.


8] Mac Jordan de Exeter mortuus est.


A victory by
9] Eoghan O'Madadhain over the Clann-Rickard Burk,
10] in which three score and six were slain, both good
11] and bad.


A great depredation by the sons of Diarmaid
12] Gall, and by Fedhlimidh O'Conchobhair, on the Clann-Goisdelbh;
13] and Maidiuc Mac Waltrin was slain in pursuit
14] of the prey.


A great depredation by Edmond Mac
15] William Burk upon the Clann-Cathail, on which occasion
16] Conchobhar O'Flannagain was plundered, and many
17] other persons along with him; and Maelechlainn O'Flannagain
18] was slain whilst in pursuit of this prey; and they
19] took Mac-in-mhilidh's brother prisoner in pursuit of this
20] prey.


Conchobhar Mac Diarmada, king of Magh-Luirg, and
21] Aedh, the son of Fedhlimidh, son of Aedh, son of Eoghan
22] O'Conchobhair, together with O'Conchobhair's household
23] band, and the Clann-Donnchadha, and the young soldiers
24] of the territory of Cairbre, including Cormac the son
25] of Ruaidhri, went on a predatory expedition into Tir-Fiachrach
26] until they reached Mullach-Ratha; but the
27] cows of the district fled before them.


Many inanimate
28] spoils, and several horses, and a few steeds, and a great
29] quantity of small cattle were brought away by them; and
30] people were slain by them; and they came home safely.


31] Diarmaid O'Flannagain, dux of Clann-Cathail, mortuus
32] est.


Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht,
33] mustered the moveable forces of the Tuatha, of Clann-Cathail,


1] Clann-Conchobhair, and Magh-Luirg, to Airtech;
2] and the great castle of Mac Goisdelbh was taken by him,
3] and afterwards broken down; and the kern who guarded
4] the place came out on the guarantee of Mac Diarmada.


5] Trinnoit O'Naan, high master in many sciences, in Lex
6] and Canon, quievit in Christo.


Domhnall, son of John,
7] son of Domhnall O'Conchobhair, mortuus est.


Niall, the
8] son of Conchobhar Mac Taidhg, occisus est by a shot
9] of an arrow.

Annal LC1337


10] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the twentieth
11] of the moon; viii. anno cycli
12] lunaris; quinto anno Indictionis; xiii. anno cycli solaris.


13] Peace was made by William, son of the Red Earl, and
14] Brian Bán O'Briain; and all the lands that he O'Briain
15] had wasted against the Earl's son were given to him, on
16] condition of his own rent being paid for them.


17] was concluded by Aedh Remhar O'Neill with the Oirghialla
18] and the Feara-Manach.


A fortified camp was
19] formed by Toirdhelbach O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht,
20] at Ath-Liag, against Edmond Burk.


John O'Fallamhain,
21] dux of Clann-Uadach, mortuus est.


22] Mac Flannchaidh, dux of Dartraighe, was slain by Cormac,
23] son of Ruaidhri, son of Domhnall O'Conchobhair,
24] together with many more, in revenge of John, son of
25] Domhnall; and great depredations were committed upon
26] the Dartraighe; and the son of Maurice Mac Flannchaidh
27] was slain the same day.


Tadhg and Maelechlainn,
28] two sons of Imhar Mac Raghnaill, were taken prisoners
29] by Cathal Mac Raghnaill, and Cathal Mac Raghnaill
30] was killed in the pursuit by the sons of Imhar—
31] (viz., these sons of Imhar were Conchobhar and Tomaltach)
32] —and by William Mac Mathghamhna, and by the
33] young men of the country along with them; and
34] Maghnus, son of Ferghal, was killed by them on the


1] same day; and Tadhg Mac Raghnaill assumed the
2] chieftaincy after these events.


Domhnall Ruadh O'Maille
3] and Cormac O'Maille were slain by the Clann-Mebhric,
4] and by other Foreigners along with them, on the night of
5] Stephen's festival.


The Master O'Rothlan quievit in
6] Christo.


Matthew O'hUiginn, a man eminent for poetry
7] and humanity, quievit.


Henry Hac Martin was killed
8] in hoc anno.


A great victory over Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
9] king of Connacht, by Clann-Cellaigh; and Toirdhelbhach
10] himself was wounded there, and taken prisoner;
11] and his horse and clothes were left there by him, together
12] with a great slaughter of people.


Lughaidh O'Dálaigh,
13] bishop of Cluain-mic-Nois, in Christo quievit.


14] son of Cormac O'Domhnaill, bishop of Tir-Conaill, i.e. a
15] man eminent for wisdom, piety, charity, and humanity,
16] in Christo quievit.


Donnchadh, son of Muirchertach Mór
17] Mac Eochagain, dux of Cenel-Fiachaidh, occisus est by
18] the Uí-Failghe.

Annal LC1338


19] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the first of
20] the moon; octavo; ix. anno cycli lunaris;
21] sexto anno Indictionis; xiiii. anno cycli solaris.


22] son of Ruaidhri O'Conchobhair, occisus est in hoc
23] anno.


Ruaidhri Mac Uidhir, king of Feara-Manach and
24] Loch-Erne, the man who, in his own time, presented most of
25] money, of cattle, and of clothing to the learned men and
26] chief poets of Erinn, mortuus est.


Edmond Burk, i.e.
27] the son of the Earl of Ulster, was taken prisoner by
28] Edmond Burk; and a stone was tied round his neck,
29] and he was afterwards thrown into Loch-Mesca; and the
30] destruction of the Foreigners of Connacht, and of his
31] own family, occurred through this. And Toirdhelbhach
32] O'Conchobhair assumed the sway of Connacht after that,


1] and Edmond Mac William Burk was expelled out of
2] Connacht; and the territories and churches of all the
3] West of Connacht were spoiled. And Edmond Burk collected
4] a large fleet of ships and barks, and remained on
5] the islands of the sea for a long time.


Luighne and the
6] Corann were depopulated and wasted, and the sovereignty
7] was assumed by their own hereditary Gaeidhel,
8] after the expulsion of their Foreigners out of them.


9] Tadhg, son of Ruaidhri, son of Cathal Ruadh O'Conchobhair,
10] usually called the 'Bratach righin', was taken
11] prisoner by Thomas Mac Samhradhain; and many of his
12] people were slain. Mac Samhradhain went afterwards
13] to O'Conchobhair's house, and on his return from O'Conchobhair's
14] house the Clann-Muirchertaigh and Muinter-Eolais
15] assembled before him; and Mac Samhradhain was
16] taken prisoner by them, and several of his people were
17] slain.


Derbhail, daughter of Cathal Mac Murchadha,
18] wife of Donnchadh, son of Aedh Og, quievit.


The sheep
19] of Erinn died in hoc anno, excepting a few.


A great
20] war between the king of France and the king of the
21] Saxons in hoc anno.

Annal LC1339


22] The kalends of January on Friday, and the twelfth of
23] the moon; anno Domini; x. anno cycli
24] lunaris; vii. anno Indictionis; xv. cycli solaris.


25] O'Cellaigh, king of Uí-Maine, was slain by Cathal, son
26] of Aedh, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair, whilst going
27] from O'Conchobhair's house to his own house, in hoc
28] anno.


Thomas Mac Samhradhain, who was detained a
29] prisoner by the Clann-Muirchertaigh, was set at liberty.


30] A great plague from frost and snow on the cattle and
31] green cornfields of Erinn, from a fortnight of winter to a
32] part of the spring.


A great hosting by Aedh Remhar
33] O'Neill to Tir-Conaill, on which occasion the son of John


1] O'Neill, and Godfrey O'Domhnaill, were slain by O'Dochartaigh's
2] people.


Edmond Mac William Burk was driven
3] to Uladh, together with his fleet.


The wife of the
4] Earl of Ulster's son, i.e. the daughter of Toirdhelbhach
5] O'Briain, was taken to wife by Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
6] king of Connacht, and Derbhail, daughter of
7] Aedh O'Domhnaill, was abandoned by him, in this year.


8] A great war throughout Midhe, between Foreigners and
9] Gaeidhel.


The corn crops of Erinn were destroyed, and great
10] famine ensued in it.


The church of Cill-Ronain was built
11] by Ferghal Muimhnech O'Duibhgennain in hoc anno.

Annal LC1340


12] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the twenty-third
13] of the moon; M.ccc.xl; xi. anno cycli lunaris; viii.
14] anno Indictionis; xvi. cycli solaris.


A great war arose
15] amongst the Uí-Maine, i.e. between Tadhg, son of Tadhg
16] O'Cellaigh, to whom Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair had
17] given the government of Uí-Maine, and William, son of
18] Donnchadh Muimhnech O'Cellaigh; and William, son of
19] Donnchadh Muimhnech, was sent out of the district; and
20] they all pursued him, but William turned upon them,
21] when Donnchadh, son of Aedh O'Cellaigh, was slain, and
22] Tadhg O'Cellaigh was taken prisoner and wounded; and
23] he died afterwards of his wound.


Maelsechlainn O'Gairmleghaig,
24] chieftain of Cenel-Moain, mortuus est.


The sons
25] of Ualgharg O'Ruairc, viz., Domhnall, and Aedh, and
26] Gilla-Christ, and Ruaidhri, went on a predatory expedition
27] to Cathal, son of Aedh Breifnech; and they committed
28] a very great depredation; and Conchobhar, the
29] son of Donnchadh Riabhach, son of Maghnus, son of
30] Muirchertach Muimhnech, was on that day slain by
31] them, and many more along with him: (and this was
32] the first rupture between Muinter-Ruairc and the descendants
33] of Muirchertach Muimhnech, son of Toirdhelbhach
34] Mór). And Cathal, son of Aedh Breifnech, made
35] a valorous pursuit afterwards, when a great part of the
36] prey was detained, and Domhnall O'Ruairc, the choicest


1] of the princes of all the Breifne, was slain, and Gilla-Christ
2] O'Ruairc and Mac Consnamha were taken prisoners,
3] and many more were slain there besides. Tadhg,
4] son of Ruaidhri, son of Cathal O'Conchobhair, who was
5] detained a prisoner by O'Ruairc, was set at liberty in
6] consideration of the release of Gilla-Christ O'Ruairc.


7] Aedh, son of Fedhlimidh O'Conchobhair, was taken prisoner
8] by Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht,
9] i.e. his father's brother, and placed in confinement in the
10] castle of Ros-Comain. A great war and terrible dissension
11] arose between O'Conchobhair and Mac Diarmada
12] through this capture, so that much property was destroyed
13] between them both. O'Conchobhair was put in great
14] jeopardy by Mac Diarmada in the Corann, when he was
15] unwillingly driven into Baile-in-mhuta; and they immediately
16] afterwards made peace with each other.


17] Jordan Ruadh Mac Goisdelbh was killed by Cathal Mac
18] Diarmada Gall in hoc anno.


Cathal Mac Diarmada Gall,
19] the choicest of the princes of Connacht for prowess,
20] valour, might and vigour, was slain by Donnchadh
21] Riabhach, son of Maelechlainn Carrach Mac Diarmada,
22] per dolum, at Lis-Selbhaigh in Clann-Conchobhair.


22] Maghnus, son of Cathal, son of Domhnall O'Conchobhair,
23] was slain by Cathal, son of Aedh Breifnech O'Conchobhair.


24] Brian Og Mac Samhradhain was killed by the
25] Tellach-Dunchadha.


Eoghan O'hEdhin, king of Uí-Fiachrach-Aidhne,
27] occisus est a suis.


Eoghan, son of
28] Jeffrey Mac Raghnaill, and Aedh O'Maelmhiadhaigh
29] killed one another.


Adam Mac Techedhan quievit in
30] Christo.


Philip O'Duibhgennain, ollamh of Conmaicne,
31] mortuus est.


Imag, daughter of Mac Goisdelbh, wife
32] of Eoghan Mac Finghin, quievit.


William Mac Goisdelbh,
33] son of Gilbert, was slain in a conflict in the
34] Breifne, by the Tellach-Echach.


Ruaidhri, son of


1] Maghnus O'hEghra, mortuus est.


Matthew, son of
2] Annadh O'Raighilligh, was slain by Andrias, son of
3] Brian O'Raighilligh, who afterwards committed great
4] depredations in the Bolcan.


The church of Cill-Ronain
5] was burned in hoc anno.


Niall O'hUiginn, an eminent
6] poet, was drowned.


Conchobhar O'Domhnaill went into
7] Connacht, with his muster.

Annal LC1341


8] The kalends of January on Monday, and the seventh
9] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc.xl. primo; xii. anno
10] cycli lunaris; ix. anno indictionis; xvii. cycli solaris.


11] A great defeat was inflicted by Mac William Burk on
12] the Clann-Maurice, on which occasion Thomas Mac
13] Maurice, and Maurice, son of Seonac Ruadh, and seven
14] score persons along with them, were slain.


Domhnall Mac
15] Dorchaidh, dux of Cenel-Luachain, mortuus est.


16] son of Mac-na-hoidhchi Mac Flannchaidh, was
17] killed by Aedh, son of Tadhg Mac Flannchaidh, in hoc
18] anno.


O'Gairmleghaigh, dux of Cenel-Moan, mortuus
19] est.


Brian O'Floinn, chieftain of Tellach-Curnain,
20] mortuus est.


Cathal Mac Cethernaigh was killed by
21] a fall.


The castle of Ros-Comain was captured by
22] Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair; and it was Aedh, son of
23] Fedhlimidh O'Conchobhair, who was imprisoned in the
24] castle, that betrayed it to O'Conchobhair.


Seonac Mac
25] Mathghamhna was expelled from Oirghiall.


26] O'Cuinn, dux of Muinter-Gillagan, mortuus est.


27] Ruadh, son of Cormac Og Mac Diarmada, mortuus est.

Annal LC1342


28] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the 17th
29] of the moon; anno Domini M. ccc. xl. secundo; xiii.
30] anno cycli lunaris; x. anno Indictionis; xviii. cycli
31] solaris.


The Gilla-dubh Mac Uidhir was drowned on
32] Loch-Erne, in the rear of a predatory party.


A great


1] war broke out between Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
2] king of Connacht, and Conchobhar Mac Diarmada, king
3] of Magh-Luirg; and Edmond Burk and Aedh, son of
4] Fedhlimidh O'Conchobhair, and Donnchadh O'Birn, dux
5] of Tir-Briuin-na-Sinna, sided with Mac Diarmada; and
6] O'Birn drove O'Conchobhair into the church of Oilfinn,
7] after he had gone to obtain pledges for a depredation
8] which the Muinter-Birn committed previously on Hubert
9] Burk; and some of O'Conchobhair's gallowglasses were
10] slain by them, including the constable, i.e. Mac Ruaidhri.


11] A general war, and great enmity, grew in all Connacht
12] at that time, and the Clann-Muirchertaigh, with Aedh
13] son of Aedh Breifnech, and with Cathal son of Aedh
14] Breifnech, and with Tadhg son of Ruaidhri, sided with
15] all those at first; and a great quantity of the corn
16] of the country was destroyed by them.


An ugly act
17] of treachery was committed on the Clann-William-Burk,
18] at the instigation of O'Conchobhair, when Thomas
19] Burk was slain by the Clann-Maurice whilst in their
20] own assembly; and Seonin Burk was slain in the
21] same way by the Clann-Rickard. Cathal, son of Gilla-Christ
22] Mac Diarmada, was slain by Ferghal O'Taidhg in
23] the same war. Ferghal, son of Gilla-Christ Finn Mac
24] Cormaic was slain in the same war. A fierce overthrow
25] was given by Mac Diarmada and his princes to O'Conchobhair,
26] at Bel-atha-Slisen, where the ford was passed
27] in spite of him, and where Diarmaid, the son of Brian
28] O'Ferghail—i.e. the best man of all the Conmaicne of his
29] own age—and the son of Hubert Burk, and Conchobhar,
30] son of Donnchadh Dubh O'hElidhe, were slain.


31] Mac Mathghamhna, a man eminent for bounty and
32] prowess, king of Oirghiall, went on a predatory expedition
33] against Roalbh Mac Mathghamhna, and was


1] slain, with his gallowglasses, in the rear of his band;
2] and as many of them were drowned as slain.


3] son of Ruaidhri, son of Domhnall O'Conchobhair, was
4] taken prisoner by Conchobhar, the son of Tadhg, and
5] by Ruaidhri, son of Cathal O'Conchobhair, in the same
6] year; and Conchobhar was taken prisoner by Brian,
7] the son of Ruaidhri, and delivered into the hands of
8] Conchobhar Mac Diarmada, who afterwards placed him
9] in the Rock to be imprisoned.


Domhnall O'Dochartaigh,
10] chieftain of Ard-Midhair, a man eminent for bounty,
11] prowess, charity, and humanity, died in his own house
12] in hoc anno, and John O'Dochartaigh assumed his place
13] after him.


The Síl-Muiredhaigh all, both willing and
14] unwilling, renounced the king of Connacht, i.e. Toirdhelbhach,
15] son of Aedh, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair;
16] and the most distinguished who then opposed him
17] were Edmond Mac William Burk, and Conchobhar Mac
18] Diarmada, king of Magh-Luirg, with his brothers and
19] with all his people; and Aedh, son of Aedh Breifnech,
20] son of Cathal Ruadh O'Conchobhair; and Tadhg, son
21] of Ruaidhri O'Conchobhair; and Cathal, son of Aedh
22] Breifnech, son of Cathal Ruadh; and the armies of
23] Breifne and Conmaicne; and Aedh, the son of Fedhlimidh,
24] son of Aedh, son of Eoghan: and Toirdhelbhach
25] was sent out of the country by them all, which was
26] not surprising.


And the advice which his friends gave
27] him afterwards was to go at night to Mac Diarmada's
28] house. And the Clann-Muirchertaigh received intelligence
29] of this advice, and assembled before him on
30] the roads, and in the dangerous passes of the fortress;
31] but he went past all these in the dark night,
32] with two or three horsemen; and he was opposed on
33] the causeway of the fortress, but he passed through
34] them by the force of his strong hand, and wounded
35] Cathal, son of Aedh Breifnech. And Mac Diarmada


1] knew not of this until he heard the tumult, the execration,
2] and lamentation throughout the fortress, when he
3] suddenly went, and found O'Conchobhair, with whom
4] he sent trusty persons to conduct him to the Rock.
5] And he remained in it the greater part of a week; and
6] the nobles of the country were wont to visit him each
7] day. And Mac Diarmada did not obtain leave to make
8] peace with him; and as he did not, he escorted him to
9] the castle of Ros-Comain, where he left him.


10] Ruadh Mac Eochagain, dux of Cenel-Fiachaidh,
11] was slain by Foreigners.


Thomas O'Cinga mortuus
12] est.


Maurice Mac Eochagain quievit.


Simon, son of
13] Conchobhar, son of Simon Mac Gilla-Arraith, one of the
14] chieftains of Luighne, mortuus est.


Murchadh, son of
15] Tomaltach O'Flannagain, i.e. the third best man that was
16] of the Clann-Cathail, was slain by the gallowglasses of
17] Cathal's son.


Aedh, the son of Aedh Breifnech, son of
18] Cathal Ruadh O'Conchobhair, was made king by the
19] Connachtmen and Mac William Burk, the first Monday
20] of the winter; and the tanistship of Connacht was given
21] to Aedh, the son of Fedhlimidh O'Conchobhair; and
22] Tir-Oilella was given to Ferghal Mac Diarmada, and
23] Tadhg, son of Tomaltach, son of Maurice Mac Donnchadha,
24] was expelled from his own country by Conchobhar Mac
25] Diarmada, and by his brethren; and Mac Donnchadha
26] joined Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair.


27] Conchobhar O'Domhnaill; king of Tir-Conaill, and one
28] worthy to rule all Erinn, if God had willed it, by reason
29] of his nobility, eminence, and the excellence of his
30] bounty and prowess, was slain by Niall O'Domhnaill, i.e.
31] his own father's son: (the house of Finn-ros was burned
32] over him, and O'Domhnaill went out of the house,
33] and fell afterwards in the doorway of his own house),


1] after obtaining victory over the devil and the world;
2] and a great number of O'Domhnaill's household band
3] were moreover burned and killed there. Niall O'Domhnaill
4] was made king by a number of the chieftains of
5] Tir-Conaill.


Flann Og O'Domhnallain, O'Conchobhair's
6] chief poet, quievit.


Domhnall O'Cuindlis, an eminent
7] historian, occisus est by the Uí-Diarmada.


Thomas Mac
8] Gilla-Coisglidh, a man eminent for bounty, in Christo
9] quievit.


Matthew Mac Maghnusa, brughaidh of Loch-Erne,
10] quievit in Christo.

Annal LC1343


11] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the twenty-eighth
12] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc.xl.iii; xiiii.
13] cycli lunaris; xi. anno Indictionis; xix. cycli solaris.


14] Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair assumed his own sovereignty
15] again, and peace was made with him by Mac
16] Diarmada.


Slaine O'Briain's daughter, Toirdhelbhach
17] O'Conchobhair's wife, and previously the wife of the
18] Earl of Ulster's son, mortua est.


Derbhail, daughter of
19] Aedh O'Domhnaill, came on a visit to Inis-Doighre, to
20] Conchobhar Mac Diarmada, where her death sickness
21] seized her; and she was afterwards interred in the
22] monastery of the Buill.


Dubhchabhlaigh, daughter of
23] Conchobhar Mac Diarmada, wife of O'Birn, quievit.


24] Thomas Mac Samhradhain, dux of Tellach-Echach,
25] quievit.


Muirchertach O'Briain, king of Tuadh-Mumha,
26] mortuus est, and Diarmaid O'Briain was made king in
27] his place; and he was expelled by Brian O'Briain, to
28] whom the chieftains of Tuadh-Mumha afterwards submitted.


29] Ulick, son of Richard, son of William Liath, the
30] greatest of all the foreign youths of Erinn in bounty
31] and prowess, quievit.


Cathal O'Madadhain, the most
32] eminent man in Erinn, was killed by the Clann-Rickard.



1] Donnchadh Clerech O'Maelbhrenainn, a canon chorister
2] at Oilfinn, was killed with a shot of an arrow by the
3] people of Hubert, son of David Donn Mac William.


4] Cathal Mac-an-Liathanaigh, abbot of the Trinity on
5] Loch-Cé, and bishop-elect of Oilfinn, in Christo quievit.


6] A great victory by the Clann-Feorais and Clann-Rickard
7] over the Uí-Maine, in which eleven princes of the Clann-Cellaigh
8] were slain, along with Conchobhar Cerbhach
9] O'Cellaigh.


Niall O'Domhnaill was deposed by Aengus
10] O'Domhnaill, and by Domhnall Dubh O'Baighill, and
11] by O'Dochartaigh, and by the power of Aedh Remhar
12] O'Neill, and by the Clann-Suibhne; and Aengus was made
13] king by them all. Niall went again into the country;
14] and the Clann-Muirchertaigh were expelled out of the
15] Breifne by Ualgharg O'Ruairc, Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
16] and Tadhg Mac Raghnaill; and they went
17] into Tir-Aedha, and Aengus O'Domhnaill gave them
18] Tir-Aedha, both grass and corn, and with all its other
19] benefits. And a battle was afterwards fought by Aengus
20] O'Domhnaill and the Clann-Muirchertaigh against Niall
21] O'Domhnaill, when Niall was defeated by them; on
22] which occasion Andiles O'Baighill, i.e. the chieftain of Tir-Ainmirech,
23] and his son, and Eoghan, the son of Art
24] O'Domhnaill, et alii multi, were slain.


The church of
25] Cill-Ronain was built.


Johannes O'Flaithimh, bishop of
26] Cill-Alaidh, quievit.


John Mac Eoaidh, bishop of Conmaicne,
27] quievit.


Conchobhar Mac Diarmada, king of
28] Magh-Luirg, and fountain of the dignity and nobility of the
29] descendants of Maelruanaidh Mór, son of Tadhg, son of
30] Cathal, son of Conchobhar, died in his own house a week
31] before Allhallowtide, on a Saturday as regards the day
32] of the week, after having overcome the devil and the
33] world, and was interred in the monastery of the Buill;
34] and Ferghal Mac Diarmada, his own brother, was made
35] king in his place.


Annal LC1344


1] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the ninth
2] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc.xl. quarto; xv. cycli
3] lunaris; xii. anno Indictionis; xx. anno cycli solaris.


4] Thomas, son of Cathal Riabhach O'Ruairc, was slain by
5] the Clann-Muirchertaigh in hoc anno.


Aedh, grandson
6] of Roalbh Mac Mathghamhna, i.e. the king of Oirghiall,
7] mortuus est; and Murchadh Og, son of Murchadh Mór,
8] son of Brian-na-coiligh-aifrinn, was made king in his
9] place, and died in the course of a week. Maghnus, son
10] of Eochaidh, son of Roalbh, assumed the sovereignty of
11] Oirghiall afterwards.


Art Mór, son of Cormac O'Maelechlainn,
12] king of Midhe, was slain by Cormac Ballach
13] O'Maelechlainn, who afterwards assumed the sovereignty
14] of Midhe for himself.


William, son of Mathghamhain
15] Mac Raghnaill, was slain by the sons of Cathal Mac
16] Raghnaill.


Matthew, son of Gilla-Christ Clerech Mac Diarmada,
17] was slain by Muinter-Elidhe on the Corr-sliabh.


18] The bishop of Luighne in Christo quievit.


19] son of Maelmhuaidh O'hEghra, abbot of the Buill, and
20] intended bishop of Luighne, quievit.