Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Loch Cé (Author: [unknown])

Annal LC1285


20] The kalends of January on Monday, and the eighteenth
21] of the moon; anno Domini quinto; xvii. anno
22] cycli solaris; xiii. anno cycli lunaris et Indictionis.


23] Simon O'Ruairc, bishop of the Breifne, in Christo quievit.


24] A great defeat was inflicted by Maghnus O'Conchobhair
25] on Adam Cusack and the Foreigners of the West of
26] Connacht, at Lec-Essa-dara, where a great many persons
27] were slain, and where Colin Cusack, i.e. his Adam's
28] brother, was taken into captivity after his people had
29] been slain, in consideration of being allowed himself to
30] depart. A defeat was inflicted by Philip Mac Goisdelbh
31] upon Maghnus O'Conchobhair's people, on Sliabh-Gamh,
32] where a great many recruits and inferior persons were


1] slain.


Alice, daughter of Cormac, mortua est.


2] O'Gadhra, king of Sliabh-Lugha, was killed by Mac
3] Feorais on his own lake.


Henry Mac Gillafhinnén
4] mortuus est.

Annal LC1286


5] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the twenty-ninth
6] of the moon; anno Domini; xviii.
7] cycli solaris; xiiii. cycli lunaris et Indictionis.


A great
8] hosting by the Earl of Ulster into Connacht, when
9] he destroyed many of the monasteries and churches
10] of Connacht; and he obtained sway, nevertheless, in
11] every place through which he passed, and received the
12] hostages of all Connacht; and he afterwards took with
13] him the army of Connacht, and obtained the hostages of
14] Cenel-Conaill and Cenel-Eoghain; and he deposed Domhnall,
15] son of Brian O'Neill, and gave the sovereignty to
16] Niall Culanach O'Neill, on this occasion.


The spring of
17] the cow-mortality in hoc anno.


Maurice Mael Fitz-Gerald
18] mortuus est in hoc anno.


Domhnall O'hAinlighe,
19] dux of Cenel-Doffa, quievit viii. kalendas Aprilis.

Annal LC1287


20] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the tenth
21] of the moon; anno Domini; xix. anno
22] cycli solaris; xv. anno cycli lunaris et Indictionis..


23] Midhech, son of Diarmaid, son of Muirghes, son
24] of Cathal Mac Diarmada, king of Muinter-Maelruanaidh,
25] i.e. the oldest and noblest man of his kindred, died in
26] hoc anno.


Florence O'Gibellan, archdeacon of Oilfinn, a
27] philosopher in wisdom, learning, intellect, and clerkship,
28] quievit in Christo.


Gilla-na-nech O'Mannachain, king
29] of the Three-Tuatha, mortuus est vii. idus Septembris.


30] Maelsechlainn, son of Tomaltach Mac Oirechtaigh,
31] was killed by Toirdhelbhach, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair,
32] in revenge for the abandonment of his father


1] by Tomaltach to the sons of Toirdhelbhach.


2] Sinnach quievit.

Annal LC1288


3] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the twenty-first
4] of the moon; anno Domini; xx. anno
5] cycli solaris; xvi. anno cycli lunaris.


Cathal, son of
6] Tadhg, son of Cathal Mac Diarmada, assumed the sovereignty
7] of Magh-Luirg in hoc anno.


Maghnus O'Conchobhair,
8] accompanied by those of the Connachtmen,
9] Uí-Briuin, and Conmaicne, whom he got to join him,
10] came to take the sovereignty of Connacht for himself
11] and to depose his brother, i.e. Cathal, son of Conchobhar
12] Ruadh; and they proceeded to Ath-Slision, where Cathal
13] was with his army; and they gave battle to one another on
14] both sides, when Cathal was taken prisoner, and his
15] people were routed; and he himself was deposed; and the
16] greater part of Connacht was plundered on this occasion.
17] And Maghnus then forcibly assumed the sovereignty
18] himself, in the face of his elder brother, who had been
19] seven years and a-half in the sovereignty, as the author
20] said:—

    1. 21] The son of the royal Conchobhar Ruadh
      22] Was king of Connacht, north and south;
      23] Half a year and seven lasted
      24] The sovereignty of Cathal in Cruachan.


25] Donnchadh Riabhach, son of Maghnus, son of Muirchertach
26] Muimhnech, quievit.


A house was captured in the
27] Ros-mór, in this same winter, against Maghnus O'Conchobhair,
28] by Toirdhelbhach, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair,
29] and by Maelsechlainn O'Flannagain along with
30] him; and by the advice of Fiachra O'Floinn this attack


1] was made. However, Maghnus himself was wounded
2] there, and Raghnall Mac Raghnaill, chieftain of Muinter-Eolais,
3] was killed by the discharge of an arrow; and
4] Niall Gealbhuidhe O'Conchobhair was wounded there.
5] Many other persons also were slain there, and several
6] horses and spoils were taken from them. A hosting by
7] Maghnus O'Conchobhair, after having been cured of these
8] wounds, to Síl-Muiredhaigh, all whose hostages he took.


9] A hosting to Connacht by the Red Earl, i.e.
10] Richard, son of Walter, son of Richard, son of William
11] the Conqueror of the Occupation; and he went to Ros-Comá,in,
12] to attack Maghnus, son of Conchobhar Ruadh,
13] at that time king of Connacht, and to attack Fitz-Gerald
14] and the king's people. And they all assembled before
15] him, and challenged the Earl to pass beyond that place,
16] so that the resolution which the Earl then adopted was,
17] to go out of the territory, and subsequently disperse
18] his army.


Stephen, archbishop of Tuaim-dá-ghualann,
19] and Justiciary of Erinn, quievit. William Mac Feorais
20] was afterwards elected to the archbishopric of Tuaim.

Annal LC1289


21] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the second
22] of the moon; anno Domini; xxi. anno cycli
23] solaris; xvii. anno cycli lunaris; secundus annus Indictionis.


24] Tadhg O'Flannagain, chieftain of Clann-Cathail,
25] quievit.


Matthew O'Sgingin, ollamh of Cenel-Conaill,
26] mortuus est.


The bishop of Conmaicne, i.e. the foreign
27] bishop, whose name was Miles, quievit.


Simon O'Finnachta,
28] archdeacon of Elphin, in Christo quievit.


29] hosting by Maghnus O'Conchobhair, and by Richard
30] Tuit, with whom were the Foreigners of Midhe, to
31] O'Maelsechlainn and all the Feara-Midhe; and a great
32] defeat was then inflicted on them, in which Richard


1] Tuit, i.e. the noblest baron at that time in Erinn, was slain,
2] and his brothers along with him; and Siacus, son of the
3] Bishop O'Ceallaigh, was slain there, and several other
4] persons
were also slain there.


Fiachra O'Floinn, dux
5] of Síl-Maelruain, the most clement, truthful, protecting,
6] hospitable, and valorous man of all the chieftains of
7] Connacht, went to contract a marriage alliance with the
8] Foreigners, when the son of Richard Finn, son of William
9] Burk, and Mac Feorais, slew him in treachery.


A great
10] hosting by Mac Maurice and Mac Feorais, against the
11] Calbhach Mór O'Conchobhair and the other Lagenian
12] princes; and a great defeat was inflicted on them, in which
13] Meyler de Exeter and many more Foreigners were slain;
14] and numerous horses were moreover taken from them.

Annal LC1290


15] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the thirteenth
16] of the moon; anno Domini; xxii. anno cycli solaris;
17] xviii. anno cycli lunaris; tertius annus Indictionis.


18] O'Maelsechlainn, king of Midhe, was slain by Mac Cochlainn
19] and the Delbhna, in treachery.


Conghalach Mac
20] Eochagain, dux of the race of Fiacha, son of Niall of the
21] Nine Hostages, mortuus est.


William Mac Feorais assumed
22] the archbishopric of Tuaim.


The Bishop O'Setachain, i.e.
23] bishop of Cill-Mic-Duach, quievit.


A hosting by Domhnall,
24] son of Brian O'Neill, to Cenel-Eoghain, out of
25] which he forcibly expelled Niall O'Neill; and he assumed
26] the sovereignty himself by means of his power.


27] Aedh O'Domhnaill was deposed by his own brother, i.e.
28] Toirdhelbhach O'Domhnaill, who assumed the sovereignty
29] himself through the power of his mother's kindred, i.e. the
30] Clann-Domhnaill, and several other Gall-oglaechs.


Annal LC1291


1] The kalends of January on Monday, and the twenty-fourth
2] of the moon; anno Domini primo. It
3] was the last Decennovenalian year; xx. tertio anno cycli
4] solaris; quartus annus Indictionis.


Toirdhelbhach, son
5] of Eoghan O'Conchobhair, the greatest, handsomest, most
6] hospitable and valorous man, and the best fitted to be a
7] king, was slain by Niall Gelbhuidhe O'Conchobhair.


8] great hosting by the Earl of Ulster to Tir-Eoghain, when
9] he deposed Domhnall, son of Brian O'Neill, and when
10] Niall Culanach O'Neill was made king by him; and just
11] as the Earl left the district, Niall Culanach O'Neill was
12] slain by Domhnall O'Neill. The Earl came again, and
13] the son of Aedh Buidhe, i.e. Niall, was made king by him.


14] Domhnall O'Neill was expelled out of the country through
15] the power of the Earl.


Another hosting by the same Earl
16] to Tir-Conaill, against Toirdhelbhach O'Domhnaill, when
17] he plundered the entire country, both church and territory,
18] so that they neither left a cloth upon an altar, nor a mass-book,
19] nor a mass-chalice, in the churches of Cenel-Conaill:
20] and he carried this spoil into Connacht. And he went
21] subsequently to Oilfinn; and the Connachtmen then gave
22] him deceptive hostages, after which he departed.


23] Conchobhar O'Dubhda, king of Uí-Fiachrach, was drowned in
24] the Sinuinn, whilst coming with the Connachtmen to meet
25] the same Earl.


A war was conjointly raised by Cathal
26] O'Conchobhair, and by Niall Gelbhuidhe O'Conchobhair,
27] and all the Foreigners and Gaeidhel who adhered to them,
28] to depose Maghnus O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht;
29] and they gave battle to each other at Caraidh-Culmhaile;
30] and Cathal was wounded there; and Murchadh, son of
31] Tadhg, son of Andrias O'Conchobhair, was slain there by
32] Niall Gelbhuidhe O'Conchobhair; and other persons were


1] slain
; and several horses were there taken from the people
2] of Maghnus; and he was himself defeated, but escaped
3] safely by means of his bravery. And great depredations
4] were committed in Cairbre by Cathal's people, and by Niall
5] Gelbhuidhe; for Cathal himself was not on this expedition,
6] in consequence of his wound. They plundered all Cairpre,
7] however, from Cnoc-Laighén to Es-dara.


As regards
8] Maghnus O'Conchobhair, moreover, when the Síl-Muiredhaigh,
9] and his own favourites, and the Foreigners of Ros-Comain,
10] had come to his assistance after this defeat, he
11] proceeded on the morrow to meet those depredators, and
12] came up with them at Srath-in-fherain, and about the
13] Aenach; and their preys were taken from them. And
14] Niall himself escaped by force from this defeat; and
15] Thomas Mac Goisdelbh was slain there, and his brother,
16] i.e. David Mac Goisdelbh, was taken prisoner, and was
17] afterwards slain in that captivity. And a great many of
18] the host, both Foreigners and Gaeidhel, were slain. And
19] Niall subsequently came on terms of peace to the district,
20] and all his own land was given to him. Enmity and
21] mutual complaints occurred between Maghnus and Niall, for it was
22] reported to Maghnus that Niall had acted
23] treacherously by him; and Niall afterwards tried to
24] leave the district. Great depredations were committed on
25] Niall by Maghnus, and Niall's pride was very much
26] humbled by these depredations.


Aedh O'Fallamhain,
27] chieftain of Clann-Uadach, died in this year.


28] O'Floinn, chieftain of Síl-Maelruain, mortuus est.


29] O'Domhnaill assumed his own sovereignty again, and
30] Toirdhelbhach O'Domhnaill was expelled.


Lucas Mac
31] Gilla-ruaidh, archdeacon of Oilfinn, quievit.


Edrúth Mac
32] Craith, abbot of Loch-Cé, mortuus est.

Annal LC1292


33] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the fifth of


1] the moon; anno Domini; xxiiii. anno cycli
2] solaris; v. anno Indictionis; primus annus cycli lunaris.


3] A hosting by the Earl against Maghnus O'Conchobhair,
4] when he went to Ros-Comain and he departed without
5] taking pledges or hostages. Maghnus O'Conchobhair followed
6] him to Milic, in violation of Connacht, and went into
7] his house, and obtained all that he desired from the Earl
8] on this occasion.


Another hosting by the same Earl to
9] Luighne, when he plundered the greater part of the district;
10] but, nevertheless, Domhnall O'hEghra went not into his
11] house, and gave him neither pledges nor hostages on this
12] occasion.


Niall Gelbhuidhe O'Conchobhair, son of Muiredhach,
13] son of Aedh Dall,son of Toirdhelbhach Mór (i.e. king
14] of Connacht), was slain by Tadhg, son of Andrias, son of
15] Brian Luighnech O'Conchobhair, and by Tuathal, son of
16] Muirchertach.


Mac Cochlain, i.e. the king of Delbhna, was
17] killed in his own country by Sifin Mac Feorais, at the
18] instigation of the Earl, in hoc anno.


Donnchadh, son
19] of Eoghan O'Conchobhair, died in hoc anno.


20] O'Gairmleghaigh was slain by O'Neill.


Andiles O'Dochartaigh,
21] chieftain of Ard-Midhair, quievit.

Annal LC1293


22] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the sixteenth
23] of the moon; anno Domini; xxv. anno cycli
24] solaris; secundus annus cycli lunaris; vi. annus Indictionis.


25] Maghnus, son of Conchobhar Ruadh, son of Muirchertach
26] Muimhnech, son of Toirdhelbhach Mór, i.e. king of Connacht
27] during five years and a half, as the poet explains:—

    1. 28] O'Conchobhair of the fair skin,
      29] The grandson of Muirchertach Muimhnech:
      30] Five years and a half, to be mentioned,
      31] Was Maghnus of the cavalry hosts a king—

32] died in hoc anno, after being ill during a quarter; viz. the


1] most formidable and victorious man in battles and
2] conflicts; the most puissant and bountiful king in Erinn.
3] Aedh, son of Eoghain O'Conchobhair, was afterwards
4] made king by the Justiciary and the king of the Saxons'
5] people; but on the tenth day after his election he was
6] taken prisoner by Fitz-Gerald, in treachery, and fifty of
7] his people were slain; and great depredations were committed
8] on him after that. Cathal Ruadh O'Conchobhair
9] subsequently assumed the sovereignty of Connacht, but
10] was slain before the end of a quarter by Ruaidhri, son
11] of Donnchadh Riabhach O'Conchobhair, in treachery;
12] and Aedh, son of Eoghan, was released, and assumed
13] the sovereignty of Connacht through the power of the
14] Justiciary.


Murchadh O'Maelsechlainn, king of Midhe,
15] died in this year.


Ferghal O'Raighilligh, chieftain of
16] Muinter-Maelmórdha during the space of twelve years,
17] was killed in the middle of his own residence by the
18] Tellach-Dunchadha, in hoc anno.


It was revealed to
19] Nicholas Mac Maelisa, comarb of Patrick, that the relics
20] of Patrick, and Colum-Cille, and Brighid were in Sabhall-Patraic;
21] and they were disinterred by him; and great
22] virtues and miracles were performed by them after they
23] had been disinterred by him; and he subsequently made
24] an honourably covered shrine for them.


Mor, daughter of
25] Felim O'Conchobhair, mortua est.


Florence O'Cerbhalláin,
26] bishop of Cenel-Eoghain,quievit in Christo.


27] O'Flannagain, dux of the descendants of Cathal
28] son of Muiredhach, mortuus est.


Two chieftains of
29] Tellach-Dunchadha died in hoc anno.


Tuathal, son of
30] Muirchertach O'Conchobhair, occisus est.


Cathal Mac Diarmada,
31] king of Muinter-Maelruanaidh, was treacherously


1] taken prisoner by Aedh, son of Eoghan O'Conchobair,
2] at the instigation of Conchobhar, son of Taichlech,
3] and of Maelsechlainn O'Flannagain, and the Síl-Muiredhaigh
4] likewise. And they plundered all Magh-Luirg,
5] both church and territory; and the destruction of
6] all Connacht proceeded from these injuries. Cathal Mac
7] Diarmada, king of Magh-Luirg, escaped by force from his
8] bonds, and committed a great depredation afterwards on
9] the sons of Cathal O'Flannagain.

Annal LC1294


10] The kalends of January on Friday, which was the
11] twenty-seventh of the moon; anno Domini
12] quarto; xxvi. anno cycli solaris; iii. annus cycli lunaris;
13] vii. anno Indictionis.


Muirchertach, son of Maghnus
14] O'Conchobhair, the best qualified of the Connachtmen to
15] be a king, was killed by Tadhg, son of Andrias O'Conchobhair,
16] and by Domhnall, the son of Tadhg; and a few
17] of his people were slain there along with him.


18] son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair, committed depredations
19] on the Clann-Muirchertaigh.


Domhnall O'hEghra, king
20] of Luighne, died in hoc anno.


Maelsechlainn O'Flannagain,
21] chieftain of Clann-Cathail, was slain by Cathal,
22] son of Tadhg Mac Diarmada, on the street of Sligech, in
23] this year.


Donnchadh Mac Consnamha, chieftain of
24] Muinter-Cinaith, mortuus est.


Carrach-in-chairn Mac
25] Tighernáin, chieftain of Tellach-Dunchadha, mortuus est.


26] Cathal, son of Tadhg Mac Diarmada, king of Magh-Luirg,
27] the best man for bounty and prowess, mortuus est.


28] Derbhail, daughter of Tadhg, son of Cathal Mac Diarmada,
29] mortua est.


The castle of Sligech was thrown down by
30] Aedh O'Conchobhair.


Maelruanaidh, son of Gilla-Christ,
31] assumed the sovereignty of Magh-Luirg.


The Earl was
32] taken prisoner by Fitz-Gerald, in consequence of which
33] all Erinn was thrown into a state of disturbance. A
34] great, treacherous depredation was committed by Fitz-Gerald


1] and Mac Feorais on the Connachtmen. They
2] attempted to depose Aedh, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair,
3] and the entire country was destroyed by them;
4] but they obtained no greater sway than this on the
5] occasion.


Diarmaid, son of the Liathanach O'Conchobhair,
6] occisus est, et sepultus est in Trinity Island on
7] Loch-Cé.


David Mac Gilla-Erraith was slain by the sons
8] of Domhnall Dubh O'hEghra.

Annal LC1295


9] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the eighth of
10] the moon; anno Domini; xxvii. anno
11] cycli solaris; quartus annus cycli lunaris; viii. anno Indictionis.


12] The same Earl was set at liberty by Fitz-Gerald,
13] through the power of the king of the Saxons,
14] good hostages of his own family having been obtained from
15] him by Fitz-Gerald.


Brian, son of Aedh Buidhe, son of
16] Domhnall Og, son of Aedh Meth, king of Cenel-Eoghain,
17] was slain by Domhnall, the son of Brian O'Neill; and a
18] great slaughter of the Foreigners and Gaeidhel along with
19] him.


Domhnall O'Cellaigh, king of Uí-Maine, died in the
20] habit of a gray monk, in the monastery of Cnoc-Muaidhe, in
21] hoc anno.


Conn Mac Branan, chieftain of Corc-Achlann,
22] was slain by the sons of O'Cellaigh, whilst seeking for his
23] horses after they had been stolen. Tomaltach Mac Branan
24] afterwards assumed the chieftainship in his place, and was
25] slain by the sons of Cu-alladh, in revenge of their father
26] who had been previously killed by Tomaltach.


27] castle of Magh-dumha, and the castle of Baile-núadh, and


1] the castle of Magh-Brecraidhe, were razed by Jeffrey
2] O'Ferghail in hoc anno.


A great war between the king
3] of France and the king of the Saxons.


A great war
4] in Tir-Conaill in hoc anno.


The hostages of Brian Mac
5] Shamhradhain, and of Gilla-Isa Mac Dorchaidh, were
6] taken by Gilla-Isa O'Raighilligh in hoc anno.

Annal LC1296


7] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the nineteenth
8] of the moon; anno Domini; xxviii. anno cycli
9] solaris; quinto anno cycli lunaris; ix. anno Indictionis.


10] Aedh, son of Eoghan O'Conchobhair, was deposed by his
11] own sept, and the Clann-Muirchertaigh were brought
12] into the district in his place, and the sovereignty of the
13] district, and its hostages, were given to Conchobhar
14] Ruadh, son of Cathal Ruadh O'Conchobhair; and the
15] entire district was destroyed, both church and territory,
16] through this deposition having been effected by them.
17] The territory of Cairpre was all burned and destroyed
18] by Clann-Muirchertaigh; and they attacked the churches
19] of the district; but God, and Colum-Cille, and Mary,
20] whose churches were then profaned, avenged these deeds
21] on them afterwards.


As regards Aedh O'Conchobhair,
22] however, he assembled a great army of Foreigners and
23] Gaeidhel, including William Burk and Theobald Burk,
24] who proceeded to the monastery of the Buill, in which
25] they remained four nights; and they destroyed much
26] corn and property throughout the entire district. And
27] the chieftains of the district went then into his house;
28] and they took them with them to the Earl's house, to
29] make peace with Aedh O'Conchobhair. And though
30] they promised, they did not observe this peace; for on
31] going home they again sided with the Clann-Muirchertaigh.
32] As to Aedh O'Conchobhair, he went after this
33] into the Tuatha, and brought with him O'Ferghail
34] and Mac Raghnaill, together with the forces of
35] the Conmaicne; and he dispatched messengers to Mac
36] Diarmada and O'Flannagain, who returned into the


1] district after these messages had reached them. And
2] Conchobhar Ruadh followed them when he found them
3] abandoning himself, and subsequently took a prey from
4] them. They turned back in pursuit of their prey,
5] which they overtook at the head of Céite-Tire-Tuathail,
6] where Conchobhar Ruadh was slain, and Lochlainn,
7] son of Conchobhar,was taken prisoner; and Maghnus,
8] son of Tomaltach, was also taken prisoner there, and a
9] few of their men were slain there besides. Aedh O'Conchobhair
10] and Mac Diarmada, and the other tribes,
11] committed a great retaliatory depredation on the Clann-Muirchertaigh
12] on the same day. Lochlainn, son of
13] Conchobhar, was blinded by them; and he died from
14] the effects thereof.


Gilla-Isa Mac-an-Liathanaigh,
15] bishop of Oilfinn, in Christo quievit in Ros-Comain,
16] twenty nights before May-day, and was interred in
17] the monastery of the Buill.


Derbhorgaill, daughter
18] of O'Floinn of Es, mortua est, et sepulta est in monasterio
19] canonicorum Fontis Patricii.


A great hosting
20] by the king of the Saxons, accompanied by the
21] chiefs of the Foreigners of Erinn, viz.:—Richard Burk,
22] Earl of Ulster, and Fitz-Gerald, and John Fitz-Thomas;
23] and they all went to Alba, and obtained great sway in
24] it on that occasion. However, they destroyed numerous
25] territories and termons, oirechts and churches, in
26] it; and, in particular, razed a monastery of Friars
27] Preachers, so that they left not one stone of it on
28] another; and they also killed many ecclesiastics and
29] women there.


Annal LC1297


1] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the thirtieth
2] of the moon; anno Domini M.xx.xc. septimo; primus
3] annus solaris cycli; vi. anno cycli lunaris; x. anno
4] Indictionis.


Conchobhar, son of Taichlech, son of Diarmaid,
5] son of Conchobhar, son of Diarmaid, son of Tadhg,
6] i.e. the king of Magh-Luirg and Airtech, the eldest of his
7] brothers, and lord of Slicht-Maelruanaidh, the best man
8] of his own time for covenant and guarantee, valour and
9] prowess, battle and conflict, attack and restraint, protection
10] and good asylum, veracity and government, died in
11] this year, after triumphing over the world and the
12] devil, and was interred in the monastery of the Buill,
13] in the grave of his ancestors and elders.


Henry Mac
14] Oirechtaigh, bishop of Condere, and a gray monk of the
15] order of the Desert, quievit.


Maghnus O'hAinlighe,
16] chieftain of Cenel-Doffa, was slain by his kinsman's son,
17] i.e. the son of his father's brother, and by Muinter-Eolais
18] per dolum, at Enach-dubh.


William O'Dubhthaigh,
19] bishop of Cluain, was killed by a concussion, after falling
20] off his horse.


A great expedition was led into France
21] by Edward, i.e. the king of the Saxons, with cheerfulness
22] and great spirits; but he came out of it, nevertheless,
23] without obtaining sway or power on that occasion.


24] Maelsechlainn Mac Briain, i.e. the abbot of the Buill,
25] assumed the bishopric of Oilfinn; and Marian O'Donnabhair
26] was elected previously, and went to Rome to contest
27] the bishopric, and died on that journey.


28] O'hAnluain, and his brother, and Aenghus Mac Mathghamhna,
29] and a great many more of the nobles of their
30] people along with them, were killed by the Foreigners
31] of Dun-Delgan whilst they were returning from the
32] Earl in the same year.

Annal LC1298


33] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the


1] eleventh of the moon; anno Domini octavo;
2] secundo anno cycli solaris; septimo anno cycli lunaris;
3] xi. anno Indictionis.


Thomas Fitz-Maurice, a great, noble
4] baron of the Clann-Gerailt, who was called the Crooked
5] Heir, mortuus est in hoc anno.


Thomas O'hOirechtaigh,
6] abbot of Es-Ruaidh, quievit in Christo.


Sadhbh, daughter
7] of Aedh Buidhe O'Neill, wife of Tadhg, son of Andrias
8] O'Conchobhair, died in the beginning of spring in hoc
9] anno.


Brian Bregach Mac Shamhradhain, chieftain of
10] Tellach-Echach, the most bountiful and puissant man
11] that was in his own time, was slain by Aedh Breifnech
12] O'Conchobhair and the Clann-Muirchertaigh, in his own
13] house at Cuil-O'Guaire, on the third day of summer.


14] Donnchadh, son of Domhnall O'hEghra, one fit to be
15] king of Luighne, and the most bountiful and renowned
16] prince in his own country, was slain in treachery by
17] his own brother, i.e. Brian Carrach O'hEghra.


18] Ruadh Mac Carthaigh, king of Des-Mumha, quievit.


19] Ferghal O'Ferghail, bishop of Tir-Conaill, quievit in
20] Christo.


The bishopric of Cluain was assumed by the
21] abbot of Cill-Bécain, i.e. William O'Finnén, in this
22] year.

Annal LC1299


23] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the twenty-second
24] of the moon; anno Domini; tertio anno
25] cycli solaris; viii. anno cycli lunaris; xii. annus Indictionis.


26] Alexander Mac Domhnaill, the best man for hospitality
27] and nobility both in Erinn and Alba, was slain
28] by Alexander Mac Dubhghaill, together with a countless
29] slaughter of his people along with him.


Maurice O'hOgain,
30] bishop of Cill-Dalua, quievit.


John Alamara, the
31] most active, powerful, and bountiful knight in Midhe,
32] was slain by Jeffrey O'Ferghail, in pursuit of a prey.




1] great battle was given by the king of the Tartars and
2] the king of Armenia, together with all whom they got
3] to join them, to Soldan, i.e. the king of Babylon, and to
4] the other Saracens, in the middle month of harvest, i.e.,
5] about the great festival of Mary exactly; and the battle
6] was gained over the Saracens, and a great slaughter was
7] inflicted on them; and the Holy Land was occupied by
8] the said kings.

Annal LC1300


9] The kalends of January on Friday, and the third of
10] the moon, A.D. m.ccc; quarto anno cycli solaris; ix. anno
11] cycli lunaris; xiii. anno Indictionis.


Tibbot Butler, a
12] great, noble baron, mortuus est.


John Prendergast was
13] slain by the son of Fiachra O'Floinn in hoc anno.


14] castle of Ath-cliath-in-Chorainn was commenced by the
15] Red Earl in this year.


Seoinin Og Mac Maurice was
16] slain, and many other persons along with him, by Conchobhar,
17] son of Fiachra O'Floinn.


Fedhlimidh Mac
18] Carthaigh, who was qualified to be king of Des-Mumha,
19] mortuus est.


Conghalach O'Lochlainn, bishop of Corcumruaidh,
20] in Christo quievit.


Eochaidh, son of Domhnall
21] O'hAirt, chieftain of Clann-Cellaigh, was slain by
22] Foreigners in hoc anno.


A general invitation came from
23] Rome in the time of Pope Boniface VIII., throughout all
24] Christendom; and in each hundredth year this invitation
25] was wont to be issued, and it was usually called a 'year
26] of grace'; and a countless multitude from all the countries
27] in Christendom were wont to go in pilgrimage to Rome at
28] this invitation; and they would obtain forgiveness of all
29] sins there through this grace.


Adam Staunton, lord of
30] Cera, mortuus est.


William Mac Flannchadha, chieftain of
31] Dartraighe, was slain by Ualgharg O'Ruairc in hoc anno.


Annal LC1301


1] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the fourteenth
2] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc. primo; quinto anno
3] cycli solaris; x. anno cycli lunaris; xiiii. anno Indictionis.


4] Finnghuala, daughter of Fedhlim O'Conchobhair,
5] i.e. the abbess of Cill-Craebhnat, in Christo quievit.


6] Cormac, son of Cormac O'Maelsechlainn, was slain by
7] the son of Art O'Maelsechlainn, i.e. the son of his own
8] father's brother.


Gilla-Isa Mac Firbisigh ollamh of Uí-Fiachrach-Muaidhe,
9] a most eminent professor of history,
10] story-telling, poetry and computation, and of many
11] other sciences, died in hoc anno.


A great depredation
12] was committed by Aedh, the son of Cathal O'Conchobhair,
13] and by the Clann-Muirchertaigh also, on Tadhg, son
14] of Andrias, in Magh-Ceidne.


Matthew Mac Craith,
15] great priest of Ard-Carna, a most charitable and humane
16] man, quievit in Christo.


Cathal O'Maelduin, of the Uí-Fiachrach-Muaidhe,
17] i.e., the chief steward of the king of
18] Connacht, died in hoc anno.


Muirchertach Mac Conshnamha,
19] one fit to be chieftain of Muinter-Cinaith,
20] was killed by the Clann-Muirchertaigh in hoc anno.


21] hosting to Alba by the king of the Saxons, accompanied
22] by Fitz-Gerald, and Mac Feorais, and the chiefs of the
23] Foreigners of Connacht, excepting the Earl of Ulster,
24] which lasted from a fortnight before Lammas until All-hallowtide;
25] but they obtained not complete sway in it.

Annal LC1302


26] The kalends of January on Monday, and the twenty-fifth
27] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc. secundo; sexto
28] anno cycli solaris; xi. anno cycli lunaris; xv. anno
29] Indictionis.


Domhnall Ruadh Mac Carthaigh, king of
30] Des-Mumha, i.e. the oldest and noblest, the most bountiful
31] and valiant, and the most formidable and triumphant
32] Gaeidhel, in battles and conflicts, of all the Gaeidhel
33] of Erinn, died after the victory of penitence in this
34] year.


Miles, bishop of Luimnech, who was the grandson


1] of the Earl of Laighen, in Christo quievit.


The bishop of
2] Corcach, i.e. Mac Donnchadha, (and he was a gray monk),
3] quievit in Christo.


Ruaidhri, son of Domhnall O'hEghra,
4] one fit to be king of Luighne, died in hoc anno.


5] depredations were committed by Aedh, son of Cathal
6] O'Conchobhair, on Tadhg, son of Andrias O'Conchobhair,
7] and on Sitrec, son of the Cairnech Mac Flannchaidh, in
8] Magh-Ceidne, in the same year.


A great destruction of
9] cows, and mortality amongst all cattle, in this year.


10] Master Stephen O'Bragan, archbishop of Caisel, quievit.


11] Donn Mac Uidhir, king of Feara-Manach, the most eminent
12] man in all Erinn for charity, and humanity, and
13] prowess, quievit.


William O'Finnén, abbot of Cill-Bécan,
14] and afterwards bishop of Cluain-mic-Nois, in Christo
15] quievit..


Cathal, son of Domhnall Mac Raghnaill, heir
16] to the chieftaincy of Muinter-Eolais, was slain by Ferghal
17] Mac Raghnaill, i.e. the son of his own father's
18] brother.

Annal LC1303


19] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the sixth of
20] the moon; anno Domini M.ccc. tertio; septimo anno cycli
21] solaris; xii. anno cycli lunaris; primus annus Indictionis.


22] Nicholas Mac Maelisa, archbishop of Ard-Macha, the most
23] godly and generous cleric that was in Erinn in his own
24] time, in Christo quievit.


Maelsechlainn Mac Briain, bishop
25] of Oilfinn, died in hoc anno.


Donnchadh O'Flannagain,
26] abbot of the Buill, assumed the bishopric of Oilfinn afterwards.


27] Diarmaid O'Flannagain, chieftain of Tuath-Ratha,
28] and his two sons, and many superior men of his
29] own people along with them, were slain by the people of
30] Domhnall, son of Andrias O'Conchobhair, after they had


1] gone to commit a depredation in Cairpre.


2] son of Domhnall Og O'Domhnaill, who was usually called
3] 'Toirdhelbhach of Cnoc-in-mhadhma', i.e. the king of
4] Tir-Conaill during twelve years, both in it and out of it—
5] a warlike, active man, and the Cuchullainn of theClann-Dalaigh
6] in valour—was slain by Aedh, the son of
7] Domhnall Og, i.e. his own brother, after a long war, and
8] after much destruction had been committed on all sides
9] throughout the country, and a prodigious slaughter along
10] with him of the Cenel-Eoghain, and the chiefs of the
11] Foreigners of the North, and of the Cenel-Conaill themselves
12] likewise, and Muirchertach Mac Fhlannchaidh,
13] chieftain of Dartraighe. Donn O'Cathain, king of Feara-Craibhe
14] and Cianachta, was slain there, and Donnchadh
15] Mac Menmain and Aedh Mac Menmain—the two grandsons
16] of the Fer leighinn O'Domhnaill; and Niall, son of
17] Niall O'Baighill, the good material of a chieftain of the
18] Three-Tuatha; Mac Ughossa and his son, and his brother,
19] and Adam Sandal, and numerous Foreigners and Gaeidhel
20] besides. And Aedh O'Domhnaill resumed his own
21] sovereignty after this great triumph, so that after a while
22] his government was like a sea growing calm, a tide ebbing,
23] and a high wind subsiding.


A great hosting by the
24] King of the Saxons to Alba, when they took several
25] cities; and the Red Earl, i.e. Richard Burk, and a great
26] many Foreigners and Gaeidhel, went from Erinn with a
27] large fleet, and obtained sway in Alba on this occasion.


28] Tibbot Burk, i.e. the Earl's brother, died at Carraig-Fergusa
29] on Christmas night, after returning from this


1] hosting.


Domhnall Og Mac Carthaigh, King of Des-Mumha,
2] mortuus est.


Maghnus Mac Shamhradhain, dux
3] of Tellach-Echach, occisus est.


Niall Mac Gillafhinnen
4] mortuus est.


Maurice, son of William Galldha Mac
5] Eochagain, quievit on the fourth of the nones of June

Annal LC1304


6] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the seventeenth
7] of the moon; anno Domini M.ccc. quarto; octavus
8] annus cycli solaris; xiii. annus cycli lunaris; secundo
9] Indictionis.


Matthew, son of Gilla-Isa O'Raighilligh,
10] king of Breifne, was slain by the Tellach-Dunchadha on
11] Achadh-na-corra, and his gallowglasses were slain there
12] along with him. Mac Shamhradhain and Mac Dorchaidh
13] were wounded there, moreover, along with them.


14] Countess, i.e. the wife of Richard Burk, i.e. the Earl of
15] Ulster, mortua est.


Walter Burk, the same Earl's heir,
16] died in this year.


Conchobhar, son of Aedh O'Conchobhair,
17] was killed by Toirbert O'Flaithbhertaigh, after he
18] had committed wrong and treachery against Donnchadh
19] O'Flaithbhertaigh; and this Toirbert fell on the very
20] same spot.


William Og, son of William Galldha Mac
21] Eochagain, quievit the day before the ides of October in
22] hoc anno.