Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Loch Cé (Author: [unknown])

Annal LC1265


29] The kalends of January on Thursday, the eighth of the
30] moon; xxv. anno cycli solaris; xii. anno cycli lunaris;
31] viii. anno Indictionis; quinto.


Thomas, son of


1] Ferghal Mac Diarmada, bishop of Oilfinn, quievit in
2] Christo.


Thomas O'Maicin, bishop of Luighne, quievit.


3] The castle of Sligech was demolished by Aedh O'Conchobhair;
4] and the castle of Benn-fhada and the castle of
5] Rath-aird-craibhe were burned and demolished by him
6] also.


The monastery of Tobar-Patraic was burned in
7] this year.


Tadhg Mac Fhinnbhair was killed by Conchobhar
8] Mac Raghnaill, and by the son of Domhnall
9] O'Ferghail, in hoc anno.


Fedhlim, son of Cathal Crobhderg
10] O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht—the protector and
11] supporter of his own province, and the protector of his
12] friends on every side; the plunderer and extirpator of
13] his enemies wherever they might be; a man full of
14] bounty and prowess; a man full of distinction and honor
15] in Erinn and Saxon-land—died after the triumph of
16] unction and penitence, and was interred in the monastery
17] of the Friars Preachers in Ros-Comain, which he had
18] previously granted to God and the Order. Aedh O'Conchobhair,
19] i.e. his own son, assumed the sovereignty of
20] Connacht after his father, and executed his royal depredation
21] on the Uí-Failghe, where he committed many
22] burnings and killings; and, on his return to Ath-Luain,
23] he blinded Cathal, son of Tadhg O'Conchobhair, who
24] died after having been blinded.


Muirchertach, son of
25] Cathal, son of Diarmaid, son of Tadhg O'Maelruanaidh,
26] king of Magh-Luirg, died in this year. Gilla-na-naemh
27] O'Cuinn, chieftain of Muinter-Gillgan, mortuus est.


28] Mac Raghnaill, chieftain of Muinter-Eolais, mortuus est.


29] Muiredhach O'Cerbhaill, chieftain of Calraidhe, mortuus
30] est.


Maelbrighde O'Grugan, airchinnech of Oilfinn, mortuus
31] est.


Maurice, son of Niall O'Conchobhair, was
32] elected to the bishopric of Oilfinn in hoc anno.


33] conference was held by Tomaltach O'Conchobhair, archbishop
34] of Connacht, with David Prendergast and the
35] Mac Murchadhas; and a great number of the archbishop's
36] people were slain by them on that day at


1] Cill-medhoin.


Derbhorgaill, daughter of O'Dubhda, i.e.
2] the mother of Tomaltach O'Conchobhair, archbishop of
3] Connacht, died after the victory of penitence.


A great
4] war between the king of the Saxons and Simon Mufford.


5] Murchadh Mac Suibhne was apprehended by Domhnall,
6] son of Maghnus, and surrendered into the hands of the
7] Earl; and he died in the prison.

Annal LC1266


8] The kalends of January on Friday, and the nineteenth
9] of the moon; anno Domini; xxvi. anno cycli
10] solaris; xiii. anno cycli lunaris; ix. anno cycli Indictionis..


11] Mathghamhain, son of Ceithernach O'Cerin, king of Ciarraighe,
12] was slain by the Foreigners of D&úacute;n-mór in hoc
13] anno.


Mathghamhain O'Cuilén, king of the Claen-ghlais,
14] was killed by his own wife, with one thrust of a knife,
15] through jealousy, this year.


The castle of Tech-Dachoinne
16] was broken down and laid waste in this year; and all
17] Conmaicne was laid waste.


Domhnall, O'hEghra, king of
18] Luighne, occisus est whilst burning Ard-na-riadh against
19] the Foreigners, in hoc anno.


Toirdhelbhach, son of Aedh,
20] son of Cathal Crobhderg, died in the monastery of Cnoc-Muaidhe
21] in this year.


Diarmaid Ruadh, son of Conchobhar,
22] son of Cormac Mac Diarmada, and Donncatha,
23] son of Donn Og Mac Oireghtaigh, were blinded by Aedh
24] O'Conchobhair.


Sadhbh, daughter of Cathal Crobhderg,
25] mortua est.


Maelisa O'hAnainn, prior of Ros-Comáin
26] and Ath-Liag, quievit in Christo.


The borough of
27] Bel-an-táchair was burned by Flann Ruadh O'Floinn;
28] and many of the Foreigners of the town were slain by
29] him. Several castles and corn-fields were also burned


1] and destroyed by him in Tir-Fhiachrach.


2] O'Maelchonaire, archdeacon of Tuaim, quievit in Christo.


3] Aedh O'Conchobhair, king of Connacht, went into the
4] Breifne to depose Art, son of Cathal Riabhach O'Ruairc;
5] and he gave the sovereignty to Conchobhar Buidhe, son
6] of Amhlaibh, son of Art O'Ruairc, and took the hostages
7] of all the chieftains of the Breifne.


The bishopric of
8] Luighne was assumed by Thomas O'Miadhachán, and
9] the degrees of these two bishops were conferred on the
10] same day.


Hugo Mac Goisdelbh mortuus est.


11] O'Muiredhaigh was killed in hoc anno.


An army was
12] led by William Burk against O'Maelsechlainn; and a
13] great number of them, were drowned in Ath-crochdha,
14] and the rest turned back without obtaining sway or hostages
15] on this occasion.


A bishop-elect came from Rome
16] to Cluain-ferta-Brenainn, and his episcopal degree was
17] conferred on him at Ath-na-righ the Sunday before
18] Christmas.


A great slaughter was committed by a party
19] of O'Conchobhair's people, viz:—by Lochlainn, son of
20] Diarmaid, son of Muirchertach, and by Mac Ceithernaigh
21] and the son of Domhnall Dubh O'hEghra, on the
22] Britons and Lagenians of the West of Connacht, thirty-one
23] of whose heads were presented to O'Conchobhair by
24] them.


Cormac, son of Gilla-Christ Mac Diarmada, was
25] wounded, and died of the wound.


The degree of bishop
26] was conferred in Ard-Macha on a Friar Preacher, i.e.
27] O'Scoba, appointed bishop of Rath-Both of Tir-Conaill.


28] Maeleoin Bodhar O'Maelchonaire mortuus est.

Annal LC1267


29] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the thirtieth
30] of the moon; anno Domini; xxvii. anno cycli


1] solaris; x. quarto anno cycli lunaris; x. anno cycli Indictionis.


2] Maelsechlainn, son of Conchobhar, son of Aedh,
3] and his father Conchobhar himself, and his brother Aedh,
4] died in one quarter.


Murchadh Mac Suibhne was apprehended
5] by Domhnall, son of Maghnus O'Conchobhair, in
6] Umhall, and was surrendered to Walter Burk, i.e. Earl of
7] Ulster; and he died in the Earl's prison afterwards.


8] son of Toirdhelbhach, son of Ruaidhri O'Conchobhair, died
9] in the monastery of Cnoc-Muaidhe in this year.


10] was all burned, with its houses and churches.


11] great depredation was committed by the Foreigners of the
12] West of Connacht on the inhabitants of Cairpre-Droma-cliabh;
13] and they plundered Es-dara.


Another great
14] depredation was committed by Mac William Burk on
15] O'Conchobhair, when he plundered Tir-Maine and Clann-Uadach.


16] The bishop of Cluain-ferta, i.e. a Roman, went
17] across to the Pope.


Donnchadh, son of Ruaidhri, son of
18] Aedh O'Conchobhair, was killed by Foreigners in hoc
19] anno.


A great illness seized Aedh O'Conchobhair, so
20] that the report thereof spread throughout all Erinn; but he
21] recovered safely from it.


Alice, daughter of Mac Carghamhna,
22] mortua est.


A great war in Saxon-land between
23] the king of the Saxons and Simon Suforn.

Annal LC1268


24] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the eleventh
25] of the moon; anno Domini; xxviii. anno cycli
26] solaris; xv. anno cycli lunaris; xi. anno Indictionis.


27] O'Briain, king of Tuadh-Mumha, was killed by
28] Diarmaid, son of Muirchertach O'Brian; and his son, i.e.
29] Seonin, and his daughter, and his daughter's son, i.e. the
30] son of Ruaidhri O'Grada, and Dubhlochlainn O'Lochlainn,
31] and Thomas O'Beollain, and many more women and men,
32] who are not enumerated here, were slain along with them;


1] and Diarmaid was himself immediately slain in return, as
2] he deserved. Amhlaibh O'Ferghail was killed by Foreigners,
3] in treachery.


Maghnus Mac Oirechtaigh, dux of
4] Clann-Tomaltaigh, quievit.


Raghnailt, daughter of
5] O'Conchobhair, wife of Cathal O'Madadhain, quievit.


6] Maurice Ruadh Fitz-Gerald was drowned in the sea of
7] Erinn, with a ship's crew, whilst coming to Erinn from the
8] king of the Saxons.


The Roman Emperor Carolus
9] was slain by the Saracens whilst defending Christendom.


10] Aedh, son of Conchobhar O'Flaithbhertaigh, official of
11] Enach-dúin, mortuus est.


Toirdhelbhach Og, son of Aedh,
12] son of Fedhlim, son of Cathal Crobhderg, foster-son of
13] the Uí-Briuin, quievit.


Aedh O'Conchobhair was summoned
14] by the Foreigners of Erinn to a conference at
15] Ath-Luain. O'Conchobhair, moreover, mustered his
16] forces
to meet them there, and inflicted a great defeat on
17] them in Fedha-Atha-Luain, where a great number of
18] them were slain.


Domhnall, son of Tadhg O'Mannachain,
19] was slain, viz.: by Tadhg O'Flannagain and Gilla-Christ
20] O'Birn, on the 7th of the kalends of January; and
21] his people ran away from him.


Ferghal O'Maelmhuaidh,
22] king of Feara-Ceall, was killed by Foreigners.


23] Mac Cochlain was killed by Foreigners.


24] Dubhgall Mac Ruaidhri, king of Innsi-Gall and Airer-Gaeidhel,
25] quievit.


Domhnall O'Grada, dux of Cenel-Dunghaile,
26] mortuus est.


Lochlainn, son of Diarmaid
27] O'Conchobhair, was killed by David Aulb, and by the
28] Uí-Cinaetha; and they were themselves immediately
29] slain in return.


Diarmaid, son of the Aithcleirech
30] O'Briain, died. Mathghamhain O'Briain was taken
31] prisoner, and mutilated, by Briain Ruadh O'Briain, in


1] revenge for his father.


Conchobhar O'Cellaigh, king of
2] Uí-Maine, mortuus est.


Aenghus O'Dalaigh i.e. an
3] eminent professor of poetry, and keeper of a house of
4] hospitality, quievit.

Annal LC1269


5] The kalends of January on Tuesday, and the twenty-second
6] of the moon; anno Domini Mcc.lxix; primus
7] annus cycli solaris; xvi. annus cycli lunaris; xii.
8] annus cycli Indictionis.


Imhar O'Birn, servant and
9] confidential man to Aedh O'Conchobhair, withdrew from
10] the world, from the midst of his children and affluence,
11] after resolving to pass his life in Ros-Comain, in the
12] monastery of the Friars Preachers.


A new Justiciary
13] came to Erinn from the king of the Saxons, i.e. Robert
14] Sufforn, to settle and pacify Erinn. He afterwards proceeded
15] into Connacht, accompanied by the Foreigners
16] of Erinn; and a castle was erected in Ros-Comáin
17] by them. And the reason it was erected was that
18] Aedh O'Conchobhair was at that time in sickness and
19] ill-health.


Tadhg, son of Niall, son of Muiredhach
20] O'Conchobhair, was most unfortunately slain by a soldier
21] of his own brother's people, at Oilfinn in hoc anno; and
22] the soldier was himself immediately killed in retaliation
23] for it.


Brian, son of Domhnall Dubh O'hEghra, was
24] killed in Sligech, by Foreigners, in hoc anno.


25] daughter of Toirdhelbhach, son of Ruaidhri, i.e. the wife
26] of Maelmuire Mac Suibhne, quievit.


Seffraidh, son of
27] Domhnall Clannach Mac Gillapatraic, king of Sliabh-Bladhma,
28] died in hoc anno.


Patricius O'Scannail, comarb
29] of Patrick in Ard-Macha, died; in Christo quievit.


30] Christina, daughter of O'Neachtain, wife of Diarmaid


1] Midhech Mac Diarmada, i.e. the handsomest, best formed,
2] most hospitable, worthy, sensible, and pious woman of
3] her time, and the most bountiful to the Grey Order, died
4] after the victory of unction and penitence.


Aedh O'Finn,
5] the most eminent professor of music and minstrelsy in
6] Erinn, mortuus est.


The castle of Sligech was erected
7] by Mac Maurice Fitz-Gerald in this year.


8] Mac Cairtén was slain by O'hAnluain.


9] O'Ferghail, and his son, Aedh O'Ferghail, were slain by
10] Gilla-na-naemh O'Ferghail and the Foreigners, in hoc
11] anno.

Annal LC1270


12] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the third
13] of the moon; anno Domini; secundus annus
14] cycli solaris; xvii. annus cycli lunaris; xiii. annus
15] Indictionis..


Sligech was burned by O'Domhnaill and
16] the Cenel-Conaill, and the son of Breallach-an-chairn
17] O'Maelbhrenainn was killed on this expedition.


18] great war and dissension arose between O'Conchobhair,
19] i.e. Aedh, the son of Fedhlim, and Walter Burk, i.e.
20] the Earl of Ulster; and neither the Foreigners nor
21] the Gaeidhel could reconcile them. The Earl assembled
22] the Foreigners of Erinn, together with the Justiciary,
23] when they all went on a great hosting into Connacht,
24] and proceeded to Ros-Comain the first night, and from
25] thence to Oilfinn the second night, and from thence to
26] Port-leice; and they rested and encamped that night
27] at Port-leice. And on the morrow they held a council,
28] and the resolution they adopted was; viz., that the
29] Earl and the chiefs of the Foreigners of Erinn should
30] then go eastwards across the Sionainn at Ath-caradh-Conaill.
31] As regards the king of Connacht, however,
32] i.e. Aedh, son of Fedhlim O'Conchobhair, he was


1] in Magh-Nisse, before the Foreigners, with a few of the
2] chiefs of his people; and the Justiciary, accompanied
3] by a small number of the army, remained on the
4] western side of the Sionainn, awaiting the Earl and
5] his people. With regard to the Earl, after he had
6] gone eastwards past Ath-caradh-Conaill a few of O'Conchobhair's
7] people opposed them at Coillte-Conmaicne,
8] where a small number of the army of Foreigners were
9] slain. Nevertheless, the Foreigners desisted not from
10] the career and expedition in which they were engaged
11] until they reached Magh-Nissi, where they rested and
12] encamped that night. As to the Foreigners, moreover,
13] the advice they gave to the Earl was, to make peace
14] with O'Conchobhair on this occasion, and to deliver
15] his brother, i.e. William Og, son of Richard Mór, son of
16] William the Conqueror, into the hands of O'Conchobhair's
17] people whilst he O'Conchobhair should be
18] in the Earl's house arranging the peace. And this was
19] accordingly done. And after William Og had gone into
20] O'Conchobhair's house, O'Conchobhair's people took him
21] prisoner; and John Duilefin and his son were slain
22] on the spot. When the Earl, moreover, heard that
23] treachery had been practised against his brother, he
24] proceeded early on the morrow to Ath-an-chipon the
25] Sionainn. And O'Conchobhair was during these two
26] nights marching round them, as a furious, raging, tearing
27] lion goes about his enemies when killing them, so that
28] he permitted them neither to eat, sleep, nor be at rest.
29] O'Conchobhair moved on the same day. As regards
30] the Foreigners, moreover, after going to the ford on the
31] morrow Toirdhelbhach O'Briain overtook them, and
32] the Earl himself turned on him, and slew him without
33] assistance from any other person. With regard to the


1] Connachtmen, however, they came up with them the
2] Foreigners
at this time, when their rear was dislodged,
3] and their van was routed. In short, their courage was
4] confounded in this place, and nine of their principal
5] knights were slain on the spot, including Richard-na-Coille
6] and John Butler; and it is not known how many
7] more were lost there; and one hundred horses, with
8] their mail coverings, and with their saddles, were left
9] there; and William Og was killed in his captivity immediately
10] after the son of O'Briain had been slain by the
11] Earl. As regards Aedh O'Conchobhair's subsequent
12] proceedings, he demolished the castle of Ath-Anghaile,
13] and the castle of Sliabh-Lugha, and the castle of Cill-Calmáin,
14] and burned Ros-Comáin, and Rinn-dúin, and
15] Uille-Uanach. And a great war arose between Brian
16] Ruadh O'Briain and the Foreigners, and great depredations
17] were committed by him on them, and the
18] castle of Clár-Atha-dha-charadh was taken by him.
19] Depredations were committed by the Earl, and by the
20] Foreigners of Connacht, in Tir-Oililla, on the people of
21] Aedh O'Conchobhair; and David Cuisín was slain on
22] this foray.


Thomas O'Raighilligh was slain by the
23] Foreigners of the Ober.


The son of Murchadh Carrach
24] O'Ferghail was slain by Foreigners.


The comarb of
25] Patrick quievit.


Great famine and scarcity in all Erinn
26] in hoc anno.


Cathal, son of the Liathanach O'Conchobhair,
27] abbot of the Trinity in Loch-Cé, natus est in
28] hoc anno.


Lewis, i.e. the king of France, died this year.


29] Edward, son of the king of the Saxons, went to the Holy


1] Land, to defend it.


In this year it was, moreover, that
2] an end and termination was put to the ollaveship of the
3] Dubh-súilech O'Maelchonaire, and of Dunlang O'Maelchonaire;
4] and Tanaidhe Mór, son of Donnin, son of
5] Nedhe, son of Conang Buidhe O'Maelchonaire, was established
6] in the ollave's chair of the province of Connacht,
7] ut poeta dixit:—

    1. 8] The guiding Tanaidhe,
      9] Son of Donnin, a learned ollamh,
      10] Spent forty happy years
      11] In the middle of Lis-Leirthoile.

Annal LC1271


12] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the fourteenth
13] of the moon; anno Domini primo;
14] tertius annus cycli solaris; xviii. annus cycli lunaris;
15] xiiii. annus Indictionis.


Walter Burk, Earl of Ulster, and
16] lord of the Foreigners of Connacht, died in the castle of
17] the Gaillimh, of a week's illness, after the victory of
18] penitence.


Thomas Mac Maurice died in Baile-Locha-Mesca.


19] Imhar O'Birn, a prime confidant of Aedh O'Conchobhair,
20] king of Connacht, died in this year at Ros-Comain,
21] after the victory of penitence; and he was
22] interred therein on the fourth of the kalends of February.


23] Aedh, son of Comarb-Comain O'Conchobhair, was slain
24] by Thomas Butler at Muine-inghine-Crechain.


25] O'Floinn was killed by the son of Robin Laighleis
26] on the same day, at the upper end of Sruthair.


27] O'Conchobhair was killed by the Foreigners
28] of Dún-mór.


Nicholas, son of John Verdun, lord of
29] Oirghiall, was slain by Jeffrey O'Ferghail, and by the people
30] of the Anghaile besides.


Conchobhar, son of Tighernan
31] O'Conchobhair, was slain by Maelsechlainn, son of Art


1] O'Ruairc, and by the Clann-Fermaighe.


The castle of Tech-Templa,
2] the castle of Sligech, and the castle of Ath-Liag,
3] were broken down by Aedh O'Conchobhair in hoc anno.

Annal LC1272


4] The kalends of January on Friday, and the twenty-fifth
5] of the moon; anno Domini secundo. It
6] was the last Decennovenalian year; quartus annus cycli
7] solaris; xv. annus Indictionis.


Henry Butler, lord of
8] Umhall, and Hoitse Mebhric were slain by Cathal, son of
9] Conchobhar Ruadh, and by the sons of kings of Connacht,
10] in hoc anno.


The castle of Ros-Comáin was broken
11] down by Aedh O'Conchobhair.


Tadhg Dall, son of Aedh,
12] son of Cathal Crobhderg, i.e. the fittest person in his
13] own province to be a king, until he was blinded by Muinter-Raighilligh,
14] died in hoc anno.


James Dodalaigh, i.e.
15] the Justiciary of Erinn, was slain by O'Brain, and by a
16] multitude of Connachtmen.


Muirghes, son of Donnchadh,
17] son of Tomaltach O'Maelruanaigh, the most eminent for
18] hospitality and prowess in Erinn, died in Murbhach.


19] Midhe was burned as far as Granard by Aedh O'Conchobhair.


20] Ath-Luain was burned, and the bridge broken
21] down.


Donnchadh, son of Gilla-na-naemh Mac Shamhradhain,
22] was killed by Thomas Mac Shamhradhain, i.e.
23] his own brother.


Richard Tuit, the noblest baron in
24] Erinn, quievit.


A large fleet by Aedh O'Conchobhair on
25] Loch-Ribh; and he committed great burnings, and many
26] other injuries.

Annal LC1273


27] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the sixth of
28] the moon; anno Domini .tertio; primus annus
29] Decennovenalis cycli; quinto anno cycli solaris; primus
30] annus cycli Indictionis.


Conchobhar Buidhe, son of
31] Amhlaibh, son of Art O'Ruairc, king of Breifne, was
32] killed by the sons of Conchobhar, son of Tighernan


1] O'Conchobhair; and he slew the best of these sons,
2] viz. Tighernan, son of Conchobhar.


Eochaidh Mac
3] Mathghamhna, king of Oirghiall, and many more along
4] with him who are not specified, were killed by O'hAnluain
5] and the Cenel-Eoghain in hoc anno.


A depredation
6] was committed in the Corann by Jordan de Exeter,
7] when a few of the sons of kings of Connacht overtook
8] them; but they adopted an imprudent resolution at the
9] suggestion of their people, so that Domhnall, son of
10] Donnchadh, son of Maghnus, and Maghnus, son of Art,
11] and Oirechtach Mac Aedhagain, and Aedh O'Birn, et alii
12] multi, were slain.


A great hosting by the son of Maurice
13] Fitz-Gerald into Tuadh-Mumha, when he took hostages,
14] and obtained sway over O'Briain.


Cormac, son of Diarmaid,
15] son of Ruaidhri, mortuus est.


Geoffroi Geneville
16] came to Erinn, as Justiciary from the king of the Saxons,
17] in hoc anno.


Domhnall Irruis, son of Maghnus, son of
18] Muirchertach Muimhnech, was expelled by the Foreigners
19] from Umhall, and from Irrus, in hoc anno.


20] O'Flaithbhertaigh was expelled from the west of Connacht,
21] by the Foreigners, in like manner.

Annal LC1274


22] The kalends of January on Monday, the seventeenth
23] of the moon; anno Domini quarto; secundo
24] anno Decennovenalis cycli; vi. anno cycli solaris; secundus
25] annus Indictionis.


Aedh, son of Fedhlim, son of
26] Cathal Crobhderg, king of Connacht during the space of
27] nine years, died on the fifth of the nones of May in this
28] year, on a Thursday as regards the day of the week, id
29] est Inventio Sanctae Crucis: a king who emptied and
30] wasted Connacht against the Foreigners and Gaeidhel who
31] were opposed to him; a king who inflicted frequent great
32] defeats on Foreigners and Gaeidhel, and a king who
33] demolished their courts and castles; a king who took


1] the hostages of the Uí-Briuin and Cenel-Conaill; the
2] most formidable and triumphant king of the kings of
3] Erinn; the destroyer and improver of all Erinn during
4] the period of his own renown, dignity and time, ut
5] poeta dixit:—
    1. 6] Nine years was the valiant Aedh
      7] Defending the tribe of Temhair;
      8] Not weak was the man to be found
      9] Against Foreigners and Gaeidhel.


10] Eoghan, son of Ruaidhri, son of Aedh, son of Cathal
11] Crobhderg, was made king in his place by the Connachtmen;
12] but this sovereignty which was conferred on him
13] was not of long duration, for he was only one quarter
14] in the supremacy of the province of Connacht when his
15] own kinsman, i.e. Ruaidhri, son of Toirdhelbhach, son of
16] Aedh O'Conchobhair, killed him in the Friars' church of
17] Ros-Comain, ut dixit poeta:—

    1. 18] The son of Ruaidhri, who was king for a quarter,
      19] Was not a lasting fibre of a beauteous branch;
      20] The host of Oilech, without slaughter, inflicted
      21] The tragic death which Eoghan received.


22] Aedh, son of Cathal Dall, son of Aedh, son of Cathal
23] Crobhderg, was made king by the Connachtmen, after
24] Eoghan, son of Ruaidhri; but his sovereignty was not
25] of longer duration, for he was only one fortnight in the
26] sovereignty when he was slain by Mac Oirechtaigh, (i.e.
27] Tomaltach), and by O'Birn, ut dixit poeta:—

    1. 28] Aedh, son of Cathal—valiant the sway—
      29] Defended the province of Connacht;
      30] A fortnight was the descendant of Creidhe thus
      31] As a husband to Cruachan.



1] Tadhg, son of Toirdhelbhach, son of Aedh, son of Cathal
2] Crobhderg, was made king after Aedh, son of Cathal, in
3] the same year. No trifling loss was it in one year, indeed,
4] three kings of the kings of Connacht to have fallen in it,
5] viz., Aedh son of Fedhlim, and Eoghan son of Ruaidhri, and
6] Aedh, son of Cathal Dall, ut supra diximus.


7] son of Aedh O'Ruairc, king of Breifne, mortuus est.


8] Domhnall, son of Maghnus, son of Muirchertach Muimhnech
9] O'Conchobhair, the most eminent of all Erinn
10] for hospitality and prowess, mortuus est.


Tadhg, son
11] of Cerbhall Buidhe O'Dalaigh, chief poet of Aedh
12] O'Conchobhair, died in hoc anno.


Gilla-na-naemh, son
13] of Aedh, son of Amhlaibh O'Ferghail, the choicest of
14] all the chieftains of Erinn in his own time, died after
15] the victory of penitence, after having been thirty years
16] in the chieftainship of the descendants of Conmac,
17] son of Fergus, defending the Anghaile against the
18] Foreigners, and against the Gaeidhel besides: and Cathal,
19] son of Gilla-na-naemh, assumed the chieftainship afterwards,
20] and enjoyed it nine years.


Cathal Mac Flannchaidh,
21] chieftain of Dartraighe, mortuus est.


22] son of Amhlaibh, son of Art O'Ruairc, king
23] of Dartraighe and Clann-Fermhaighe, was slain at Cill-Forga
24] by Conchobhar, son of Domhnall, son of Niall
25] O'Ruairc, who was himself made king afterwards.


26] Domhnall Og, son of Amhlaibh, son of Art O'Ruairc,
27] mortuus est.

Annal LC1275


28] The kalends of January on Tuesday, the twenty-eighth
29] of the moon; anno Domini quinto; iii. anno
30] Decennovenalis cycli; iii. anno Indictionis; vii. anno cycli
31] solaris.


Ruaidhri, son of Toirdbelbhach O'Conchobhair,
32] was taken prisoner by his own brother, i.e. by Tadhg, son
33] of Toirdhelbhach; and Tadhg, son of Cathal Mac Diarmada,
34] was completely plundered by him. And the same
35] Ruaidhri escaped from this confinement, viz. Conchobhar
36] O'hAinlighe took him with him; and they were pursued,


1] and Conchobhar O'hAinlighe was then slain.


2] son of Ferghal, son of Donnchadh, son of Muirchertach, was
3] killed by his own brethren.


Art, son of Cathal Riabhach
4] O'Ruairc, king of Breifne, was slain by Mac Finnbhair
5] and Muinter-Geradhain, accompanied by Foreigners, at
6] Granard; and a slaughter of his people was committed.


7] Cairbre O'Scoba, bishop of Rath-Both, in Christo quievit.


8] O'Laidhigh, i.e. bishop of Cill-Alaidh, quievit in Christo.


9] Thomas Mac Shamhradhain was slain by the Cenel-Duachain.


10] The son of Cuconnacht O'Raighilligh was
11] slain by the Clann-Cathail, per dolum.


A great victory
12] was gained over the Foreigners in Uladh, so that two
13] hundred of their heads, and two hundred horses, were
14] counted, cum multis aliis.

Annal LC1276


15] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the ninth
16] of the moon; anno Domini; quarto anno
17] cycli lunaris; quarto anno Indictionis; viii. anno cycli
18] solaris.


Aedh Muimhnech, son of Fedlimh, son of Cathal
19] Crobhderg, came out of Mumha, and went to seek O'Domhnaill's
20] protection; and O'Domhnaill mustered his army;
21] and they both came to Echanach, where O'Domhnaill
22] turned back; and the son of Fedhlim went from thence
23] amongst the Connachtmen, where he remained.


The sons
24] of Toirdhelbhach, however, came afterwards into the district,
25] and committed great burnings; but they obtained
26] no power in the district except this alone.


27] son of Gillamuire O'Morna, king of Uladh, mortuus
28] est.


A depredation was committed by the sons of
29] Toirdhelbhach on the son of Fedhlim and the sons of


1] Mac Diarmada; and Gilla-Christ O'Maelbhrenainn was
2] slain by them on that day.


A depredation was committed
3] by the son ofFedhlim on the Clann-Muirchertaigh;
4] and the Clann-Muirchertaigh killed Gilla-na-naingel
5] O'Conroi, whilst in pursuit of this prey, and several others
6] of the son of Fedhlim's people.


Ruaidhri, son of Toirdhelbhach,
7] committed another great depredation on Muinter-Nechtain;
8] but Muinter-Nechtain defeated him and took
9] the prey from him; and Domhnall, son of Niall, son
10] of Conghalach O'Ruairc—who was usually called Gilla-an-imme
11] —was slain, and many other persons of Ruaidhri's
12] people along with him. Gilla-Christ O'Nechtain and
13] William O'Nechtain were afterwards slain by Ruaidhri,
14] son of Toirdhelbhach.

Annal LC1277


15] The kalends of January on Friday, and the twentieth
16] of the moon; anno Domini; quinto anno cycli
17] lunaris; ix. anno cycli solaris; quinto anno Indictionis.


18] Brian Ruadh O'Briain, king of Mumha, was apprehended,
19] in treachery, by the son of the Earl of Clare, after they
20] had poured their blood into the same vessel, and after
21] they had formed gossipred, and after they had exchanged
22] mutual vows by the relics, bells, and croziers of Mumha;
23] and he was afterwards drawn between steeds by the
24] Earl's son.


Gilla-Christ O'Birn, a favourite of Aedh O'Conchobhair,
25] was most cruelly slain by the Gilla-ruadh, son
26] of Lochlainn O'Conchobhair.


Braen O'Maelmocheirghe,
27] abbot of Cenannus, in Christo quievit.


The castle of
28] Ros-Comainn was thrown down by the son of Fedhlim,
29] and by Domhnall O'Domhnaill, and by the Connachtmen
30] along with him.


A great depredation was committed
31] by the Tellach-Echach on the Cenel-Duachain, in


1] Glenn-dá-dhuile, on which occasion they slew Conchobhar
2] Mac Dorchaidh, et alii multi.

Annal LC1278


3] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the first of
4] the moon; anno Domini octavo; x. anno cycli
5] solaris; sexto anno cycli lunaris; vi. anno Indictionis.


6] Tadhg, son of Toirdhelbhach, son of Aedh, son of Cathal
7] Crobhderg, was slain by the sons of Cathal Mac Diarmada,
8] after having been three years in the government of Connacht,
9] ut poeta dixit, i.e. Donn Losg O'Maelchonaire:—

    1. 10] O'Conchobhair of Cluain-ca,
      11] The son of Toirdhelbhach, was king three years;
      12] All, during his reign, were obedient to Tadhg:
      13] The hostages of the country he collected;

14] and Aedh Muimhnech, son of Fedhlim, assumed the
15] sovereignty of Connacht.


Ruaidhri, son of Toirdhelbhach,
16] royal heir of Connacht, was slain by Gilla-Christ Mac
17] Flannchaidh, and by the Dartraighe likewise, on the borders
18] of Druim-cliabh; and the Swarthy Parson, son of Tighernan
19] O'Conchobhair, and many other persons not enumerated
20] here, were slain.


Donnchadh and Ferghal, and Gilla-Christ
21] —three sons of Muirghis, son of Donnchadh, son of
22] Tomaltach—were slain by Tadhg, son of Domhnall Irruis.


23] Flaithbhertach O'Doimhín, king of Feara-Manach, was
24] slain in this year.


The defeat of Cuinnche was inflicted
25] by Donnchadh, son of Brian Ruadh O'Briain, and by
26] O'Briain's other sons, on the son of the Earl of Clare,
27] when they burned the church of Cuinnche over the heads
28] of his people; and persons innumerable were burned and
29] slain there, but, alas! the Earl's son escaped safely
30] from them.


Thomas O'Cuinn, bishop of Cluain-mic-Nois,
31] quievit.


Tomaltach Mac Oirechtaigh, king-chieftain of
32] Síl-Muiredhaigh, was slain by the Tuatha in hoc anno.


Annal LC1279


1] The kalends of January on Sunday, and the twelfth of
2] the moon; anno Domini; xi. anno cycli
3] solaris; vii. anno cycli lunaris et Indictionis.


4] son of Toirdhelbhach, son of Maelsechlainn O'Conchobhair,
5] archbishop of Tuaim, the most eminent man in all
6] Erinn for wisdom and knowledge, for hospitality and
7] nobility, for munificence, and for distributing jewels
8] and valuables to all in general, died after the triumph
9] of penitence in hoc anno.


Maelsechlainn, son of Toirdhelbhach,
10] was slain in hoc anno.


Conchobhar, son of
11] Diarmaid, son of Maghnus O'Conchobhair, occisus est.


12] Gilla-an-Choimdedh O'Cerbhalláin, bishop of Cenel-Eoghain,
13] quievit.


Murchadh O'Nechtain was killed by
14] Domhnall O'Nechtain; and Domhnall was challenged to
15] fight by Robert O'Nechtain, (i.e. Murchadh's brother),
16] and Robert was also killed in this fight.


Domhnall, son of Gilla-Christ
17] O'Nechtain, was killed by Aedh O'Conchennain
18] in hoc anno.

Annal LC1280


19] The kalends of January on Monday, and the twenty-third
20] of the moon; anno Domini; xii. anno
21] cycli solaris; viii. anno cycli Decennovenalis et Indictionis.


22] A contention arose between Aedh Muimhnech,
23] son of Fedhlim, son of Cathal Crobhderg, king of
24] Connacht, and the descendants of Muirchertach Muimhnech
25] O'Conchobhair, in hoc anno; and Aedh Muimhnech
26] was killed by them in Coill-an-daingin; and
27] Maelsechlainn, son of Maghnus, was taken prisoner by
28] them on the same day, but was ransomed from them
29] by O'Domhnaill for four hundred cows and twenty
30] horses. And Cathal, son of Conchobhar Ruadh, son
31] of Muirchertach Muimhnech, son of Toirdhelbhach
32] Mór O'Conchobhair, was afterwards made king by the
33] Connachtmen.


John O'Laidigh, bishop of Cill-Alaidh, in


1] Christo quievit.


Matthew, son of Maghnus O'Conchobhair,
2] abbot of the Buill, quievit.

Annal LC1281


3] The kalends of January on Wednesday, and the fourth
4] of the moon; anno Domini primo; xiii. anno
5] cycli solaris; ix. anno cycli lunaris et Indictionis.


6] son of Cathal, son of Conchobhar, son of Diarmaid (from
7] whom the Mac Diarmadas are named), king of Magh-Luirg,
8] the most eminent man in Erinn for hospitality,
9] prowess, and nobility, mortuus est.


The battle of Disert-dá-chrich
10] between the Cenel-Conaill and Cenel-Eoghain,
11] in which fell Domhnall Og O'Domhnaill, king of
12] the North—i.e. a man to whom submitted the Feara-Manach,
13] and the Oirghialla, and nearly the majority of
14] the Gaeidhel of Connacht and Uladh, and also the men
15] of Breifne; the best Gaeidhel for hospitality and dignity;
16] the general guardian of the west of Europe, and the
17] knitting needle of the arch-sovereignty, and the
18] rivetting hammer of every good law; the parallel of
19] Conaire, son of Edirscel, in purity when assuming sovereignty;
20] the top nut of the Gaeidhel in valour; the equal
21] of Cathal Crobhderg in battle and attack: and he
22] was honourably interred in the monastery of the Friars
23] in Doire-Choluim-Chille, after obtaining the palm of
24] every goodness. And these were the best who were
25] slain along with him in that battle, viz. Maelruanaidh
26] O'Baighill, chieftain of the Three Tuatha; and Eoghan,
27] son of Maelsechlainn, son of Domhnall Mór O'Domhnaill;
28] and Ceallach O'Baighill, i.e. the son of Gilla-Brighde—the
29] chieftain who, of all his contemporaries, was the best
30] for hospitality and generosity, and who distributed
31] various gifts in largest measure to learned men, and who
32] was the best for munificence and nobility; and Andiles
33] O'Baighill, and his son Dubhgall; and Mac Flannchaidh,
34] chieftain of Dartraighe; and Domhnall Mac Gilla-fhinnén,
35] chieftain of Muinter Pheodacháin; and Enna O'Gairmleghaigh,
36] high chieftain of Cenel-Móain; and Cormac,


1] son of the Ferleighinn O'Domhnaill, chieftain of Fánad;
2] and Gilla-in-Choimdedh O'Maeldúin, king of Lurg; and
3] Cormac, son of Cormac O'Domhnaill; and Gilla-na-nóg
4] Mac Dáil-re-dochair; and Maelsechlainn, son of Niall
5] O'Baighill; and Andiles, son of Muirchertach O'Domhnaill;
6] and Maghnus Mac Cuinn; and Gilla-na-naemh
7] O'hEochagáin; and Muirchertach O'Flaithbhertaigh; and
8] Muirchertach Mac-an-Ultaigh; and Flaithbhertach Mac
9] Buidhechán; and several other persons who are not
10] enumerated here.


Another battle in hoc anno between
11] the Barretts and the Cusack; and the Barretts were
12] defeated, and William Barrett, and Adam Fleming, and
13] many other persons, were slain; and two of the Gaeidhel
14] were present on the Cusack's side, who excelled all
15] there in vigour, agility, and dexterity, viz.:—Taichlech
16] O'Dubhda and Taichlech O'Baighill were these two.

Annal LC1282


17] The kalends of January on Thursday, and the fifteenth
18] of the moon; anno Domini; xiiii. anno
19] cycli solaris; x. anno cycli lunaris et Indictionis.


20] Mac Murchadha, king of Laighen, and Art Mac
21] Murchadha, his brother, were slain by Foreigners in hoc
22] anno.


Taichlech, son of Maelruanaidh O'Dubhda, king
23] of Uí-Fiachrach-Muaidhe, i.e. the best man for hospitality
24] and prowess, and who had most conflicts and contentions
25] with Foreigners and Danars regarding his country, whilst
26] protecting it, was killed by Adam Cusack on Traigh-Eothaile.


27] Lassairfhiona, daughter of Cathal Crobhderg
28] O'Conchobhair, wife of Domhnall Og O'Domhnaill, i.e. the
29] most noble, and hospitable, and beautiful woman that was
30] in Erinn in her own time, quievit in Christo.


31] O'Raighilligh, dux of Muinter-Maelmordha, died in hoc


1] anno.


Gilla-Isa Mac Tighernáin, dux of Teallach-Dunchadha,
2] quievit.


Cathal, son of Gilla-na-naemh O'Ferghail,
3] chieftain of the Anghaile during nine years, died on Inis-Cuan
4] on the river of Cluain-lis of Bec Mac Connla, i.e.
5] king of Tethbha; and it is from this that the 'long ridge'
6] was understood; for the prophet told Cathal that he
7] would die on the 'long ridge', wherefore it was that Cathal
8] used always to avoid visiting the 'long ridge'.


9] son of Gilla-na-naemh, assumed the chieftaincy afterwards.


10] Very great snow from Christmas to the festival of
11] Brighid in this year.

Annal LC1283


12] The kalends of January on Friday, and the twenty-sixth
13] of the moon; anno Domini tertio; xv.
14] anno cycli solaris; xi. anno cycli lunaris et Indictionis.


15] Aedh Buidhe O'Neill, king of Cenel-Eoghain, and also
16] royal heir of all Erinn; head of the hospitality and valour
17] of the Gaeidhel, and the most distinguished of the North
18] for bestowing jewels, and cattle, and horses; and the most
19] formidable and victorious man of the Cenel-Eoghain in his
20] own time, was slain by Brian Mac Mathghamhna, king of
21] Oirghiall, and by the Oirghialla likewise, and by Gilla-Isa
22] Ruadh, son of Domhnall O'Raighilligh, in hoc anno.


23] son of Domhnall Irruis O'Conchobhair, was wounded by
24] the Luighne, and taken prisoner, delivered to Cathal
25] O'Conchobhair, when he died of his wound, in hoc anno.


26] Athcliath and Christ's Church were burned in hoc anno.

Annal LC1284


27] The kalends of January on Saturday, and the seventh
28] of the moon; anno Domini; vi. anno
29] cycli solaris; xii. anno cycli lunaris et Indictionis.


30] de Exeter was slain by Brian O'Floinn and the two sons


1] of O'Flannagain, i.e. Diarmaid and Maelsechlainn.


2] great war and dissension arose in Connacht through
3] this, and great depredations were committed round Corrsliabh
4] by the Foreigners; but full restitution was given
5] by these Foreigners to the community of the Trinity,
6] and to the monks of the Buill.


Dún-mór was burned
7] by Fiachra O'Floinn.


Maurice O'Conchobhair, bishop of
8] Oilfinn, in Christo quievit.


Donnchadh O'Briain, king
9] of Tuadh-Mumha, was slain by Toirdhelbhach O'Briain.


10] Gilla-Isa Mac Tighernáin, high chieftain of Cenel-Brenainn,
11] quievit.


Amhlaibh O'Tomaltaigh, the confirmed
12] elect of the bishopric of Oilfinn, in Christo quievit.


13] son of the Liathanach O'Conchobhair, abbot of Trinity
14] Island on Loch-Cé, of the Premonstre order, was afterwards
15] elected to the bishopric of Oilfinn.


Dubhgall, son
16] of Maghnus O'Baighill, chieftain of Cloch-Chinnfhaeladh,
17] was slain by O'Maelghaithe's people.


18] Mac Dorchaidh, chieftain of Cenel-Luachain, died in hoc
19] anno.