Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Loch Cé (Author: [unknown])

Annal LC1114


34] The kalends of January on the 5th feria, the 21st of


1] the moon; the age of the Lord fourteen years, and a
2] hundred, and a thousand.


A great fit of sickness seized
3] Muirchertach Ua Briain, king of Erinn, and removed
4] him from his sovereignty.


Diarmaid Ua Briain, moreover,
5] assumed the sovereignty of Mumha, in his presence, without
6] permission.


A hosting by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn to
7] Rath-Cennaigh, when Eochaidh Ua Mathghamhna, with
8] the Ulidians, came into his house, and Donnchadh Ua
9] Loingsigh, with the Dal-Araidhe, and Aedh Ua Ruairc,
10] with the men of Breifne, and Murchadh Ua Maelsechlainn,
11] with the men of Midhe. They all proceeded across Ath-Luain
12] to Dun-Leodha, where Toirdhealbhach Ua Conchobhair,
13] with the Connachtmen, aud Niall, son of Domhnall
14] Mac Lachlainn, with the chieftains of Clann-Conaill, came
15] into his assembly.


They all went thence, afterwards, to
16] Telach-Uí-Deghaidh, in Dal-Cais, where they and the men
17] of Mumha made a year's peace; and Domhnall Mac
18] Lachlainn went through Connacht, and from thence to his
19] house.


Aedh, son of Donnchadh Ua hEochadha, royal
20] heir of Uladh, mortuus est.


Ruaidhri Ua Canannain,
21] royal heir of Cenel-Conaill, was slain by the Cenel-Eoghain.


22] Muirchertach Mac Lachlainn, royal heir of Oilech, injuste
23] interfectus est.

Annal LC1115


24] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 2nd of the
25] moon; the age of the Lord fifteen years, and a hundred,
26] and a thousand


Very severe weather, with frost and
27] snow, from the l5th of the kalends of January to the l5th
28] of the kalends of March, vel paulo plus, which made great
29] havoc of birds, and cattle, and people; and from which
30] arose great scarcity and want throughout all Erinn, and in
31] Laighen especially.


Diarmaid O'Briain, king of Mumha,


1] was captured by Muirchertach O'Briain.


A murderous
2] attack was made by the grandsons of Aedh, son of
3] Ruaidhri, on Toirdhealbhach Ua Conchobhair, king of
4] Connacht, and he was wounded so that he was in extreme
5] agony.


A victory by Domhnall Ua Briain and the Foreigners
6] of Ath-cliath, over the Lagenians, in which Donnchadh,
7] grandson of Mael-na-mbo, king of Uí-Ceinnsealaigh,
8] and Conchobhar Ua Conchobhair, king of Uí-Failghe,
9] with his sons, and a multitude besides, were slain.


10] son of Tadhg Ua Briain, royal heir of Mumha, was
11] slain by the Connachtmen.


Muirchertach Ua Briain
12] assumed his own sovereignty again, and went on a hosting
13] into Laighen and Bregh.


The stone-church of Ard Brecain,
14] with its full of people, was burned by the men of
15] Mumha, and many churches besides in Feara-Bregh.


16] great predatory excursion by Toirdhealbhach O Conchobhair
17] and the Connachtmen, and they plundered Tuadh-Mumhan
18] as far as Luimnech, and carried off countless cattle
19] spoils and numerous prisoners.


Maelsechlainn Ua
20] Maelsechlainn, royal heir of Temhair, occisus est.

Annal LC1116


21] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the 13th of
22] the moon; the age of the Lord sixteen years, and a hundred,
23] and a thousand.


Cellach, comarb of Patrick, went on a
24] visitation of Connacht, for the second time, and obtained
25] his full tribute.


Cill-Dalua, with its church, was burned.


26] Corcach-mor of Mumhan, and Imlech-Ibhair, and the oratory
27] of Maelisa Ua Brolchain, and a part of Lis-mór; were burned
28] in the same year.


Achadh-bo-Chainnigh was burned.


29] Cluain-Iraird cremata est.


The Abbot's great house of
30] Ard-Macha, with twenty houses about it, was burned in the
31] beginning of the Lent of this year.


Ladhmann, son of
32] Domhnall, king of Alba, was slain by the men of Moray.


33] Derbhail, daughter of Toirdhealbhach Ua Briain, mortua est.


Annal LC1117


1] The kalends of January ou the 2nd feria, the 24th of
2] the moon; the age of the Lord seventeen years and a
3] hundred, and a thousand.


Conchobhar Ua Cairellain was
4] slain by the Feara-Manach.


The battle of Lecain was
5] given by Brian, son of Murchadh, and by the sons of
6] Cathal Ua Conchobhair, having the Connachtmen along
7] with them, to Toirdhealbhach son of Diarmaid, and
8] to the Dál-Cais; and the Dál-Cais were defeated and
9] put to slaughter.


A victory over the Cenel-Eoghain of
10] the Island, by the Cenel-Conail, when they were put to
11] slaughter, and many of their chieftains slain.

Annal LC1118


12] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 5th of
13] the moon; the age of the Lord eighteen years and a
14] hundred, and a thousand.


Laidhgnén Ua Duibhdhara,
15] king of Feara-Manach, was slain by the Uí-Fiachrach,
16] and by the men of the Craebh.


Diarmaid Ua Briain,
17] king of Mumha, and of all Leth-Mogha, died at Corcach-mór
18] of Mumha, after unction and penitence.


The value of
19] one hundred ounces of the offering and mass cloths of Cellach,
20] comarb of Patrick, were submerged in the Dabhall;
21] and he himself was endangered.


Paschalis, comarb of
22] Peter, servus religiosus cum dilectione Dei et proximi
23] ad Christum migravit.


Maria, daughter of Maelcoluim,
24] i.e. daughter of the king of Alba, wife of the king of the
25] Saxons, mortua est.


A hosting by Toirdhealbhach Ua
26] Conchobhair, king of Connacht, and by Murchadh O Maelsechlainn,
27] king of Temhair, along with him, and by Aed
28] O'Ruairc, into Mumha, as far as Glenn-Maghair; and he
29] gave Des-Mumha to Mac Carthaigh, and Tuadh-Mumha


1] to the sons of Diarmaid Ua Briain, and carried off the
2] hostages of each.


Another hosting by him to Ath-cliath,
3] when he carried away the son of the king of Temhair,
4] who was in the hands of the Foreigners, and the hostages
5] of the Foreigners themselves, and the hostages of Laighen
6] and Osraighe.


A wonderful story in this year, viz: a
7] very great earthquake in Sliabh-Elpa, which extinguished
8] many cities, and a multitude of people in them.


9] wonderful story also in Erinn, viz.:—a mermaid was
10] caught by the fishermen of Lis-Airglinn, in Osraighe, and
11] another at Port-Lairge.


Domhnall, son of Ruaidhri Ua
12] Conchobhair, mortuus est.


Ruaidhri O'Conchobhair, king
13] of Connacht for a long time, died in pilgrimage in the
14] thirty-sixth year after he was blinded—in clericatu vitam
15] feliciter finivit at Cluain-mic-Nois.

Annal LC1119


16] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the 16th of
17] the moon; the age of the Lord nineteen years and a
18] hundred, and a thousand.


Cenn-coradh was demolished
19] by the Connachtmen.


Muirchertach O'Briain, king of
20] Erinn, prop of the glory and magnificence of the West of
21] Europe, after the triumph of sovereignty and penance, on
22] the festival of Mochaemhóg, on the 6th of the ides of March,
23] in bono fine vitam finivit.


Cúchollchaille O'Baighelláin,
24] chief ollamh of Erinn in poetry, and a man distinguished
25] for charity and hospitality, and for universal benevolence
26] towards the needy and the powerful, was slain by the Feara-Luirg
27] and Tuath-ratha, cum sua uxore et duobus filiis
28] suis bonis, et cum xxxv. aliis, consisting both of his family
29] and guests, in the same house, the Saturday before Little
30] Easter, on the festival of Becan, son of Cula.


31] O'Tormair, airchinnech of Fathan-mor, quievit.


32] O'Gairmleghaigh, chief of Cenel-Moain, was slain


1] by the Uí-Dubhda, and by the Clann-Flaithbhertaigh.


2] Niall, son of Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, royal heir of
3] Oilech and Erinn, and the paragon of Erinn for figure
4] and sense, for honour and learning, fell by the Cenel-Moain,
5] in the 28th year of his age, on Monday as regards
6] the day of the week, on the tenth of the moon's age, the
7] festival of the 'Three Innocent Sons,' in decimo octavo
8] kalendas Januarii.

Annal LC1120


9] The kalends of January on the 5th feria, the 27th
10] of the moon; the age of the Lord twenty years, and a
11] hundred, and a thousand.


A hosting by Domhnall Mac
12] Lachlainn to Ath-Luain, to assist Murchadh Ua Maelsechlainn
13] against Connacht, and Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair
14] made a false peace with them.


The victory of the
15] plain of Cill-mór in Uí-Niallain was gained by Raghnall,
16] son of Mac Riabhaigh, over the Uí-Echach, who were put
17] to slaughter.


Cellach, comarb of Patrick, went on a visitation
18] of Mumha, when he obtained his full demand, and
19] left a blessing.


Branan, son of Gillachrist, chief of Corca-Achlann,
20] died.


Echmarcach Mac Uidhrén, chief of Cenel-Feraghaigh,
21] was slain by the Feara-Manach.


The bridge
22] of Ath-Luain was made.

Annal LC1121


22] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the 9th of the
23] moon; the age of the Lord twenty-one years, and a hundred,
25] and a thousand.


Domhnall, son of Ardghar Mac
26] Lachlainn, the most distinguished of the Gaeidhel of
27] Erinn for figure, for family, for sense and prowess, for
28] prosperity and for constancy, for the bestowing of jewels
29] and food, died in Doire-Choluim-Chille in the 38th year
30] of his reign, and in the 73rd year of his age, on the night
31] of Wednesday particularly, and on the 4th of the ides of
32] February, the festival of Mochuarog 'the Wise'.


33] hosting by Toirdhelbhach Ua Conchobhair, accompanied
34] by the men of Connacht, to Des-Mumha, and they plundered
35] from Magh-Feimhin to Traigh-Lí, both church and
36] territory, viz.:—seventy churches, vel paulo plus.



1] A predatory hosting by Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair again
2] into Des-Mumha, until he reached the termon of Lis-mór;
3] and he obtained countless cattle spoils, and lost Muiredhach
4] O'Flaithbhertaigh, king of the west of Connacht,
5] and Aedh Ua hEidhin, king of Uí-Fiachrach-Eighne.


6] The steeple of Telach-nImmuinne, in Osraighe, was cleft
7] by a thunderbolt, and a stone flew from it, which killed
8] a student in the church.


Cellach, comarb of Patrick,
9] assumed the bishopric of Ath-cliath by the choice of
10] Foreigners and Gaeidhel.


A gale of wind occurred on
11] the nones of December, which knocked off the conical cap
12] of the steeple of Ard-Macha, and caused a great destruction
13] of trees throughout all Erinn.

Annal LC1122


14] The kalends of January on the 1st feria, the 20th of
15] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-two years, and a
16] hundred, and a thousand.


Aedh Ua Ruaire, king of Conmaicne,
17] fell by the men of Midhe, whilst taking a prey
18] from them.


The shrine of Colman, son of Luachan, was
19] found in the tomb of Lann, a man's cubit in the earth,
20] on Spy Wednesday.


A hosting by Toirdhelbhach Ua
21] Conchobhair to Loch-Sailech in Midhe, when Mac Murchadha,
22] king of Laighen and the Foreigners, came into
23] his house.


Mor, daughter of Domhnall Mac Lachlainn,
24] wife of Toirdhelbhach Ua Conchobhair, died.


A great
25] predatory expedition by Conchobhar Mac Lachlainn and
26] the Cenel-Eoghain, until they arrived at Cill-ruaidh in
27] Ulidia, and they carried off countless cattle spoils.


28] Ua Duibhdhirma, chief of the Bredach, and head of the
29] hospitality of the North, and Domhnall his brother,
30] mortui sunt.

Annal LC1123


31] The kalends of January on the 2nd feria, the 1st of the
32] moon; the age of the Lord twenty-three years, and a hundred,
33] and a thousand.


The Gailenga captured a house at
34] Daimhliag-Cianain, against Maelsechlainn Ua Maelsechlainn,


1] i.e. king of Midhe and Temhair, and they burned the
2] house in which he was, and seventy other houses around it,
3] and killed a multitude of his people. Maelsechlainn himself
4] escaped through the protection of God and Cianan, without
5] being burned or slain.


An unprecedented attack was
6] made on the comarb of Ailbhe, i.e. Maelmordha, grandson
7] of Clothna, viz.:—a house was captured against him in the
8] middle of his own Imlech, and against the son of Cerbhall
9] Ua Ciarmhaic, king of Ane; and seven persons were
10] killed there. The good men escaped therefrom, however,
11] through the grace of Ailbhe and the Church; but the
12] Bernan-Ailbhe was, indeed, burned there. The person
13] who captured this house, viz.:—the Gilla-caech Ua
14] Ciarmhaic, (and he was by title a deacon), was slain
15] before the end of a month afterwards and his head was
16] cut off, for the profanation of God and Ailbhe.


17] Mac Cathalain, the prosperity and happiness of all
18] Uladh, mortuus est.


Donnchadh Mac Gillapatraic
19] Ruadh, king of Osraighe, a suis occisus est.


20] Ua Laithbhertaigh royal heir of Oilech, occisus est.

Annal LC1124


21] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 12th of
22] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-four years and a
23] hundred, and a thousand.


Toirfhinn Mac Turcuill, principal
24] young lord of the Foreigners of Erinn, subita morte
25] periit.


Tadhg, son of Mac Carthaigh, king of Des-Mumha,
26] died.


A great alarm was given to the king of Temhair
27] on Easter Sunday, viz.:—his Easter house fell on him
28] and on his household.


Luimnech was all burned, except
29] a little.


Alexander, son of Maelcoluim, king of Alba, in
30] bona poenitentia mortuus est.


The hostages of Des-Mumha


1] were slain by Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair,
2] viz.:—Maelsechlainn, son of Cormac Mac Carthaigh, king
3] of Caisel, and Ua Ciarmhaic, and Achaine Ua Cobhthaigh
4] of the Uí-Cuanach of Cnamhchaill.


Ardghar, grandson of
5] Aedh Ua Maelsechlainn, was slain by the people of Doire,
6] in revenge for Colum-Cille.

Annal LC1125


7] The kalends of January on the 5th feria, the 23rd of
8] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-five years, and a
9] hundred, and a thousand.


The fifth of the ides of January,
10] moreover, was on Friday, the first of the moon, and
11] on it the protecting ridge was raised over the great stone-church
12] of Ard-Macha, after it had been fully covered
13] with shingling by Cellach, comarb of Patrick, in the one
14] hundred and thirtieth year since it had a complete shingle
15] roof before.


Gillabraide Ua Ruairc was drowned in
16] Loch-Ailinne.


A hosting by Toirdhelbach O'Conchobhair
17] into Midhe, when he expelled Murchadh Ua
18] Maelsechlainn from his sovereignty, and placed three
19] kings over the men of Midhe. Domhnall, son of Murchadh,
20] however, killed the third king, viz.:—Maelsechlainn,
21] son of Donnchadh, before the end of a 'nomaidh'.


22] A hosting by Muirchertach O'Cerbhaill, king of the South
23] of Fernmagh, to the men of Bregh; but Diarmait Ua
24] Maelsechlainn, with the men of Midhe and the men of
25] Bregh, met him, and Muirchertach was slain there, and
26] a slaughter of his host was committedabout him.

Annal LC1126


27] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 4th of
28] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-six years, and a
29] hundred, and a thousand.


Enná son of Murchadh, king of Leinster, mortuus est.


A hosting by Toirdhelbhach
30] O'Conchobhair to the Lagenians, and he received their
31] pledges.


Ua Maelruanaigh, king of Feara-Manach, a suis
32] occisus est.


Maelísa Ua Conne, the most learned of the
33] Gaeidhel of Erinn in jurisprudence, and in the Ord-Patraic,


1] after choice penance in Christo quievit.


2] of Mumha, with its churches, was burned.


Domhnall Ua
3] Dúbdha was drowned after committing a depredation in
4] Tir-Conaill.


Royal journey of Toirdhelbhach Ua Conchobhair
5] to Ath-cliath and Laigen to his son, i.e. to Conchobhar.


6] Great war in Erinn, so that the comarb of Patrick was
7] obliged to be a month and a year absent from Ard-Macha,
8] pacifying the men of Erinn, and imposing rules and good
9] customs on all, both laity and clergy.


A treacherous depredation
10] by Ruaidhri Ua Tuachair, in Airthera; but the men
11] of
Airthera overtook, and committed a slaughter of, the
12] army of Ruaidhri; and he himself was there beheaded.
13] A hosting by Toirdhelbhach Ua Conchobhair until he
14] reached Glenn-Maghair, in Des-Mumha, and he carried
15] off countless cattle spoils.

Annal LC1127


16] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the 15th of
17] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-seven years, and a
18] hundred, and a thousand.


A hosting by Toirdhelbhach
19] O'Conchobhair into Des-Mumha, until he reached Corcach-mor
20] of Mumha, and he carried off the hostages of
21] all Mumha.


The men of Airthera captured the house of
22] Flann, son of Sinach, in Trian-Saxan, in Ard-Macha,
23] against Raghnall, son of Mac Riabhaigh, on the night of
24] the Monday of Shrovetide, and he was beheaded by them.


25] A battle between the Ulidians themselves, when two
26] kings of Ulidia, viz.:—Niall, son of Donnsleibhe (and a
27] slaughter of the Ulidians about him), and Eochaidh Ua
28] Mathghamhna, were slain in the mutual wounding of
29] the battle.


Gillachrist Ua hEighnigh, king of Feara-Manach,
30] and chief king of Oirghiall, died in Clochar-Uí-nDaimhin,
31] after choice penance.


The men of Mumha


1] and of Laighen again turned against Toirdhelbhach
2] O'Conchobhair, and their hostages were withdrawn by
3] them, and his son was dethroned by the Foreigners and
4] Lagenians; and they placed over themselves the king of
5] Eile; i.e. Domhnall, grandson of Faelan.


Cerbhall, grandson of
6] Faelan, (and a slaughter of the Uí-Faelain about
7] him), fell by the Uí-Failghe in the middle of Cill-dara,
8] defending the comarbship of Brigid.


Taillti, daughter
9] of Murchadh Ua Maelsechlainn, wife of Toirdhelbhach
10] Ua Conchobhair, died.


Gillabrighde Ua Forannain,
11] airchinnech of Ard-Sratha, mortuus est.

Annal LC1128


12] The kalends of January on the 1st feria, the 26th of
13] the moon; the age of the Lord, twenty-eight years, and a hundred, and a thousand.


Bissextus et embolismus
14] annus.


The men of Magh-hItha, i.e. with Domhnall Ua
15] Gairmleghaigh, captured a house against the king of
16] Feara-Manach, i.e. against Faelan Ua Duibhdhara, who
17] fell by them, and many of the nobles of Feara-Manach along with him.


A victory was gained by the cavalry
18] of the son of Mac Lachlainn, i.e. Conchobhar son of Mac
19] Lachlainn, over the cavalry of Tighernan Ua Ruairc, in
20] which were slain Ua Ciardha, king of Cairbre, and Cathal
21] Ua Raighilligh, and Sitric Ua Maelbrighde, and the son
22] of Aedh Ua Dubhda, king of Uí-Amhalghadha, et alii multi.


An ugly, ruthless, unprecedented deed, which
23] earned the malediction of the men of Erinn, both lay and
24] clerical—for which no equal was found previously in
25] Erinn—was committed by Tighernan Ua Ruairc, and by
26] the Uí-Briuin, viz.:—the comarb of Patrick was openly
27] profaned in his own presence, and his retinue were
28] plundered, and a number of them slain; and a young
29] cleric of his own people, who was under a cuilebadh,
30] was killed there. The evil consequence, moreover, that


1] grew from this misdeed, was, that there was not in Erinn
2] any enduring protection for a man thenceforth, until this
3] injury was avenged by God and men. This contempt,
4] truly, which was shown to the comarb of Patrick, was
5] like the contempt of the Lord, for the Lord Himself said
6] in the Gospel qui vos spernit me spernit; qui me spernit,
7] spernit eum qui misit me.


A predatory hosting
8] by Toirdhelbhach Ua Conchobhair into Laighen, until
9] he reached Loch-Carman; from thence round Laighen to
10] Ath-cliath, (and he committed a great destruction of cows
11] along that route); and from Ath-cliath to his home again.


12] The infamy of this hosting, moreover, rested on Tighernan
13] O'Ruairc, with his people.


A depredation by the men of
14] Fernmhagh in the territory of the Uí-Briuin, and they
15] carried off great spoils; but Tighernan Ua Ruairc, with
16] the Uí-Briuin, and with another large army, overtook
17] them at Ath-Fhirdheghaidh. A battle was fought
18] between them on both sides. Tighernan and the Uí-Briuin
19] were defeated, however, and four hundred of them
20] were slain in the beginning, in vindication of the
21] honour of Patrick's people.


A hosting by Conchobhar
22] Ua Lochlainn and the Cenel-Eoghain, and the Dal-Araidhe
23] and Airghialla, into Magh-Cobha, when they
24] carried off the hostages of the Uí-Echach. They afterwards
25] turned to the left, into Feara-Bregh; and they lost
26] a number of their people there, and committed a great outrage
27] before God and men, viz.:—the burning of Ath-truim
28] with its churches; and a great number of persons suffered
29] martyrdom in them.


Non impetrata pace Dei uel hominum
30] retro ambulaverunt.


A peace of one year and a
31] half, vel paulo plus, was made by the comarb of Patrick
32] between the Connachtmen arnd the men of Mumha.


Annal LC1129


1] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 7th of the
2] moon; the age of the Lord twenty-nine years, and a hundred,
3] and a thousand.


Cellach, comarb of Patrick, i.e.
4] the chief bishop of the West of Europe; a pure, illustrious
5] virgin; the only head whom Foreigners and Gaeidhel,
6] both laics and clerics, obeyed; after having, moreover,
7] ordained bishops and priests, and persous of every degree
8] besides; and after having consecrated very many churches
9] and cemeteries; after having bestowed jewels and wealth;
10] and after having imposed faith and good manners on all,
11] both laity and clergy; and after a life of mass-celebration,
12] fasting, and praying, and after unction and choice penance,
13] resigned his soul into the bosom of angels and archangels,
14] in Ard-Patraic, in Mumha, on the kalends of April,
15] the 2nd feria, in the twenty-fourth year of his abbotship,
16] and in the fiftieth year of his age. His body was conveyed,
17] truly, on the 3rd of the nones of April, to Lis-mór-Mochuda,
18] according to his own will; and it was waked
19] with psalms, and hymns, and canticles, and was honourably
20] interred in the tomb of the bishops, on, the day before
21] the nones of April, on the 5th feria.


20] son of Domhnall, was ordained in the comarbship of
21] Patrick, on the nones of April.


The house of Colum-Cille,
22] in Cill-mic-Nenain, was captured by Tairchert
23] against Aedh, son of Cathbhar Ua Domhnaill; and it
24] was burned by him.


The castle of Ath-Luain was built
25] by Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair.


Gillachrist, son of
26] Mac Uidhrin, chief of Cenel-Feradhaigh, was burned in
27] the house of his fosterer, in Tir-Manach, in treachery.


28] Niall Ua Crichain, king of Uí-Fiachrach of Ard-sratha,
29] was slain by the Uí-Ceinneidigh.

Annal LC1130


30] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the l8th of
31] the moon; the age of the Lord thirty years, and a hundred,


1] and a thousand.


Sord-Choluim-Chille, with its
2] churches and relics, was burned.


Cúaibhne Ua Conchobhair,
3] king of Uí-Failghe, died.


A battle between
4] the men of Alba and the men of Muiriebh, in which
5] 4,000 of the men of Muiriebh, with their king, i.e.
6] Aenghus, son of Lulach's daughter, and 1,000 of the men
7] of Alba, fell in the mutual wounding.


A hosting by
8] Mac Lachlainn and the men of the North of Erinn, into
9] Ulidia, and the Ulidians assembled to give them battle;
10] but the Ulidians were defeated and slaughtered, together
11] with Aedh Ua Loingsigh, king of Dal-Araidhe, and with
12] Gillapatraic Mac Serridh, king of Dal-Buinne, and with
13] Dubhrailbhe Mac Cartain, and many besides. They
14] plundered the country, moreover, as far as the east of the
15] Ard, both territory and church, and carried off a thousand
16] captives, vel paulo plus, and many thousands of cows and
17] horses.


18] The chief men of Ulidia, however, came afterwards,
19] with their king, to Ard Macha, to meet Conchobhar,
20] and they made peace and took mutual oaths, and
21] they the Ulidians left hostages.


A great crop of every
22] kind of produce generally in Erinn this year.

Annal LC1131


23] The kalends of January on the 5th feria, the twenty-ninth
24] of the moon; the age of the Lord thirty-one years,
25] and a hundred, and a thousand.


A predatory hosting by
26] Toirdhelbhach O'Conchobhair and the men of the province
27] of Connacht, into Mumha, when they plundered Uí-Conaill-Gabhra.


A hosting by Conchobhar Ua Briain,
28] and by the men of Mumha, into Laighen, and they took
29] their hostages; and they proceeded from thence into
30] Midhe, and plundered the island of Loch-Seimhdidhe.


31] Their cavalry and the cavalry of Connacht met there,
32] and the cavalry of Connacht were defeated, and the son


1] of Cuchonnacht Ua. Conchobhair, and the Ferdána Ua
2] Carthaigh, i.e. the chief poet of Connacht, were slain.


3] A hosting by Conchobhar Mac Lachlainn and the Ulidians,
4] the men of the North of Erinn being with them,
5] into Connacht; but the Connachtmen made an attack on
6] the rear of the army, in the vicinity of the Seghais, in
7] which Conn Ua Maelgaeithi, and the Garbhanach Ua
8] Baeighill, and a great many more, were slain. Notwithstanding
9] this, however, they met together on the morrow
10] at Loch-Cé, and made a year's peace.


A depredation
11] by Tighernan Ua Ruairc and the men of Breifne, after
12] the army had left, in Cuailgne, and they plundered
13] Uí-Meith.


On their return, however, i.e. the return of
14] the Ulidians and the men of the South of Airghiall),
15] across Ath-Luain, to their houses, they met with the
16] other depredators in Magh-Conaille.


A battle was fought,
17] in which Raghnall Ua hEochadha, king of Uladh, and
18] Cumhidhe Ua Crichain, king of Fernmhagh, and his son,
19] and Donnsleible Ua hInnrechtaigh, king of Uí-Meith, et
20] alii multi, were slain.


Maelisa Ua Foghladha, bishop of
21] Caisel, in bona senectute quievit.

Annal LC1132


22] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 10th of
23] the moon; the age of the Lord thirty-two years, and a
24] hundred, and a thousand.


The abbot's house of Cill-dara
25] was captured by the Uí-Ceinnselaigh against the comarb
26] of Brighid, and burned, and a large part of the church
27] was burned, and a great many were slain there; and the
28] nun herself was carried off a prisoner, and put into a man's
29] bed.


An engagement was fought by the people of Scrín-Choluim-Chille
30] and Lochlainn Ua Baeighellain, in which
31] the airchinnech of the Scrín, i.e. Macraith Ua Niallain, and
32] Lochlainn himself, were killed.


A hosting by Conchobhar
33] Mac Lachlainn to Ath-Fhirdheghaidh, when Tighernan
34] Ua Ruairc came into his house, and gave him hostages.

Annal LC1133


35] The kalends of January on the lst feria, the 21st of
36] the moon; the age of the Lord thirty-three years, and a


1] hundred, and a thousand.


A hosting by Cormac Mac
2] Carthaigh and Conchobhar Ua Briain, into Connacht,
3] when they killed Cathal, son of Cathal Ua Conchobhair,
4] royal heir of Connacht, and demolished Dun-Mughorn
5] and Dun-mór, and plundered a great part of the country.


6] A predatory hosting by Donnchadh Ua Cerbhaill and the
7] men of Fernmhagh into Fine-Gall; but Torcaill overtook
8] them at Finnabhair, and they fought a battle, in
9] which Raghnall, son of Pol, was slain, and a great number
10] of Foreigners along with him; and as regards the
11] men of Fernmhagh themselves, they were subjected to
12] great danger.


Conchobhar, son of Murchadh Ua Maelsechlainn,
13] royal heir of Temhair, was wounded by the
14] Lagenians, and afterwards slain by Foreigners.


15] Mac Gillacholmóg, royal heir of Laighen, was
16] slain by the men of Midhe.


Fine-Gall was again burned
17] by the men of Midhe.


Lusca, with its church full of
18] people and treasures, was burned by the same party.


19] great cow mortality occurred throughout all Erinn, for
20] which no likeness was found since the great cow mortality
21] came before that in the time of Flaithbhertach, son
22] of Loingsech; and 432 years elapsed between them.