Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Loch Cé (Author: [unknown])

Annal LC1094


6] The kalends of January on the 1st feria, the 10th of the
7] moon; the age of the Lord ninety-four years and a thousand.


8] Flaithbhertach Ua hAitheidh, king of Uí-Echach,
9] was blinded by Donnchadh Ua hEochadha, king of Uladh.


10] A hosting by Muirchertach O'Briain to Ath-cliath, when
11] he expelled Goffraigh Meranach from the kingship of the
12] Foreigners, and killed Domhnall O'Maelsechlainn, king of
13] Temhair.


A slaughter of the good men of the Airthera
14] was committed by the Ultonians.


Ruaidhri O'Donnacain,
15] king of Aradh, mortuus est.


Conchobhar O'Conchobhair,
16] king of Cianachta, in poenitentia mortuus est.


17] victory by the Síl-Muireghaigh over the men of Tuadh-Mumha,
18] in which three hundred were slain, vel paulo
19] plus.


Donnchadh, son of Maelcoluim, king of Alba, was
20] slain by his own brothers, per dolum viz.:—by Domhnall
21] and by Edmond.


Great inclemency of the weather in all
22] Erinn, from which grew scarcity.

Annal LC1095


23] The kalends of January on the 2nd feria, the 21st of
24] the moon; the age of the Lord ninety-five years and a
25] thousand.


Great snow fell on the Wednesday after
26] the kalends of January, which killed a multitude of
27] men, cattle, and birds.


Cenannus with its churches, and
28] Dermhagh with its books, and Ard-Sratha with its church,
29] and many other churches besides, crematae sunt. Ua
30] hEighnigh, king of Feara-Manach, was slain a suis.


31] victory of Ard-achadh was gained by the Dal-Araidhe
32] over the Ulidians, in which Gillacomghaill O'Cairill was
33] slain.


A great pestilence in Erinn, which killed a large
34] multitude of people, from the kalends of August to the
35] May following, viz.:—it was called a 'mortal year'.



1] Muirchertach Ua Cairre, steward of Cenel-Aenghusa, and
2] royal heir of Oilech, died.


Goffraigh Meranach, king of
3] the Foreigners, mortuus est.


The battle of Fidhnacha,
4] in quo ceciderunt multi of the West of Connacht, and of
5] Corcumruaidh, was gained by Tadhg, son of Ruaidhri
6] Ua Conchobhair.

Annal LC1096


7] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 2nd of
8] the moon; the age of the Lord ninety-six years and a
9] thousand.


Flann Ua hAnbfheth, king of the South of
10] Oirghiall, died in this year.


Mathghamhain Ua Seghdha,
11] king of Corca-Dhuibhne, died.


Conchobhar Ua hAiniaraidh,
12] king of Cianachta, and Ua Cein, king of Uí-mic-Cairthinn,
13] fell by each other in combat.


14] terror over the men of all Erinn before the festival of
15] John of this year; but God and Patrick saved them
16] through the fastings of the comarb of Patrick and the
17] clerics of Erinn besides.


15] Muirchertach Ua Dubhda,
18] king of Uí-Amhalghaidh, was slain a suis.


19] O'Madadhain, king of Síl-Anmchadha, mortuus est.


20] Ua Celechain, royal heir of Oirghiall, was slain by
21] the Ulidians. Eoghan Ua Cernaigh, airchinnech of
22] Doire, on the 19th of the kalends of January, quievit.


23] Flaithbhertach Ua Flaithbhertaigh, king of the West of
24] Connacht, was slain by Madadhan O'Cuanna and the
25] Síl-Muireghaigh, in revenge for their lord's eyes.


26] Ua hEnna, archbishop of Caisel, quievit.

Annal LC1097


27] The kalends of January on the 5th feria, the 13th of
28] the moon; the age of the Lord ninety-seven years and a
29] thousand.


Tadhg,son of Ruaidhri Ua Conchobhair, royal
30] heir of Connacht, died.


A hosting by Muirchertach
31] Ua Briain and by Leth-Mogha, to Magh-Muirtheimhne.


32] A hosting by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn from the north of
33] Erinn to Fidh-Conaille, to give them battle; but the


1] comarb of Patrick, i.e. Domhnall; prevented them, under
2] the guise of peace.


Lochlainn Ua Duibhdhara, king of
3] Fernmhagh, was slain by the Uí-Briuin-Breifne.


A great
4] nut crop in this year, viz.: the year of the white nuts;
5] thirty years from this nut crop to the nut crop before us.

Annal LC1098


6] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 24th of
7] the moon; the age of the Lord ninety-eight years and a
8] thousand.


Three ships of the ships of the Foreigners of
9] the Islands were plundered by the Ultonians, and their
10] crews slain, viz:—one hundred and twenty men, vel paulo
11] plus.


Diarmaid, son of Enna, son of Diarmaid, king of
12] Laighen, was killed by the sons of Murchadh, son of
13] Diarmaid.


Domhnall Ua Robhartaigh, comarb of Colum
14] Cille during a long period, in pace dormivit.


The victory
15] of Fersad-Suilidhe was gained over the Cenel-Conaill by
16] the Cenel-Eoghain, in which fell Ecertach Ua Tairchert,
17] et alii multi.

Annal LC1099


18] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the 5th of
19] the moon; the age of the Lord ninety-nine years and a
20] thousand.


Great famine throughout all Erinn in this
21] year.


Cenannus ab igne dissipata est.


Cill-dara dimidia
22] parte cremata est.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua Brian,
23] and by Leth-Mogha, to Sliabh-Fuaid; but Domhnall,
24] comarb of Patrick, made a year's peace between them and
25] the men of the North of Erinn.


A hosting by Domhnall
26] Mac Lachlainn and the men of the North of Erinn, into Ulidia.
27] The Ulidians, however, were before them at Craebh-thelcha,
28] in a camp. Their two cavalry hosts engage. The
29] cavalry host of Ulidia is defeated, and Ua hAmhrain is slain
30] there. The Ulidians afterwards abandon the camp, and
31] the Cenel-Eoghain burn it, and cut down Craebh-thelcha.
32] Two hostages are subsequently given to them, and the
33] comarb of Comhghall as security for two other hostages.



1] The stone-church of Ard-Sratha was burned by the men
2] of Craebh, against the Uí-Fiachrach.

Annal LC1100


3] The kalends of January on the 1st feria, the 16th of the
4] moon; the age of the Lord one hundred years and a thousand.


5] Donnchadh Ua hEochadha, king of Uladh, and a
6] number of the chieftains of Uladh along with him, were
7] taken prisoners by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, king of
8] Oilech, on the fifth of the kalends of June.


A hosting by
9] Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, so that he destroyed Feara-Breagh
10] and Fine-Gall.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua
11] Briain to Eas-Ruaidh.


The fleet of Ath-cliath went to
12] Inis-Eoghain, where they were cut off both by drowning
13] and killing.


The grandson of Gilla-Choluim Ua Domhnaill,
14] king of Cenel-Luighdech, a suis occisus est.


Assidh Ua
15] hAmhradhain, steward of Dal-Fiatach, died.


16] Ua Cuirc, king of Muscraidhe-Breoghain, mortuus est.


17] Gilla-na-naemh Ua hEighin, king of Uí-Fiachrach-Aighne,
18] mortuus est.


Echri Ua Maelmuire, king of Cianachta,
19] was slain by Ua Conchobhair of Cianachta.

Annal LC1101


20] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 27th of the
21] moon; the age of the Lord one hundred and one years, and
22] a thousand.


Donnchadh, son of Aedh Ua Ruairc, was slain
23] by the Feara-Manach.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua
24] Briain, and by Leth-Mogha, into Connacht, and across Eas-Ruaidh
25] into Tir-Conaill, and from thence into Tir-Eoghain;
26] and they demolished Oilech, and burned and profaned
27] many churches, including Fathan-mor-Mura and Ard-Sratha.
28] They proceeded thence across Fersat-Camsa,
29] and they burned Cúil-Rathain, and committed a massacre
30] there. They took the hostages of Uladh afterwards, and he
31] Muirchertach proceeded by Slighe-Midhluachra to his
32] house, after the triumph of that hosting.


A predatory incursion
33] by Donnchadh Ua Maelsechlainn into Fernmhagh,


1] but Ua Cerbhaill overtook him, and slew two hundred
2] of his band, vel paulo plus.


Donnchadh Ua hEochadha,
3] king of Uladh, was released from bondage by Domhnall
4] Mac Lachlainn, king of Oilech in exchange for his son
5] and his foster-brother, viz.:—in the stone-church of Ard-Macha
6] he was released, through the intercession of the
7] comarb of Patrick, and the congregation of Patrick
8] likewise—after mutually swearing by the Bachall-Isa, and
9] by other principal relics—on the 11th of the kalends of
10] January.

Annal LC1102


11] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the 9th of
12] the moon; the age of the Lord two years, and a hundred,
13] and a thousand.


Sord-Choluim-Chille was burned.
14] Donnchadh, son of Echri Ua hAitheidh, royal heir of Uí-Echach,
15] was slain by the Ulidians, in the fifth month
16] after he had profaned the community of Patrick.


17] Domhnall, son of Tighernan Ua Ruairc, was slain by the
18] Conmaicne; and this Domhnall was king over the Conmaicne
19] and an arbitrator over the Connachtmen.


20] son of Fothadh, king of Uí-Fiachrach of Ard-Sratha,
21] was slain by the Feara-Luirg.


A hosting by the
22] Cenel-Eoghain to Magh-Cobha.


The Ulidians proceeded
23] on that night to the camp, and slew Sitrec Ua Maelfhabhuill,
24] king of Carraig-Brachaidhe and Sitrec, son of
25] Conrach, son of Eoghan, et alii.


Maghnus, king of Lochlann,
26] came with a large fleet to Manainn, and made a
27] year's peace with the men of Erinn.


The hostages of the
28] men of Erinn in the hands of Domhnall, comarb of Patrick,
29] for a year's peace between O'Briain, i.e. Muirchertach,
30] and Mac Lachlainn, i.e. Domhnall.


Ros-Oilitri was plundered
31] i.e. cum patre suo by the Uí-Echach in revenge for
32] the killing of Ua Donnchadha.


Caisel was burned by the
33] Eile.

Annal LC1103


34] The kalends of January on the 5th feria, the 20th of
35] the moon; the age of the Lord three years, and a hundred,
36] and a thousand.


A severe, fierce conflict between the


1] men of Lurg and Tuath-Ratha, in which fell a multitude on
2] both sides.


Ua Canannain, i.e. the King of Cenel-Conaill,
3] was expelled from his sovereignty by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn.


4] A great war between the Cenel-Eoghain and the
5] Ulidians, when Muirchertach O'Briain came with the men
6] of Mumha, and Laighen, and Osraighe, and with the nobles
7] of Connacht, and with the men of Midhe, together with
8] their kings, to Magh-Cobha, to assist the Ulidians. They
9] all went, respectively, to Machaire-Aird-Macha, i.e. to
10] Cill-na-Cornaire, where they were a week laying siege to
11] Ard-Macha. Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, with the men of
12] the North of Erinn, was during the time in Uí-Bresail-Macha,
13] confronting them. When, however, the men of
14] Mumha were weary, Muirchertach proceeded to Aenach-Macha,
15] and to Emhain-Macha, and round to Ard-Macha,
16] when he left eight ounces of gold upon the altar, and promised
17] eight score cows; and he turned back to Magh-Cobha,
18] and left there the Lagenians, and a multitude of
19] the men of Mumha; and he himself went, moreover, on a
20] predatory expedition into Dal-Araidhe, where he lost
21] Donnchadh, son of Toirdhealbhach, and the son of Ua
22] Conchobhair, king of Ciarraighe, and Ua Beóain, et alii
23] optimi. Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, accompanied by the
24] chieftans of Cenel-Conaill and Cenel-Eoghain, and of the
25] whole North, went to Magh-Cobha, to attack the Lagenians.
26] The Lagenians, however, and the Osraighe, and the men
27] of Mumha, and the Foreigners, such as they were, came
28] to meet him and a battle was fought: viz., on the nones
29] of August, and on Wednesday, as regards the day of the
30] week, and on the 29th of the moon, and on the eighth
31] day after coming to Macha, this battle was fought. The
32] men of
Leth-Mogha were defeated, and a slaughter of
33] them was committed, and a slaughter of the Lagenians, with
34] Muirchertach Mac Gillacholmog, and with two Ua Lorcains,
35] and with Muirchertach, son of Mac Gormain, et alii;
36] and a slaughter of the Uí-Ceinnsealaigh, with two sons of


1] Maelmordha, and with Ua Riain, i.e. king of Uí-Drona,
2] et alii; a slaughter of the Osraighe, with Gillapatraic
3] Ruadh, king of Osraighe and with the chieftains of
4] Osraighe likewise; a slaughter of the Foreigners of Ath-cliath,
5] with Trosdan, son of Eric, and, with Pol Adhmann,
6] and with Beollan Armann, et alii; a slaughter of the
7] men of Mumha, with two Ua Brics, i.e. two royal heirs of
8] the Deisi, and with Ua-Failbhe i.e. royal heir of Corca-Dhuibhne,
9] and a dynast of Laighen, i.e. with Ua Muireghaigh,
10] i.e. king of Ciarraighe, together with his son; et
11] alii multi optimi quos causa brevitatis scribere praetermisimus.


12] The Cenel-Eoghain, and the nobles of Cenel-Conaill
13] and of the North likewise, returned with great
14] spoils, and with numerous treasures, including the royal
15] pavilion, and the standard and many precious things
16] besides.


Maghnus, King of Lochlann, was slain on a
17] predatory expedition in Ulidia.

Annal LC1104


18] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 1st of the
19] moon; the age of the Lord four years, and a hundred,
20] and a thousand.


O'Conchobhair of Corcumruaidh, i.e.
21] Conchobhar, son of Maelsechlainn, mortuus est.


22] Ua Ruairc a suis fratribus occisus est.


A hosting
23] by Muirchertach Ua Briain to Magh-Muirthemhne, and he
24] totally destroyed the tillage of the plain; and it was on this
25] hosting that Cu-Uladh O Caindelbhain, King of Laeghaire,
26] was thrown from his horse, of which he died.


A hosting
27] by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn to Magh-Cobha, when he
28] obtained the hostages of Ulidia; and he proceeded to Temhair,
29] and burned a large part of Uí-Laeghaire, but gave
30] protection to some of them however.


Donnchadh Ua Conchobhair,
31] King of Cianachta, was slain by his own people.

Annal LC1105


32] The kalends of January on the 1st feria, the 12th of
33] the moon; the age of the Lord five years, and a hundred,


1] and a thousand.


Conchobhar, son of Maelsechlainn, royal
2] heir of Temhair, occisus est.


Domhnall, comarb of
3] Patrick, came to Ath-cliath, to make peace between Muirchertach
4] O'Briain and Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, where
5] sickness seized him, and he was carried in his sickness
6] to Domhnach-oirther-Emhna, where he was anointed;
7] and he was afterwards carried to Daimhliag, where he
8] died; and his body was taken to Ard-Macha.


9] son of Aedh, son of Maelisa, was ordained in his place, in
10] the comarbship of Patrick, by the choice of the men of
11] Erinn; and he received orders on the day of Adhamnan's
12] festival.


A hosting by Muirchertach O'Briain, when he
13] expelled Donnchadh Ua Maelsechlainn from the sovereignty
14] of the West of Midhe.

Annal LC1106


15] The kalends of January on the 2nd feria, the 23rd of
16] the moon, the age of the Lord six years, and a hundred,
17] and a thousand.


A predatory hosting by Domhnall Mac
18] Lachlainn, to assist Donnchadh Ua Maelsechlainn, when
19] they injured the west of Midhe; and Donnchadh himself
20] was met there on a scouting party, and slain.


21] comarb of Patrick, went on the visitation of Cenel-Eoghain,
22] for the first time, and he obtained his full demand,
23] viz.:—a cow for every six persons, or an in-calf heifer
24] for every three, or half an ounce for every four, in addition
25] to many offerings besides.


Cathbharr O'Domhnaill,
26] pillar of the defence and warfare, of the glory and hospitality
27] of the Cenel-Luighdech, died.


Ceallach went on a
28] visitation of Mumha, the first time also; and he obtained
29] his full tribute, viz.:—seven cows, and seven sheep, and
30] half an ounce for every triocha-ced in Mumha, in addition


1] to many presents besides; and Ceallach, moreover
2] received the dignity of a superior bishop, by the consent
3] of the men of Erinn, on that occasion.

Annal LC1107


4] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 4th of the
5] moon; the age of the Lord seven years, and a hundred,
6] and a thousand.


Snow fell for a day and night, the Wednesday
7] before the festival of Patrick, which caused a great
8] destruction of the cattle of Erinn.


Cenn-coradh was
9] burned between the two Easters, with sixty puncheons
10] of mead and beer.


Conchobhar, grandson of Donnsleibhe,
11] royal heir of Uladh, was slain by the men of
12] Fernmhagh.


A victory by the Uí-Bresail over the Uí-Meth,
13] in which they were slaughtered, together with
14] their king, i.e. Aedh Ua hInnreachtaigh.


Very wet
15] weather in this year, which destroyed all the corn crops.


16] A year's peace was made by Ceallach, comarb of Patrick,
17] between Muirchertach Ua Briain and Domhnall Mac
18] Lachlainn.

Annal LC1108


19] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the l5th of the
20] moon; the age of the Lord eight years, and a hundred,
21] and a thousand.


Luimnnech was burned.


Domhnall Ua
22] Ruairc, king of Uí-Briuin, occisus est.


Ceallach, comarb
23] of Patrick, proceeded on a visitation of Connacht
24] for the first time, and obtained his full demand.


A house
25] was taken by Ua Mathghamhna and Ua Maelruanaidh
26] over Goll Garbraighe, i.e. the king of Uladh, i.e. Eochaidh,
27] son of Donnsleibhe Ua hEochadha, and he was beheaded


1] by them.


A great crop of oak fruit throughout all Erinn.


2] A sappy year, with good weather, and with much corn
3] and produce, was this year.

Annal LC1109


4] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 26th of
5] the moon; the age of the Lord nine years, and a hundred,
6] and a thousand.


Easter on the 7th of the kalends of
7] May, and Little Easter on the second day of summer.


8] hosting by Muirchertach Ua Briain, to aid Murchadh Ua
9] Maelsechlainn, and he plundered a section of the Uí-Briuin.


10] A hosting by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn accompanied by the
11] men of
the North of Erinn, to Sliabh-Fuaid; but Ceallach,
12] comarb of Patrick, made a year's peace between O'Briain
13] and Mac Lachlainn; and the men of the North of Erinn,
14] together with the Cenel-Conaill and Cenel-Eoghain, went
15] afterwards to Magh-Uí-Bresail, to attack the Ulidians
16] who were in Magh-Cobha but the Ulidians gave them
17] the three hostages whom they themselves selected.


18] Ua Ruairc came twice into the camp of Murchadh Ua
19] Maelsechlainn, and committed a slaughter. through the
20] curse of the congregation of Patrick.


Mac Gillapatraic,
21] king of Osraighe, i.e. Domhnall Ruadh, was killed by
22] another youth whilst playing a game.

Annal LC1110


23] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the 7th of the
24] moon; the age of the Lord ten years, and a hundred, and
25] a thousand.


Gillacoluim O'Maelmhuaidh, king of Feara-Ceall
26] jugulatus est.


Murchadh, son of Tadhg Ua Briain,
27] royal heir of Mumha, mortuus est.


Bébhinn, daughter of
28] Cenneidigh Ua Briain, wife of Domhnall Mae Lachlainn,
29] king of Oilech, died.


A predatory expedition by Domhnall
30] Mac Lachlainn into Connacht, whence he carried off a
31] thousand prisoners, and several thousand cattle.


32] comarb of Patrick, went for the/ first time on a visitation
33] of Midhe, and carried off from it his full demand.


34] victory by the Conmaicne over the Síl-Muireghaigh, i.e.


1] the victory of Magh-Brénghair.


A victory by the Síl-Muireghaigh
2] over the Conmaicne, viz.:—the victory of
3] the Ros, opposite Cruachan, in which fell three Ua
4] Ferghails, and many other nobles besides.

Annal LC1111


5] The kalends of January on the 1st feria, the 18th of the
6] moon; the age of the Lord eleven years, and a hundred,
7] and a thousand.


Port-Lairge was burned.


Cenannus was
8] burned.


A hosting by the Ulidians to Telach-óg, when
9] they cut down its sacred trees.


A predatory excursion by
10] Niall Mac Lachlainn, who carried off three thousand cows
11] in revenge for them.


Dun-da-lethghlas was burned by
12] lightning, both Rath and Trian.


A synod of clerics
13] at Fiadh-mic-Aenghusa, in Uisnech, including Cellach,
14] comarb of Patrick, and including Maelmuire Ua Dunain,
15] i.e. the noble senior of Erinn, with fifty bishops, vel paulo
16] plus, with three hundred priests, and with three thousand
17] students, together with Muirchertach Ua Briain, attended
18] by the nobles of Leth-Mogha, to impose rules and good customs
19] on all, both laity and clergy.


Donnchadh Ua hAnluain,
20] king of Uí-Niallain, was slain by his brothers, in treachery.


21] These brothers were slain by the Uí-Niallain, in revenge
22] for him, before the end of twenty nights thereafter.


23] convention between Domhnall Mac Lachlainn and Donnchadh
24] Ua hEochadha, when they made a full peace; and
25] the Ulidians gave hostages to Domhnall, for the payment
26] of
his own demand.

Annal LC1112


27] The kalends of January on the 2nd feria, the 29th of
28] the moon; the age of the Lord twelve years, and a hundred,
29] and a thousand.


The Rath of Ard-Macha, with its church,
30] was burned on the 10th of the kalends of April, and two
31] rows of Trian-Massan, and the third row of Trian-mór.


32] A predatory expedition by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn across
33] Fine-Gall, and he carried off an immense number of captives,
34] and a great spoil cattle.


Annal LC1113


1] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the l0th of
2] the moon; the age of the Lord thirteen years, and
3] a hundred, and a thousand.


A thunderbolt fell on Cruachan-Aighle,
4] on the night of the festival of Patrick, which
5] destroyed thirty of the fasting people.


6] O'Conchobhair, king of Corcumruaidh, died.


7] O'Tairchert, chieftain of Clann-Sneidhghile, was slain
8] by Niall Mac Lachlainn.


A hosting by Domhnall Mac
9] Lachlainn, with the nobles of Cenel-Conaill and Cenel-Eoghain,
10] and the Airghialla, to Glenn-Righe; and they
11] expelled Donnchadh from the sovereignty of Uladh, and
12] divided Uladh between Ua Mathghamhna and the sons of
13] Donnsleibhe; but Dal-Araidhe and Uí-Echach were retained
14] by himself.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua Briain,
15] with the men of Mumha, and the Lagenians and Connachtmen,
16] to Magh-Cobha, to aid Donnchadh.


Another hosting
17] by Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, with the men of Cenel-Conall
18] and of Cenel-Eoghain, and the Airghialla, to Magh-Cobha
19] likewise, to aid the Ulidians; and there was a danger of
20] battle between them, until the comarb of Patrick separated
21] them under the semblance of peace.


22] Ua hEochadha was blinded by Eochaidh Ua Mathghamhna
23] and the Ulidians.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua Briain
24] and the people of Leth Mogha both laics and clerics, to
25] Grenog.


Domhnall Mac Lachlainn, with the nobles of the
26] North of Erinn, viz.:—of the Cenel-Conaill and Cenel-Eoghain,
27] and Airghialla, proceeded to Cluain-caein, in
28] Feara-Rois; and they were during the space of a month
29] confronting one another, until Ceallach, comarb of
30] Patrick, with the Bachall-Isa, made a year's peace between
31] them.


A fierce conflict between the men of Fernmhagh
32] themselves, in which two royal heirs of Fernmhagh,
33] viz. Ua Crichain and Ua Donnagain, were slain.