Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Loch Cé (Author: [unknown])


Annal LC1014


1] The kalends of January on Friday, the 26th of the
2] moon, the 15th; the age of the Lord, at that time,
3] fourteen years and a thousand.


A hosting by the son of
4] Amhlaibh, and by Maelmordha, and the Foreigners and
5] Lagenians, into Midhe and Bregha, and afterwards to
6] Termann-Feichin; and they carried off innumerable cows,
7] and a great number of captives.


The festival of Gregory
8] before shrovetide in this year, and Little Easter in
9] summer, which had not been noticed from a remote time.


10] A great assemblage of the men of Mumha, and Midhe,
11] and the South of Connacht, by Brian Boromha, son of
12] Cenneidigh, i.e. the King of Erinn, against the Foreigners
13] of Ath-cliath, and against the Lagenians, to bring them
14] under his obedience, as he had previously brought them;
15] for a mutually aggressive war kindled and arose, at that
16] time, between Brian and the Foreigners of Ath-cliath and
17] the Lagenians. Brian took up a position in Cluain-tarbh
18] in old Magh-Ealta, to the north of Ath-cliath. To attack
19] Ath-cliath on this occasion was not to attack a 'neglected
20] breach.' It was like putting a hand into a griffin's nest
21] to assail it. It woulld not be evading conflict, but seeking
22] great battles and contests, to advance against the multitude
23] that had then arrived there; for the choicest brave


1] men and heroes of the island of Britain had arrived
2] there, from Caer-Eabhrog, and from Caer-Eighist, and
3] from Caer-Goniath. There arrived there, still, the principal
4] kings and chieftans, knights and warriors, champions
5] of valour and brave men of the north of the world, both
6] Black Lochlonnachs and Fair Lochlonnachs, in the
7] following and friendship of the Foreigners, until they
8] were in Ath-cliath, with the son of Amhlaibh, offering
9] war and battle to the Gaeidhel. Thither came Siograd
10] Finn, and Siograd Donn, two sons of Lothar, Jarl of
11] Innsi-hOrc, accompanied by the armies of Innsi-hOrc.
12] Thither came, moreover, great hosts from Innsi-Gall, and
13] from Manainn, and from the Renna, and from the Britons,
14] and from the Flemings. There arrived there also Brodar,
15] i.e. the Jarl of Caer-Eabhrog, with very great hosts, and
16] Uithir the Black, i.e. the warrior of Caer- Eighist, and
17] Grisine, a knight of the Flemings, and Greisiam from the Normans.
18] There arrived there, likewise, a thousand bold,
19] brave, powerful heroes of the black Danars, with shields
20] and targets, and with many corslets, from Thafinn. The
21] great armies and famous young bands of Fine-Gall were
22] also there, and the merchants who had come from the
23] lands of France, and from the Saxons, and from Britain,
24] and from the Romans. There arrived there, moreover,
25] Maelmordha, son of Murchadh, son of Finn, i.e. the chief
26] king of the province of Laighen, with the kings, and
27] chieftains, and brave men of Laighen, with youths and
28] servants accompanying them in the same multitude.

29] Great,indeed, was the multitude and assemblage that
30] came thither. Warlike and haughty was the uprising they


1] made, viz.:—the warriors and champions of the Foreigners,
2] and of the Gaeidhel of Laighen, against the battalions of the
3] men of Mumha, and to ward off from them the oppression of
4] Brian Boromha. The muster of the Danars was, therefore,
5] six great battalions, i.e, one battalion guarding the fortress
6] within, and five battalions contending against the
7] Gaeidhel.

8] Brian, however, assembled neither host nor multitude
9] against this great army of the west of the world, and of
10] Foreigners, but the men of Mumha alone, and Maelshechlainn
11] with the men of Midhe; for there came not to him the
12] Ulidians, nor the Airghialla; nor the Cenel-Eoghain,
13] nor the Cenel-Conaill; nor the men of Connacht, save the Hi-Maine,
14] and Hi-Fiachrach, and Cenel-Oedha; for goodwill
15] existed not then between Brian and Tadhg-an-eichghil,
16] son of Cathal, son of Conchobhar, king of Connacht;
17] and hence it was that Tadhg refused to go with Brian to
18] that battle of Cluain-tarbh.

19] Moreover, Indeirghe, son of Uradhan, i.e. Brian's orderly-servant,
20] saw in a vision, the night before the battle, a
21] synod of many clerics, as he thought, coming towards the
22] camp, singing psalms and reading aloud; and Indeirghe
23] asked who the clerics were. ‘That is Senan, son of Gerrchinn’,
24] said the clerics. ‘What has brought him hither
25] from his own church?’ asked Indeirghe. ‘Debts that are
26] due to him from Brian’, replied the cleric, ‘and it is to


1] demand them he has come here’. ‘They would be paid
2] to him at his house’, said Indeirghe, ‘even though he
3] had not come here’. ‘To-morrow the time for paying
4] them to Senan arrives’, said the cleric, ‘and they must
5] be paid’. They afterwards departed from him. Indeirghe
6] told Brian, moreover, the vision that he had seen, and his
7] Brian's mind was the worse for hearing it.

8] Diarmaid Ua Corcrain, i.e. the orderly-man of Domhnall,
9] son of Diarmaid, and who had been at the killing
10] of the Foreigners in Inis-Cathaigh, saw the same vision,
11] on the night of Easter Friday, for Brian; and
12] thirty-seven years before that Friday night in which Brian was slain
13] this vision was seen.

14] Oebhinn, daughter of Donn-Oilen, came a short time
15] before nocturns on that night, from the Sidh of Craigliath,
16] to converse with Brian, and told him that he
17] would fall on the morrow. Brian enquired of her which
18] of his sons would be king after him, and how many of them
19] would be slain in the battle along with himself.
20] ‘The first son whom thou shalt see shall be king after
21] thee,’ said she. Wherefore it was that Brian sent for
22] Murchadh, in order that he might come to speak with him
23] before all, ere the multitude would arrive. Murchadh
24] came not until he put on his garment. Then it was that
25] Donnchadh heard the voice of Brian, conversing with his
26] Ordlerly-servant, and he waited not to put on all his
27] clothes, but came quickly and placed his hand on the post
28] of the bed in which Brian was, in his tent, and asked
29] Brian what he should do, whether he should go on the


1] foraging excursions, or remain in the camp. Brian said,
2] however, when he recognized Donnchadh's voice, for he
3] liked not his being the first to come to him
, ‘I care not
4] what thou doest,’ said he, ‘as it was not for thee I was
5] seeking’ Donnchadh, moreover, left the tent after that,
6] in anger, and Murchadh met him in the door of the tent,
7] and neither of them saluted the other.

8] When Murchadh, also, came and was conversing with
9] Brian, Brian said to him: ‘go to thy bed’, said he, ‘until
10] the day comes, and that which I should wish, God has not
11] permitted to thee.’ All evil omens were thus crowding
12] upon them until the morning of the day came with its full
13] brightness, i.e. Easter Friday. It was then that a brave,
14] noble battle was fought between them on both sides,
15] for which no equal was found in Erinn. The Foreigners
16] and Lagenians were first defeated and entirely routed, in
17] quo bello cecidit ex adversa caterva Gallorum, Maelmordha,
18] son of Murchadh, chief king of Laighen, and
19] Domhnall, son of Ferghal, king of the Fortuatha, and
20] Brogarbhan, son of Conchobhar, king of Uí-Failghe.
21] Cecidit vero a Gallis, Dubhgall, son of Amhlaibh, and
22] Sighrud, son of Lothar, Jarl of Insi-hOrc, and Gillaciarain,
23] son of Gluniarainn, royal heir of the Foreigners; Uithir
24] the Black, and Suairtghair, and Donnchadh, grandson of
25] hErulbh, and Grisine, and Luimne, and Amhlaibh, son of
26] Lagmann, and Brodar, i.e. the captain of the Lochlann
27] fleet, who slew Brian
; and six thousand, either by killing
28] or drowning. There fell there, also, in the mutual
29] wounding of that battle, of the Gaeidhel, Brian, son of
30] Cenneidigh, son of Lorcan, supreme king of the Gaeidhel
31] of Erinn, and of the Foreigners of Britain, and the
32] Augustus of the whole north-west of Europe, and his son,


1] i.e. Murchadh, and his son, viz. Toirrdhelbhach, son of
2] Murchadh; and Conaing, son of Donncuan, son of Cenneidigh,
3] royal heir of Mumha; and Mothla, son of Domhnall,
4] son of Faelan, king of the Deisi-Mumhan; and Eochaidh,
5] son of Dunadhach, and Niall, son of Conn, and Cuduiligh,
6] son of Cenneidigh—Brian's three guards; and Tadhg, son of
7] Murchadh Ua Ceallaigh, king of Uí-Maine; Maelruanaidh
8] Ua hEidhin, king of Aighne; Geibhendach Ua Dubhagain,
9] king of Fera-Maighe; and Mac-Bethaidh, son of Muiredhach
10] Claen, king of Ciarraighe-Luachra; and Domhnall,
11] son of Diarmaid, king of Corca-Bhaiscinn; Sgannlan, son
12] of Cathal, king of Eoghanacht-Locha-Léin; and Domhnall,
13] son of Eimhin, son of Cainnech Mór, great steward
14] of Marr in Alba; et alii multi nobiles.

15] The supreme king, i.e. Brian, son of Cenneidigh, and
16] Conaing, son of Donncuan, were behind the battalions,
17] chaunting their psalms, and performing prayers, when
18] a vehement, furious, Danmarkian escaped from the battle,
19] avoiding death, until he came to the place where the king
20] was. As soon as the Danmarkian perceived the king
21] unguarded, he unsheathed his sword, and beheaded
22] the supreme king of Erinn, and he beheaded Conaing likewise;
23] and he himself fell in the mutual wounding of that
24] fight.

25] Maelmuire, son of Eochaidh, i.e. the comarb of Patrick,
26] came, truly, with seniors and, relics to Sord-Choluim-Chille,
27] and bore from thence the bodies of Brian and his
28] son Murchadh, and the head of Conaing, and the head of
29] Mothla, which he buried at Ard-Macha, in a new grave.
30] Two nights, moreover, was he, with the congregation of Patrick,
31] waking the bodies, propter honorem regis positi.


32] Dunlaing, son of Tuathal, King of Laighen, died.


33] A battle between Cian, son of Maelmhuaidh, and Domhnall,
34] son of Dubhdabhoirenn, in which Cian, and Cathal, and


1] Raghallach —the three sons of Maelmhuaidh—were slain,
2] and a prodigious slaughter about them.


Cathal, son of
3] Domhnall, king of Uí-Echach, was slain by Donnchadh,
4] son of Brian.


A victory by Tadhg, son of Brian, over
5] Donnchadh, son of Brian, in which Ruaidhri, son of
6] Donnagan, king of Aradh, was killed.


A hosting by
7] Ua Maeldoraidh and Ua Ruairc into Magh-Aei, and
8] they slew Domhnall, son of Cathal, and devastated the
9] plain, and carried off the pledges of Connacht, licet non in
10] eadem vice.


A victory over the Dal-Araidhe by the
11] Ultonians, ubi multi occisi sunt.


Flaithbhertach, son of
12] Domhnall, comarb of Ciaran and Finnen; and Ronan,
13] comarb of Fechin; and Conn Ua Digraidh, in Christo
14] dormierunt.


Numerous are the events of this year.

Annal LC1015


15] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the 4th of the
16] moon; the age of the Lord fifteen years over a thousand.


17] Domhnall, son of Dubhdabhoirenn, was slain in a battle by
18] Donnchadh, son of Brian.


Flaithbhertach Ua Neill came
19] into Midhe, to assist Maelsechlainn. Maelsechlainn went
20] afterwards on a hosting into Laighen, and he plundered
21] Laighen and carried off a borumha, and the pledges
22] of Laighen.


Niall, son of Ferghal, son of Connach, a suo
23] genere occisus est, i.e. by the Uí-Tuirtre.


24] Ua Lorcain, airchinnech of Lothra, died


Aedh Ua
25] Ruairc, king of Breifne, was slain, dolose, by Tadbg-an-eich-ghil,
26] son of Cathal, king of Connacht, viz.:—at Loch
27] Neill in Magh-Aei, against the protection of the Bachal-Isa;
28] wherefore it was that kingship was taken from his
29] children, except Aedh alone.


Annal LC1016


1] The kalends of January on the lst feria, the l8th of
2] the moon; the age of the Lord sixteen years and a
3] thousand.


Mac Liag, chief poet of Erinn, mortuus est.


4] battle between the Ulidians and the Dal-Araidhe, and the
5] Dal-Araidhe were defeated; in which fell Domhnall Ua
6] Loingsigh, king of Dal-Araidhe, and Niall, son of Dubhthuinne,
7] and Conchobhar Ua Domhnallain, king of Uí-Tuirtre.


8] Niall, son of Eochaidh, and Coscrach, son of
9] Muiredhach, son of Flann, king of Feara-Maighe-Itha,
10] a suis occisi sunt.


Donncuan, son of Dunlaing, king of
11] Laighen, and Tadhg Ua Riain, king of Uí-Drona, were killed
12] by Donnchadh, son of Gillapatraic, in the middle of Leithghlinn.


13] Dun-leth-glaise was entirely burned.


14] and Cenannus were burned.


Airbhertach, son of Cosdobhran,
15] airchinnech of Ros-ailitrech, died.


Peace in Erinn.

Annal LC1017


16] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 28th of the
17] moon; the age of the Lord seventeen years and a thousand.


18] Aenghus, son of Carre Calma, royal heir of Temhair,
19] mortuus est.


Ferghal, son of Domhnall, son of Conchobhar,
20] royal heir of Ailech, was slain by the Cenel-Eoghain
21] themselves.


Flann Ua Beice, king of Uí-Méith, a suis
22] occisus est.


Cormac Ua Lorcain, king of Uí-Echach,
23] was slain by the Uí-Trena.


Donnchadh, son of Donnchadh
24] Ua Conghalaigh, royal heir of Erinn, a suis occisus est.


25] Muiredhach Ua Duibheoin, king of Uí-mic-Uais-Bregh,
26] was slain by Flaithbhertach Ua Neill.


A slaughter of the
27] Foreigners and Lagenians, near Odhbha, by Maclsechlainn.


28] Oengus, son of Flann, airchinnech of Lann-leire; Cormac
29] Ua Maelmidhe, airchinnech of Druim-raithe, mortui sunt.


30] Gillacoluim, son of Muiredhach Ua Maeltrea, and Oedh
31] Ua hEradháin, King of Ui-mBresail-Macha, mortui sunt.


32] Gillachrist Ua Lorcain, lord of Caille-Follamhain, was
33] killed in Cenannus.


Annal LC1018


1] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the 10th
2] of the moon; the age of the Lord eighteen years and a
3] thousand.


Braen, son of Maelmordha, king of Laighen,
4] was blinded in Ath-cliath by Sitric, son of Amhlaibh.


5] Maelan, son of Eicnech Ua Lorcain, king of Gailenga
6] and all Tuath-Luighne, was slain by the Saithne.


7] hosting by the Cenel-Eoghain to Cill-Fabhrich, when
8] they killed a great number, and lost Gillachrist, son of
9] Conaing, son of Conghalach, steward of Clann-Sinnaigh.


10] Domhnall Ua Caindelbhain, king of Laeghaire, and
11] Caismidhe, i.e. Maelsechlainn's lawgiver, were slain by
12] the Feara-Ceall and Ele, whilst taking a prey.


The hairy
13] star was seen in this year, during the space of a fortnight,
14] in harvest time.

Annal LC1019


15] The kalends of January on the 5th feria, the 2lst
16] of the moon; the age of the Lord nineteen years and
17] a thousand.


Ailén, son of Oissén, king of Mughorna,
18] and Oissen Ua Cathusaigh, lord of Saithne, were killed
19] by the Gailenga.


Cill-dara was all burned by lightning.


20] Domhnall, son of Maelsechlainn, comarb of Finnen and
21] Mocholmog, in Christo quievit.


Ardghar and Archú
22] sons of Maelsechlainn, son of Maelruanaidh—two royal
23] heirs of Oilech, —a suis occisi sunt.


Mathghamhain, son
24] of Conaing, son of Donncuan, royal heir of Mumha, died.


25] Flaithbhertach Ua Neill went into Tir-Conaill, and he
26] destroyed Tir-Enna and Tir-Lughdech.


Ruaidhri Ua
27] hAillelain, king of Uí-Echach, was slain by the men of
28] Fernmhagh. The two sons of Cennedigh, viz.:—Conghalach
29] and Gillamuire, were likewise slain, immediately
30] after, in revenge of him.


An attack was made on
31] Donnchadh, son of Brian, by the Uí-Caisin, and his right
32] hand was cut off.


The stone-church of Dermhagh was
33] broken open by Muirchertach, grandson of Carrach, against


1] Maelmhuaidh, king of Feara-Ceall, who was taken out
2] of it by force, and afterwards slain.

Annal LC1020


3] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 2nd of
4] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty years and a thousand.


5] Cill-dara, with its oratories, was burned.


6] with its oratories, was burned.


Cluain-Iraird, and
7] Cluain-mic-Nois, and Sord-Choluim-Chille, tertia parte
8] crematae sunt.


Flaithbhertach, grandson of Eochaidh,
9] was blinded by Niall, son of Eochaidh.


Gillaciarain, son
10] of Oisen, king of Mughdhorna during the space of one
11] day, was slain by the Uí-mic-Uais-Bregh.


12] was altogether burned, viz.:—the great stone-church
13] with its roof of lead, and the belfry with its bells, and
14] the Sabhall, and the Toai, and Carbad-na-nAbadh,
15] and the old preaching chair, on the 3rd of the kalends
16] of June, the Monday before Whitsuntide.


17] son of Eochaidh, comarb of Patrick, head of the
18] clerics of the entire West of Europe, in the 20th year
19] of his government, on the 3rd of the nones of June,
20] on Friday before Whitsuntide, in Christo quievit.


21] Amhalghaidh placed in the comarbship of Patrick,
22] with the consent of laity and clergy.


Finnlaech, son of
23] Ruaidhri, king of Alba, a suis occisus est.


Oedh Ua hInnrechtaigh,
24] king of Uí-Meth, was slain by the Uí-Niallain.

Annal LC1021


25] The kalends of January on the lst feria, the l3th
26] of the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-one years
27] and a thousand.


A victory by Ughaire, son of Dunlaing,
28] king of Laighen, over Sitric, son of Amhlaibh, king of
29] Ath-cliath, at Deilgne-Moghorog.


A shower of wheat
30] was shed in Osraighe in hoc anno.


A predatory excursion
31] by the son of Oedh Ua Neill through Uí-Dortain; they
32] were in Magh-atechta, and they killed the Lethderg


1] in a conflict, but the Uí-Meith, and the Mughdhorna,
2] and the Saithne, and the men of Fernmhagh, and the
3] Uí-Dorton, with their kings, overtook them. Ua Celechain
4] and Ua Lorcain, with the Uí-Breasail and Uí-Niallain,
5] were, moreover, before them in Oenach-Macha, so
6] that they all surrounded him; but the son of Oedh Ua
7] Neill carried his preys through them all, and he had
8] only twelve score warriors; and many were slain between
9] them in the middle of Ard-Macha. Sic in libro
10] Dubh-da-leithe.


Brannacan Ua Maeluidhir, a chief of
11] Midhe, was slain on May-day in Loch-Ainninn.


12] son of Flann, son of Maelsechlainn, royal heir of Temhair,
13] and Domhnall, grandson of Murchadh, occisi sunt.

Annal LC1022


14] The kalends of January on the 2nd feria, the 24th
15] of the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-two years
16] and a thousand.


The son of Cerbhall, king of Eile, and
17] Domhnall Ua Ceallaigh, king of Fotharta, and Sitric, son
18] of Imhar, king of Port-Lairge, occisi sunt.


19] son of Cairell, king of Oirghiall, and Flann Ua Tadhgain,
20] airchinnech of Derrinhagh, and Lachtnan, comarb of Iniscain-Degha,
21] in Christo dormierunt; in Ard-Macha he
22] died.


Maelsechlainn the Great, son of Domhnall, supreme
23] king of Erinn, pillar of the dignity and nobility of the
24] west of the world, died in the 43rd year of his reign, in
25] the 73rd year of his age, on the 4th of the nones of September,
26] viz.:—on Sunday, the 2nd of the moon.


27] A naval battle on the sea, between the foreigners of
28] Ath-cliath and Niall, son of Eochaidh, king of Uladh; and
29] the foreigners were defeated, and slaughtered; and some of


1] them were enslaved, moreover.


Muirchertach, grandson of
2] Carra, royal heir of Temhair, was slain by the Guth, i.e.
3] by Maelsechlainn.


A victory was gained at Sliabh-Fuaid,
4] over the Airghialla, by Niall, son of Eochaidh; and a
5] terrible slaughter of the Airghialla was committed there.
6] Mathghamhain, son of Laighnén, king of Fermhagh, was
7] slain by Cathal Ua Crichain, in the middle of Cluain-Eois.

Annal LC1023


8] The kalends of January on the 3rd feria, the 2nd of the
9] moon; the age of the Lord twenty-three years and
10] a thousand. An eclipse on the l4th of the January
11] moon, the 4th of the ides of January, on Thursday. An
12] eclipse of the sun, also, on the 27th of the same moon, on
13] Thursday, at the end of a fortnight, on the ninth of the
14] kalends of February.


Domhnall, son of Oedh Bec Ua
15] Maelsechlainn, was slain by the son of Senan Ua
16] Leochain.


Donnchadh Ua Duinn, king of Bregha,
17] was apprehended by the Foreigners, in their own assembly,
18] and taken beyond the sea.


Lochlainn, son
19] of Maelsechlainn, was slain a suis.


Tadhg, son of
20] Brian, was slain by the Eile.


Conchobhar, grandson
21] of Carra, was killed by the Guths.


22] king of Britain, died.


Oenric, king of the world, died
23] in pace; after him Cuana assumed the sovereignty
24] of the world.


Domhnall Ua hEghra, king of Luighne
25] of Connacht, was slain by Ua Conchobhair, i.e. the king of
26] Connacht.

Annal LC1024


27] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the l6th
28] of the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-four years
29] and a thousand.


Ugaire, son of Dunlaing, king of
30] Laighen, and Maelmordha, son of Lorcan, king of Uí-Ceinnsealaigh,
31] had a house captured against them, at
32] Dubhloch, by Donnsleibhe, son of Maelmordha, king of
33] Uí-Faelain, and they fell there.


Donnsleibhe was himself
34] slain, soon afterwards, by the Uí-Muiredhaigh.


The battle of
35] Ath-na-croisi, in Corann, between Ua Maeldoraidh, i.e.
36] king of Cenel-Conaill, and Ua Ruairc; when Ua Ruairc was


1] defeated, and a terrible slaughter of the men of Breifne
2] and Connacht was committed by the Cenel-Conaill.


3] Ua Lochain, i.e. the chief poet of Erinn, was slain by the men
4] of
Tethfa. God performed a ‘poet's miracle,’ manifestly,
5] on the party that killed him, for they died an evil death,
6] and their bodies were not buried until wolves and birds
7] preyed upon them.


Domhnall,son of Aedh, royal heir of
8] Oilech, was slain by Gillamughra, son of Ogan.


9] Ua Conchaille, king of Uí-Niallain,was killed by the Ui-Dorthainn.


10] Maelruanaidh Ua Ciardha, i.e. king of
11] Cairpre, a suis occisus est.


A predatory expedition by
12] the son of Ua Neill, so that he ravaged Uí-Meth and
13] Uí-Dorthainn.

Annal LC1025


14] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 2nd
15] of the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-five years
16] and a thousand.


Muiredhach, son of Mughron, comarb
17] of Ciaran; Maeleoin Ua Torain, comarb of Doire,
18] dormierunt.


Niall Ua Conchobbair, royal heir of
19] Connacht; Geirgaela, king of Bregha, occisi sunt.


20] Got, king of Midhe, died.


A hosting by
21] Flaithbhertach Ua Neill into Bregha and to the Foreigners,
22] and he took the hostages of the Gaeidhel from the Foreigners.


23] A predatory expedition by Cathalan, king of
24] Fernmhagh, against the Feara-Manach.


A predatory
25] expedition by the Feara-Manach, immediately after, to
26] Loch-nUaithne, which they burned, and they slew
27] seventeen men on the margin of the lake.


28] was plundered by Cathalan Ua Crichain.

Annal LC1026


29] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the 16th of
30] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-six years and
31] a thousand.


A hosting by the son of Brian into Midhe
32] and Bregha, and to the Foreigners and Lagenians, and


1] Osraighe, and he carried off their pledges.


A hosting by
2] Flaithbhertach Ua Neill into Midhe, whose pledges he
3] took; and he went over the ice into Inis-Mochta, so that
4] he plundered the island.


A hosting by the son of
5] Eochaidh, at the same time, to the Foreigners; and he
6] burned their territory and carried off from them a great
7] spoil, and countless jewels.


Maelruanaidh Ua Maeldoraidh
8] went on his pilgrimage.


Aimhergin Ua Mordha,
9] king of Laighis, interfectus est.


Muiredhach Ua Céle
10] was betrayed by Domhnall Ua Ceallaigh, who slew him
11] in his own assembly.

Annal LC1027


12] The kalends of January on the lst feria, the 20th of
13] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-seven years
14] and a thousand.


Ruaidhri, sort of Fogartach, king of the
15] South of Bregha, died in pilgrimage.


Tadhg Mac Gillapatraic
16] was blinded by the king of Osraighe, i.e.
17] Donnchadh Mac Gillapatraic.


A hosting by the son of
18] Brian into Osraighe, when the Osraighe committed a
19] slaughter of his people, including Doghra, son of
20] Dunchadh, and Domhnall, son of Senchan, and a great
21] multitude besides.


Cathalan Ua Crichain, king of
22] Fermhagh, and Culocha Ua Gairbheith, king of Uí-Meith,
23] fell by each other in a conflict.


A predatory
24] expedition by the Cenel-Eoghain into Ulidia, and they
25] brought with them a great prey of cows.


26] in Alba, was altogether burned in hoc anno.

Annal LC1028


27] The kalends of January on the 2nd feria, the first of
28] the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-eight years and
29] a thousand.


Tadhg, son of Eochaidh, airchinnech of Cill-Dalua,
30] died. Brian Ua Conchobhair, and Cornán Ua Ruairc,
31] and Flaithbhertach Ua hEradhain, and Conchobhar, son
32] of Eochaidh, occisi sunt.


Maelmochta, king of Feara-Ross,
33] was slain by the Conaille.


Plundering of Daimhliag
34] by the Feara-Manach.


The son of Cu-Cuailgne, king of
35] Uí-Echach, died.


Sitric, son of Amhlaibh, king of the
36] Foreigners, and Flannagan Ua Ceallaigh, king of Bregha,


1] went to Rome.


A preying expedition by the Cenel-Eoghain
2] into Tir Conaill, where they carried off great
3] spoils.

Annal LC1029


4] The kalends of January on the 4th feria, the 12th
5] of the moon; the age of the Lord twenty-nine years
6] and a thousand.


Donnsleibhe Ua Brogarbhain, king of
7] Uí-Failghe, a suis occisus est.


Donnchadh Ua Donnacain,
8] king of Fernmhagh, and the son of Ua Geirrche, king of
9] Conaille, fell by each other at Cill-sleibhe.


Brian Ua Conchobhair,
10] royal heir of Connacht, a suis occisus est.


11] Oedh Ua Ruairc, and Oengus Ua hAenghusa, and the
12] airchinnech of Druim-cliabh, and sixty other persons
13] along with them, were burned in Inis-na-lainne.


14] Ua Canannain, or Ua Maeldoraidh, was slain
15] by the Uí-Canannain.


Amhlaibh, son of Sitric, king of
16] the Foreigners, was taken prisoner by Mathghamhain Ua
17] Riagain, king of Bregha, until he Amhlaibh gave twelve
18] hundred cows, and six score British horses, and three
19] score ounces of gold, and the sword of Carlus, and the
20] hostages of the Gaeidhel, both of Laighen and Leth-Chuinn;
21] and three scores ounces of white silver, as his
22] fetter ounce.


Maelcoluim, son of Maelbrighde, son of
23] Ruaidhri, and Maelbrighde Ua Brolchain, chief artificer
24] of Erinn in his time, mortui sunt.

Annal LC1030


25] The kalends of Jauuary on the 5th feria, the 23rd
26] of the moon; the age of the Lord thirty years and a
27] thousand.


Flaithbhertach came from Rome.


28] was burned and plundered by the Foreigners of
29] Ath-cliath, and two hundred men were burned in the
30] stone-church, and two hundred more carried off in captivity.


31] Cill-dara was burned through the negligence
32] of a woman.


A hosting by the son of Eochaidh to


1] Telach-óg, but he obtained nothing.


Eochaidh Ua Cethenén,
2] comarb of Tighernach, chief sage of Erinn in wisdom,
3] in Ard-Macha quievit.


Tadhg-an-eich-ghil, son of Cathal,
4] son of Conchobhar, i.e. chief king of Connacht, and the Got,
5] king of Midhe, occisi sunt.


Ruaidhri Ua Canannain was
6] slain by Oedh Ua Neill.


Tadhg Ua Lorcain, king of Uí-Ceinnsealaigh,
7] died on his pilgrimage at Glenn-da-locha.


8] Cumhara, son of Mac-Liag, chief poet of Erinn, died.

Annal LC1031


9] The kalends of January on the 6th feria, the 4th of
10] the moon; the age of the Lord thirty-one years and a
11] thousand.


Oedh Ua Neill went with a large army eastwards,
12] around the son of Eochaidh, when he carried off
13] three thousand cows, and one thousand and two hundred
14] captives.


A hosting by the son of Eochaidh into Uí-Echach,
15] when they burned Cill-Combair with its oratory,
16] and killed forty clerics, and carried off thirty captives.


17] A hosting by the son of Brian into Osraighe, when
18] a slaughter of his people was committed, including
19] Maelcoluim Caenraighech, et alii multi.


20] comarb of Caeimhghen, was blinded by Domhnall, son
21] of Dunlaing.


'The prey of the snow' by Aedh Ua
22] Neill, in Tir-Conaill, when he killed Ua Canannain, king
23] of Cenel-Conaill.


O'Donnagain, king of Aradh-thire, was
24] slain by Ua Briain, i.e. Toirdhealbhach.

Annal LC1032


25] The kalends of January on the 7th feria, the l5th of
26] the moon; the age of the Lord thirty-two years and
27] a thousand.


Mathghamhain Ua Riagain, king of Bregha,
28] was slain by Domhnall Ua Ceallaigh, per dolum.


29] son of Maelbrighde, great steward of Murebhe,
30] was burned; together with fifty persons.


Domhnall Ua
31] Maeldoraidh, king of Cenel-Conaill, died in this year.


32] The son of Mathghamhain, son of Muiredhach, king of
33] Ciarraighe, and Donnghal, son of Donncothaigh, king of


1] Gailenga, occisi sunt.


Edru Ua Conaing, royal heir of
2] Mumha, occisus est by the community of Imlech.


3] victory of Druim-Bennchair was gained over the Ulidians,
4] by the Airghialla.


The victory of Inbher-Boinne was
5] gained
by Sitric, son of Amhlaibh, over the Conaille,
6] and the Uí-Dorthainn, and the Uí-Meith, in which they
7] were put to slaughter.


Maeltuile, bishop of Ard-Macha,
8] in Christo quievit.


Aedh Ua Furreidh assumed the
9] bishoprick afterwards.

Annal LC1033


10] The kalends of January on the 2nd feria, the 26th
11] of the moon; the age of the Lord thirty-three years
12] and a thousand.


A victory by Murchadh Ua Maelsechlainn
13] over Conchobhar Ua Maelsechlainn, in which
14] Maelruanaidh, grandson of Carrach Calma, and Lorcan
15] Ua Caindelbhain, king of Laeghaire, et alii multi,
16] were slain.


Conchobhar Ua Muiredhaigh, king of Ciarraighe,
17] occisus est.


The fair of Carman was celebrated
18] by Donnchadh Mac Gillapatraic, after he had assumed
19] the kingship of Laighen.


Aimhergin Ua Cerbhaill, king
20] of Eile, and Cu-Mumhan, son of Ruaidhri Ua Cedfadha,
21] mortui sunt.


A victory was gained by the Eile, in which
22] Braen Ua Clerigh, and Muiredhach, son of Mac Gillapatraic,
23] et alii multi, were slain.


The shrine of Peter
24] and Paul dropped blood on the altar of Patrick, in
25] Ard-Macha, coram omnibus videntibus.


Aedh, son of
26] Flaithbhertach Ua Neill, king of Oilech, and royal heir
27] of Erinn, post poenitentiam mortuus est, on the night of
28] Andrew's festival.


Aedh Ua Neill mortuus est.