Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M1609


THE AGE OF CHRIST, 1609. The Age of Christ, one thousand six hundred nine.


Caffar Oge, the son of Caffar, son of Manus, son of Hugh Duv O'Donnell, was put to death at Dublin, by the English, on the 18th of July. It would have been no disgrace to the tribe of Conall, son of Niall, to elect this good man as their chief, if he had been permitted to go home to take the leadership of them, by reason of the nobleness of his blood and the greatness of his mind, and for his vigour, magnanimity, prudence, prowess, and puissance, in maintaining a battle against his opponents.


Brian-na-Samhthach, son of Art, son of Brian-na-mucheirghe O'Rourke, was slain by the English.


Mac Ward (Owen, the son of Godfrey, son of Owen, son of Godfrey), Ollav to O'Donnell in poetry, an intelligent, ingenious man, who kept an open house of general hospitality, died at an advanced age, after the victory of penance.