Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M1607


THE AGE OF CHRIST, 1607. The Age of Christ, one thousand six hundred seven.


O'Boyle (Teige Oge, the son of Teige, son of Turlough) died at Druim-arc, near Baile-Ui-Bhaoighill, on the 3rd day of May, and was interred at Donegal.


Maguire (Cuconnaught) and Donough, the son of Mahon, son of the Bishop O'Brien, brought a ship with them to Ireland, and put in at the harbour of Swilly. They took with them from Ireland the Earl O'Neill (Hugh, the son of Ferdorcha), and the Earl O'Donnell (Rury, the son of Hugh, son of Manus),


with a great number of the chieftains of the province of Ulster. These were they who went with O'Neill, namely, the Countess Catherina, the daughter of


Magennis, and her three sons, Hugh the Baron, John, and Brian; Art Oge, the son of Cormac, son of the Baron; Ferdorcha, son of Con, son of O'Neill;


Hugh Oge, the son of Brian, son of Art O'Neill; and many others of his faithful friends. These were they who went with the Earl O'Donnell: Caffar, his brother, and his sister, Nuala; Hugh, the Earl's son, wanting three weeks of being one year old; Rose, the daughter of O'Doherty, and wife of Caffar, with her son, Hugh, aged two years and three months; the son of his brother, Donnell Oge, the son of Donnell; Naghtan, the son of Calvagh, son of Donough Cairbreach O'Donnell; together with many others of his faithful friends. They entered the ship on the festival of the Holy Cross, in autumn.


This was a distinguished crew for one ship; for it is indeed certain that the sea had not supported, and the winds had not wafted from Ireland, in modern times, a party of one ship who would have been more illustrious or noble, in point of genealogy, or more renowned for deeds, valour, prowess, or high achievements, than they, if God had permitted them to remain in their patrimonies until their children should have reached the age of manhood. Woe to the heart that meditated, woe to the mind that conceived, woe to the council that decided on, the project of their setting out on this voyage, without knowing whether they should ever return to their native principalities or patrimonies to the end of the world.