Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M1605


THE AGE OF CHRIST, 1605. The Age of Christ, one thousand six hundred five.


Sir Arthur Chichester, Lord Justice of Ireland, and the Earl of Tyrone (Hugh, the son of Ferdorcha), went to Strabane. O'Neill claimed a portion of the territory which Niall O'Donnell had obtained from the King, namely, Moentacht. Niall produced before the Lord Justice the proofs that he had of his right to Moentacht, in succession from his ancestors; and, among the rest, he produced the charters which Manus O'Donnell had obtained from O'Neill (Con Bacagh) for setting at liberty Henry, the son of John, whom O'Donnell (Manus ) had had in his custody. The Lord Justice, Sir Arthur, having understood their stories on both sides, he adjudged Moentacht to Niall, and said that O'Neill could not by right claim the lands, inasmuch as his title, having been more than sixty years in abeyance, had become obsolete. Both were obliged to abide by this decision.


O'Rourke (Teige, son of Brian, son of Brian, son of Owen), Lord of Breifny, a man who had experienced many hardships and difficulties while defending his patrimony against his brother, Brian Oge; a man who was not expected to die on his bed, but by the spear or sword; a man who had fought many difficult battles, and encountered many dangers, while struggling for his patrimony and the dignity of his father, until God at length permitted him to obtain the lordship, died, and was interred with due honour in the Franciscan Monastery at Carrickpatrick.