Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M1372


THE AGE OF CHRIST, 1372. The Age of Christ, one thousand three hundred seventy-two.


Brian More Mac Mahon, Lord of Oriel, marched to give battle to the English; but he was privily and treacherously slain by a gallowglass of his own people, who thereupon fled from the army.


John More O'Dugan, a learned historian and ollav of Hy-Many, died, after the victory of Extreme Unction and penance, at Rinn-duin, among the monks of John the Baptist.


Murtough Muimhneach, son of Murtough More Mageoghegan, Chief of Kinel-Fiachach, died, after the victory of penance.


Mac Feorais Bermingham was taken prisoner by O'Kelly and his sons; and Richard Mac Feorais, his heir, was slain.


William, the son of Ulick, the most distinguished man of the Burkes for gaiety and polite manners, and William Oge O'Kelly, heir to the lordship of Hy-Many, died.