Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M590


The Age of Christ, 590.


The twenty third year of Aedh.


The battle of Eadan Mor was gained by Fiachna, son of Baedan, son of Cairell, son of Muireadhach Muindearg, over Gerthidhe, son of Ronan, Lord of Cianachta, of which was said:

    1. On the other occasion,
      when the soldiers of Baedan shall go into Breagh,
      The Cianachta shall be on the alert,
      they shall not be the next to the shot.


Seanchan, son of Colman Mor, was slain.


St. Gregory of the Golden Mouth was appointed to the chair and successorship of Peter the Apostle, against his will.

Annal M591


The Age of Christ, 591.


The twenty fourth year of Aedh.


Aedh Cerr, son of Colman, son of Cairbre, King of Leinster, died.

Annal M592


The Age of Christ, 592.


The twenty fifth year of Aedh.


Colum Cille, son of Feidhlimidh, apostle of Alba Scotland, head of the piety of the most part of Ireland and Alba, next after Patrick, died in his own church in Hy, in Alba, after the thirty fifth year of his pilgrimage, on Sunday night precisely, the 9th day of June. Seventy seven years was his whole age when he resigned his spirit to heaven, as is said in this quatrain:

    1. Three years without light
      was Colum in his Duibh-regles;
      He went to the angels from his body,
      after seven years and seventy.



Dallan Forgaill composed this on the death of Colum Cille:

    1. Like the cure of a physician without light,
      like the separation of marrow from the bone,
      Like a song to a harp without the ceis,
      are we after being deprived of our noble.


Aedh Dubh, son of Suibhne, King of Ulidia, was slain by Fiachna, son of Baedan. It was by this Aedh Dubh Diarmaid Mac Cearbhaill had been slain.

Annal M593


The Age of Christ, 593.


The twenty sixth year of Aedh.


Cumuscach, son of Aedh, son of Ainmire, was slain by Bran Dubh, son of Eochaidh, at Dun Bucat, as the Bishop St. Aedhan said:

    1. I implore the powerful Lord,
      near Cill Rannairech,
      It was he that took revenge of Comuscach,
      that slew Aedh mac Ainmirech.



The battle of Sliabh Cua, in Munster, was gained over the Munstermen by Fiachna, son of Baedan.


Tibraide, son of Calgach, died.

Annal M594


The Age of Christ, 594.


After Aedh, son of Ainmire, son of Sedna, had been twenty seven years in the sovereignty of Ireland, he was slain by Bran Dubh, son of Eochaidh, in the battle of Dun Bolg, in Leinster, after Aedh had


gone to exact the Borumha, and to avenge his son Comusgach upon them. Some nobles fell in this battle of Bealach Duin Bolg, together with Beg, son of Cuanach, Lord of Oirghialla. Of the death of Aedh was said:
    1. At Buac,
      the wave buffets the brink,
      News were heard, who, in weariness,
      slew Aedh, son of Ainmire.

The wife of Aedhi cecinit:

    1. Three sides were dear,
      from which to change is affords no hope,
      The side of Tailltin, the side of Teamhair,
      and the side of Aedh, son of Ainmire.

Annal M595


The Age of Christ, 595.


The first year of Aedh Slaine, son of the son of Diarmaid, son of Fearghus Cerrbheoil, and of Colman Rimidh, in the sovereignty of Ireland


Baeithin, son of Brenainn, Abbot of Ia Choluim Cille Iona, died on the 9th of June.


Alithir, Abbot of Cluain Mic Nois, died.


Annal M596


The Age of Christ, 596.


The second year of Aedh Slaine and of Colman.


St. Sinche, virgin, of Cluain Leththeangadh, died on the ninth day of November.


Suibhne, son of Colman Beg, Lord of Meath, was slain by Aedh Slaine, at Bridamh.

Annal M597


The Age of Christ, 597.


The third year of Aedh and Colman.


The sword blows of Bran Dubh in Breagh.


Brenainn, son of Cairbre, son of Fechine, Lord of Ui Maine, died.


The battle of Sleamhain, in Meath, was fought by Colman Rimidh against Conall Cu, son of Aedh, son of Ainmire; and Conall was defeated.


The battle of Cuil Cael, by Fiachna, son of Baedan, against Fiachna, son of Deman; and the battle was gained against Fiachna, son of Deman.


Uata, son of Aedh, son of Eochaidh Tirmcharna, King of Connaught, died.


Eochaidh, son of Diarmaid, Bishop and Abbot of Ard Macha Armagh, died.


Annal M598


The Age of Christ, 598.


The fourth year of Aedh and Colman.


St. Cainnech, Abbot of Achadh Bo, died on the 11th of October, after having been eighty four years in this life.


The battle of Eachros, in Muirisc, by Colman, chief of Cinel Cairbre, against Maelcothaigh, chief of Cinel Fiachrach, of Muirisc; and the battle was gained over Maelcothaigh.

Annal M600


The Age of Christ, 600.


St. Comhgall, of Beannchair, abbot of Beannchair Uladh, died on the tenth day of the month of May, after having been thirty years, three months, and ten days, in the abbacy of Bangor. His age was ninety years.


St. Colman, son of Leinin, died.


St. Laisren, abbot of Menadroichit, died.



After Aedh Slaine, son of Diarmaid, and Colman Rimidh, son of Baedan, son of Muircheartach, son of Muireadhach, son of Eoghan, son of Niall, had been six years in the sovereignty of Ireland, Colman Rimidh was slain by Lochan Dilmana, and Aedh Slaine was slain by Conall Guithbhinn, son of Suibhne, son of Colman Mor, or Beg, son of Diarmaid, son of Cearthall, at Loch Semhedidhe. Aedh Gustan, the foster brother of Conall, and Baethghal Bile, wounded him. Of their deaths was said:

    1. What is reign, what is law,
      what is power over chieftains?
      Behold, Colman Rimhidh the King!
      Lochan Dilmana slew him !
    2. It was not a wise counsel
      for the youths of Tuath Tuirbhe!
      Conall slew Aedh Slaine,
      Aedh Slaine slew Suibhne.


Conall, son of Suibhne, slew Aedh Roin, chief of Ui Failghe, at Faithche Mic Mencnain, and Aedh Buidhe, chief of Ui Maine, on the same day on which Aedh Slaine was slain by him. To commemorate these events was said:

    1. Great was the bloody condition
      of all the Irish kings,—
      Aedh Slaine of the valorous host,
      Aedh Roin, and Aedh Buidhe.



Cui Gan Mathair, King of Munster, died.


Conall Cu, son of Aedh, son of Ainmire, died.