Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M517


The Age of Christ, 517.


The fourteenth year of Muircheartach.


Saint Darerca, of Cill Sleibhe Cuilinn, whose first name was Moninne, died on the 6th of July. Nine score years was the length of her life; of whom was said:

    1. Nine score years together,
      according to rule without error,
      Without folly, without evil,
      without danger, was the age of Moninne.


Annal M519


The Age of Christ, 519.


The sixteenth year of Muircheartach.


Saint Connlaedh, Bishop of Kildare, Bridget's brazier, died on the 3rd of May.

Annal M521


The Age of Christ, 521.


The eighteenth year of Muircheartach.


Saint Buite mac Bronaigh, bishop of Mainister, died on the 7th of December.

    1. Let Buite, the virtuous judge of fame,
      come each day to my aid,
      The fair hand with the glories of clean deeds,
      the good son of Bronach, son of Bolar.

Annal M523


The Age of Christ, 523.


The twentieth year of Muircheartach.


Beoaidh, Bishop of Ard Carna, died the eighth day of March.


Eochaidh, son of Aenghus, King of Munster, died.

Annal M524


The Age of Christ, 524.


The twenty first year of Muircheartach.


The battle of Ath Sighe was gained by Muircheartach against the Leinstermen. where Sighe, the son of Dian, was slain, from who Ath Sighe is called.

Annal M525


The Age of Christ, 525.


The twenty-second year of Muircheartach.


Saint Brighit, virgin, Abbess of Cill Dara, died. It was to her Cill Dara was first granted, and by her it was founded. Brighit


was she who never turned her mind or attention from the Lord for the space of one hour, but was constantly meditating and thinking of him in her heart and mind, as is evident in her own Life, and in the Life of St. Brenainn, Bishop of Cluain Fearta. She spent her time diligently serving the Lord, performing wonders and miracles, healing every disease and every malady, as her Life relates, until she resigned her spirit to heaven, the first day of the month of February; and her body was interred at Dun, in the same tomb with Patrick, with honour and veneration.


Ailill, Bishop of Armagh, who was of the Ui Breasail, died.

Annal M526


The Age of Christ, 526.


The twenty third year of Muircheartach.


It was to predict the death of Muircheartach that Cairneach said:

    1. I am fearful of the woman around
      whom many storms shall move,
      For the man who shall be burned in fire,
      on the side of Cleiteach wine shall drown.

That is, by Sin, daughter of Sighe, Muircheartach was killed, in revenge of her father, whom he had slain.



The battle of Eibhlinne by Muircheartach mac Earca; the battle of Magh Ailbhe; the battle of Almhain; the battle of Ceann Eich; the plundering of the Cliachs; and the battle of Aidhne against the Connaughtmen; of which battles Ceannfaeladh said:

    1. The battle of Ceann Eich, the battle of Almhain,—
      It was an illustrious famous period,
      The devastation of the Cliachs, the battle of Aidhne,
      And the battle of Magh Ailbhe.


Cairell, son of Muireadhach Muindearg, King of Ulidia, died.


Oilill, son of Dunlaing, King of Leinster, died.

Annal M527


The Age of Christ, 527.


After Muircheartach, son of Muireadhach, son of Eoghan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, had been twenty four years in the sovereignty of Ireland, he was burned in the house of Cleiteach, over the Boyne, on the night of Samhain the first of November, after being drowned in wine. Sin composed this quatrain:

    1. I am Taetan,
      the woman who killed the chief of Niall;
      Gannadhaigh is my name,
      in every place and road.

Ceanfaeladh said:

    1. The king Mac Earca
      returns to the side of the Ui Neill;
      Blood reached the girdles in each plain;
      the exterior territories were enriched;

    2. p.177

    3. Seven times he brought nine chariots,
      and long shall it be remembered
      He bore away the hostages of the Ui Neill,
      with the hostages of the plain of Munster.

Annal M528


The Age of Christ, 528.


The first year of Tuathal Maelgarbh, son of Cormac Caech, son of Cairbre, son of Niall, in the sovereignty of Ireland.


The battle of Luachair Mor between the two Invers, which is called the battle of Ailbhe, in Breagh, by Tuathal Maelgarbh, against the Cianachta of Meath.

Annal M531


The Age of Christ, 531.


The fourth year of Tuathal.


The battle of Claenloch, in Cinel Aedh, by Goibhneann, chief of Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, where Maine, son of Cearbhall, was killed, in defending the hostages of Ui Maine of Connaught.